Texing Harry Styles (H.S x Readers)

"babe stop ignoring me"

"babe? im not your babe freak"

•in which you get a text from harry styles who was trying to text his girlfriend, but instead he messaged you•

*short chapters*

⇰ starts: 2017.30.07


1. one

[6:30 am]

H: good morning sunshine ☀️

H: did you missed you?

H: oh and im sorry about last night, please forgive me 😢🙏

H: baby...?

H: *sighs* 😣

[7:00 am]

H: come on love, answer meeeeeee 😫

H: i said i was sorry

H: sweetheart? 😢

[8:00 am]


You: can't you quit it!

You: wrong number 😤

H: no it's not babe. i said i was sorry

[8:30 am]

H: babe stop ignoring me

You: "babe? im not your babe freak"

H: welp

H: i said i was sorry you know 😔

H: i- i will message you later 😥


the chapters are going to be writing like this because it's going to be you and harry messaging back and forth. ENJOY and share your thoughts.

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