The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


3. 3



"Guys!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Suki took her earbuds out and looked up, and Laine stopped singing and looked at me. "What?" Suki asked.

"5 seconds of summer are performing at the theatre down the road on Friday night and they've released extra tickets!" I explained.

"Order them!" Laine laughed, "the three of us will go! It'll be a blast!"

I hit the purchase button. "£30 a ticket. Are you guys okay to pay your share?" They both nodded, so I confirmed the order. They were e-tickets do I made sure I saved them properly. "Eek I'm so excited!"

They both handed me the money and I sent them their e-tickets. We were so hyped.

"I'm looking forward to this!" Suki laughed as she unplugged her earphones and shoved them in her bedside cabinet.

"Let me play you guys some of their songs so you can sing along at the concert!" I said. They both nodded, and so I connected my phone to the Bluetooth speaker and started playing the music to them.

"They're better than I thought," Laine said as she bopped her head along to the music.


Friday just seemed to drag on. I sat in lessons watching as the clock hands rolled around slowly. By the time the day was finished, I felt exhausted. But as soon as I saw Suki and Laine, we were all hyper and buzzing. They don't really listen to 5SOS but we all agreed that if any of our favourite musicians played near us, we would all go together.

We rushed out the door at 5pm with three bags of chips. We promised school we'd be back before the gates close at 10pm. "What time does the concert end?" The receptionist asked.

"9.30, so we have enough time to get back here," I lied through a smile. The receptionist gave us permission and sent us on our way. The concert finished at 10, however we know that school never lock their gates before 10.30, so we knew we would be good for a bit.

We jumped into the taxi and ate the chips on the way there. We arrived at the venue with 15 minutes to go until they'd start letting us in. We were near the back end of the queue, giving us mire time to finish our tea before the concert started.

We were inside the venue, sat down on the first balcony platform with front row seats. It meant we didn't have to stand in the sweaty pool of people, but also had crystal clear views of 5SOS. It was 6.30pm when they came out onto the stage. The audience became a scream show, yelling the names of the different members. My favourite is Calum Hood, followed by Michael Clifford. I started shouting them. "CAL! MIKEY!" And whilst I did this, Suki and Laine stood laughing at me.

The concert finished. We got so many photos and videos of them performing. "I'm so happy we got to see them! That's a concert ticked off my bucket list!" I laughed through my happy tears. I felt emotional that it was over, but also because it was the best night.

"It'll be one direction next," Suki said.

I shook my head. "Unless they do a reunion concert out here in this place, I doubt I'll ever be able to tick that concert off my bucket list."

"Oh shit they split up didn't they? Sorry."

We called a taxi, which finally arrived at 10.20. We were shitting ourselves because we knew it wouldn't take 10 minutes to get back to Estal; it would take longer.

We were back at Estal at 10.45pm. The gates were locked. Suki started shaking. "Shit, shit, shit. What are we going to do?"

The air felt thin. My chest felt like it was going to explode. I pulled my inhaler out if my bag, trying to steady my breathing. Anxiousness is a trigger for my asthma. I sat down on the cold floor. My lungs felt like they were caving in. "Dom," I whispered, trying not to use up too much breath.

"Call Dominic!" Suki said, turning to Laine.

"I don't have his number," Laine said, "Amber, we need to use your phone." I pointed at my bag. I didn't have the energy to do it. Laine reached in my bag. "There's a passcode." She came over and placed my finger on the Touch ID to unlock the phone instead of trying to tell her my passcode. She dialled Dom's number. "Dominic, hi, it's Laine... no Amber is fine, but we are locked outside the gate, can you get us back in?... thanks."

"What did he say?" Suki asked.

"He's going to let us in," Laine replied.

My breathing calmed a bit, knowing that soon, Dominic would let us in.

I just hope he doesn't get caught.

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