Beautiful Disaster


22-year-old Daniella Rodriguez is living her dream in the Big Apple and is about to became a journalist for The New York Times. Prior to her first day at work, she has a one-night stand with the charming and good looking 23-year-old Harry Styles, not knowing that he's her soon to be boss, after meeting him in the bar. When she meets him again on her first day, she realizes that he's not the same man that she encountered at the bar. She realizes that he's not only charming; he's a rich, arrogant womanizer who is always used to getting what he wants. So Daniella starts to feel intimidated by him and tries to stay away from him like her coworkers told her to but it's too late for her to run.


2. Playlist



1. Earned It by, The Weeknd


2. Say Something by, A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera 


3. Love Me Like You Do by, Ellie Goulding 


4. Slow Hands by, Niall Horan


5. Please Be Naked by, The 1975


6. Hold Tight by, Justin Bieber


7. All That Matters by, Justin Bieber


8. Never Say Never by, The Fray


9. Womanizer by, Britney Spears


10. Girls by, The 1975


11. Woman by, Harry Styles 




13. Radar by, Britney Spears 


14. Money On My Mind by, Sam Smith


15. Gorilla by, Bruno Mars


16. Lay Me Down by, Sam Smith


17. Bound to You by, Christina Aguilera


18. Why Try by, Ariana Grande


19. Kiss Me by, Ed Sheeran 


20. Jealous by, Nick Jonas




Author's Note: 


More songs will be added soon. If you have any requests on what other songs I should use, please feel free to let me know and I will add it to the playlist.

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