The new Legion

This is my fresh start. Something I didn't ask for and never will.


1. New Legion

In matter of days it all went to hell. I don’t know how, but suddenly we lost all our sergeants to darts, poisonous darts. My fellow captains and I rallied our men and fought our way back to our commander. We made a big retreat and sought safety in the woods. Thousands of men running to survive. The Commandos and I was the last to leave. We could be replaced, but be damned if we would leave anyone behind. We hurried to catch up and climbed the trees faster than we have done before. Days went by and we left to the rendezvous point. On the way, we were ambushed. Shinnes and veterans fell. Commandos along with them. I fought to protect the remaining of my brothers. A blasterbolt flew to my left and buried inside the general’s chest. Next to fall was Commander. Their order was to flee.


That is two days ago. My number is RC-1996 or as my brothers used to call me Rín. I’m maybe one of the eldest in this god forsaken war. Yes some of my brothers is still alive, but they are all shinnies. Six shinnies is all I could save. The room is cast in a dim light and a harsh breathing comes from my lips. My hair is long and braided, it’s color is brown, but soon a new color will be needed. My armor is on the rack and still painted in the 550th colors. Scratched and dirty brown stripes. Showing my rank as a captain. The boys are in the Medbay for a check and leaving me to wonder. What will happen to us? Will we be together or parted? Slowly I stand up on weak legs and wanders out of the room we share. Wearing only blacks I pick my ways on the ship there took us in. Their Jedi on the way as back-up when she caught the wind of our hard battle. Her shock when she faced us. “Captain Rín.” The general is Luminara Undulii and her commander, Gree, stands behind me. A small smile is showing on her lips. Her commander looks at me with pity. “We might have found someone there can take you in.” With furrowed brows and waits. A Jedi general has lost many of her veterans and her Commander is young along with her Chain of Command. A veteran like you is needed.” “Will I get a choice?” “No. Not really.” Commander Gree speaks up and I cross my arms. “I still got men to look after.” “Their fate is made. They will be send out in other legions after a ´Clean up´.” A snarl is now showing. “Not up for debate.” I turn and leave at her words. My anger makes me see red. In our room, everything is gone. They took them while I was gone. A howl tearing my throat and landing on my knees, I swear in Mandoa.


Two days later I’m standing in a hangar on Coruscant. My new armor on and rifle over my right shoulder. Both DC-18 resting on my hips. Kama spend fast and pauldron cleaned. With my helmet on I scowl. All the big generals are here along with Coruscant Guard and their own commanders. A large group Clones with Grey/army green paint steps into the hangar with their, general, her padawan and their commander in the lead. With an order from Marshall commander Barcara, I remove my helmet and looks at them with a glance over. “Master Naba. This is RC-1996, aka Rín. Captain from 550th. He will be one of your veterans.” General Yoda walks over and I look at my new commander. “Bachtbrothers?” “I’m the only veteran there survived. Along with six shinnies.” My voice I controlled and cold. Still haven’t forgot what they did without asking us, without asking me. “He could be what we need.” General Naba steps closer and I stand attention. She is smaller than me. Only to my shoulders. Her padawan is no more than 10 years. The general is a Nautolan with a light blue skin and dark eyes. Her smile is kind and have a calm air around her. Her padawan is a young Twi’lek. Purple skin and blue eyes. She has a very playful energy and I think she might be a handful. “Captain. You will follow us. We have a mission and see it as a welcome to the 735th.” “Yes sir!” They walk over to a big venator and I follow the group. One last looks over my shoulder at the life I once had. The six shinnies are there and looks at my with big and scarred eyes. A smile and understanding eyes. I know how hard it can be to see veterans take off, especially when you need them most. “Captain?” My commander stands at the end of the ramp and has a brow raised. My steps a slow, but strong. More of the 735th is waiting now with him. A murmur is going through the ranks. “He is a true veteran. The last standing veteran and officer.” “Heard he was holding off the enemy for hours.” “He will be here as a guide for us.” I stand parade rest before him and he gives me a once over. “Welcome to the 735th legion. You are our eldest in here. You will remain a captain and be the leader of our elite, Front-line Company.” He points towards the Company and its men.


