The Girls 2

Estal Academy is back! A new year, new students, new friendships.

With all the problems in their lives, can the three girls stick together?

*Contains triggers and emotional subjects people may find distressing/upsetting


2. 2



I sat in art, tapping my pen against the sketchbook in front of me. I watched as the rain poured, the wind moved the trees and the colourful leaves fell to the ground. Although art is my favourite subject, I was feeling bored. I just wanted it to be lunchtime so that I could head to auditions. I've wanted to perform for years, but every year held a new issue meaning I couldn't perform.

Last year, I had a broken leg so I couldn't perform. The year before that, they had to cancel the show due to flooding. And the year before that, I had a chest infection. But this year, I'm perfectly fine. Plus, we are doing Annie, one of my favourite musicals. I'd love the role of Annie, though I would never get the lead role in my life. I wouldn't mind being Miss Hannigan, but as long as I get a role, I'll be happy.

I thought I wouldn't be able to perform this year. Mum isn't doing too well financially, meaning she didn't think she'd be able to pay for this year's scholarship. Luckily she found the money to do so, and here I am, ready to finally perform.

The bell went for lunch. I gathered up my sketchbook and pens, and I was half way out of the door when the teacher actually dismissed us. I raced to the theatre. I wanted to be there first so I could get my audition done. There were three girls in front of me. I was fine being fourth. The only thing that terrified me was that all of the kids behind me would watch my audition. What if I'm no good at performing?

"Diaz Burke," one of the judges called out. One of the girls in front of me bit her lip as the other two wished her good luck and sent her to the stage. She had dark brown silky hair to her waist, and a lovely coffee coloured skin tone. She started singing with a beautiful voice, performing, and seemed more enthusiastic the more she performed. She performed at a good pace, concealing her nerves. When she was finished, the judges smiled at her. Diaz smiled back and came back in our direction.

"How was it?" She asked her friends. They showered her with compliments, telling her she was amazing.

The next name was called. Pippa Wren. Pippa had blond hair that was plaited to one side. As she performed, I tapped Diaz on the shoulder. "Hey, you were really great out there," I said.

Diaz and her friend turned to look at me. "Thanks babe! I'm sure you'll be fab!" Diaz said. I found myself staring at the girl beside Diaz. She had jet black hair that draped over her shoulders. She had pale skin, and the best eyebrows I've ever seen. She smiled, and I smiled back. Before I knew it, Pippa was heading back and I didn't even realise how she did.

"Ashley Martinez." The black haired girl stepped out on stage. I watched as she performed. She was angelic. Her voice was beautiful and mysterious, deep and jaw-dropping. I didn't want her performance to end. I continued to watch in awe. When she finished, she headed over to us, and we all squealed about how amazing she was.

"Laine Chapman."

I didn't even realise I was there to audition myself. The nerves hit. My heart started beating a thousand times faster than before. The girls ushered me onto the stage. I turned around to look at them. They were signalling thumbs up, but behind them I could see so many beady eyes watching me. I inhaled, then exhaled slowly as I stood on stage. The middle judge nodded at me as a signal to go. I started performing. My voice wobbled at first, but it was steady as I got into the performance. I tried so hard to sound enthusiastic, confident, and like I actually wanted to be there, that I really wanted a shot. When I was finished, I felt disappointed in myself. I didn't think it went well. But then my spirits were lifted when the judges sat staring, saying "wow", and a loud cheer came from backstage. I smiled, nodded at the judges and raced off the stage.

Diaz, Pippa and Ashley hugged me, praised me, said I was the best performance yet. I laughed and my adrenaline kicked in, so I started crying. I was crying happy tears. Ashley came over and wiped my tear away as I laughed into my sleeve. "You were amazing Laine," she said as she grabbed my hand and lead me outside with the other girls.

I felt so amazing.

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