Every single man is looking at me with respect and curiosity. Commander Frontside walks me over and my new company gives me a salute. “As you were.” My voice is clear while the eyes scans the crowd. “Lieutenants. Front and center. Four men steps forward. Their armor is dented and has burn marks. “I lost all my veterans on the last campaign. The other commanders tell us that you can make them fall back in line. And you will defend them with your life.” My new general stands to the side with her padawan. “My commander is fresh of Kamino so he also needs a firm voice. You weren’t afraid to tell your former superiors no.” I look back at commander Bacara and Neyo, both having a sharp look in their eyes. “I have my ways to do things. Don’t like it say it, but my orders are standing no matter what. I have a little to bullies and those there pick on the lesser.” I look at my company and they lower their gaze. “The next campaign is in the outerrim. Let’s move it!” The last is roared out and they hurry to get onboard the ships. The other captains fall in behind me, while I walk behind the general, her padawan and the commander. “We will have the Junglestorm. You will be the officer on Desertwave.” The commander points over to a big ship where my company is climbing up the ramp. “Yes sir.” A salute and I walk over to my ship. Until now I haven’t seen any other Commando. The ship is big and my men is quickly falling into their routine. I walk over to the room their usually belongs to the commander on the ship. Inside is my old armor along with a few things from 550th. A small smile forms over my lips and I slip into the chair behind the desk.


The room is little. A small bunk, a desk with chair. A closet to my armors and blacks. Weapons in a chest under the bed. A fresher is attached to the room. Toilet, sink and shower. The men have also brought me my shaving kit and shampoo. I sleep out of the armor and puts it away in the closet along with my old armor. “Good lads.” I walk around in my small room and takes everything in. “Captain Rín to the bridge.” I wonder, new or old armor. A hand brushes the old one and I decide.


Boots hits the floors with clang with every step. The new armor mixed with the older. The sand color mixed with the new army green/grey. The helmet hanging in the belt. The old karma around the legs with the pistol holsters resting on the kama. Pauldron in the new color, but look closely and you can see the old sand color. My company looks after me when I pass by. I write it behind my ear to learn some of their names. The corridors are busy as always before takeoff. I take the elevator to the bridge. My men run around makes sure that we are clear to take off. “Attention. Captain on deck!” Everyone snaps attention as I walk by. “As you were.” I stop and the end and have a pleasant view out of the main window. “Captain Rín?” I turn half around and find a young admiral standing nervous behind me. “Admiral...?” “Aladen, sir.” “Admiral Aladen.” He steps up on my left side. “Admiral, captain. We are clear to takeoff. The Junglestorm is already in the air. Oceancall is waiting for us to takeoff first.” A young trooper keeps looking at me and inside I smile. “Get us in the air then.” Admiral Aladen walks back to the center of the bridge. Beneath me I can feel the motors humming and the strong power running in them. I reach the station there allows me to speak a let my voice get carried around in the ship. “This is your captain. We are going takeoff and jump to the outerrim. It’s gonna be a tough campaign ahead of us. So, if I were you I will stop being lazy and get back in shape.”


The mess is filled with the squads. Landtroopers and pilots. I rest against the wall behind me and takes in the view of my men. Not many veterans to work with, but not Shinnies either. I scan the men for my four lieutenants and find them at a table on the right side of the room. My feets carries me over to them and all four looks up. “Captain.” I nods and the four men shares a look between them. “Anything you wanted, sir?” I take a sit beside the one with a braid. “Just your names and how things are working here.” That seems to put them a ease. “My names is Narim, or CT-0704. The oldest Lieutenant. I’m leading Storm-squad, Camo-squad, Reacon-squad and Inferno-squad. The big one with tattoos down his arms is Knight. He is babysitting Adapt-squad, Thunder-squad, Sentinel-squad and Cloud-squad. Ka’den, has a tattoo on his stomach, has Wing-squad, Rebel-squad, Pack-squad and Raven-squad. Errates, with scars on his hips, owns the Defence-squad, Raptor-sqaud, Clipper-squad and Wander-squad.” Sixteen squads to keep track off. “And your Commando-group will soon arrive too. You will get one here. Three will go to the Oceancall and one to the Junglestorm.” I give a sigh and looks around. There is noise and a good mood in here. “And these Commandos?” “You will be among the oldest. Only the commander and senior captain will be older than you.” Ka’den sips to his caf. My stomach makes a sound to remind why I also came down here. “Be right back. Need to get some real food and not only caf.” I stand and walks over to the desk. The food is not anything to get you in high spirits; Meat with moshed green stuff. Bread there looks to be a few days old. I take the plate and walks back to my lieutenants.


“So. How did you survive the battle of 550th?” Lieutenant Errates leans forward and studies me. “Being a Commando helps. I was also among the strongest, oldest and most feared.” The beef is hard to chew so my canines rips it to pieces. “We will soon get Shinnies into our company. Sixteen and two of them will be pilots, maybe.” “Oh they will make it. Don’t know how you worked before, but now we will all work together. We depend on each other!” I dump the rest of my food in the trash and lead my four right hands out. “We got work to do.” Boots touching to the floor and kama swinging. I have a scowl on there shows that I have the last word.  

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