❝w-wait, you can see me?❞

❝yeah i can see you, but now i'm wishing i hadn't❞

a mystery/thriller story for your own pleasure.


[Updating Schedule] 1-2 Chapters a Week


1. prologue

© yoonmin_kisses

all right reserved!



i have a job for you

what is the job exactly

i want you to find my killer






a minty color hair boy opened his eyes to find doctors and nurses panicking over a pale looking body laying on the hospital bed, motionless. wanting to see who was laying on the bed before him, the boy tilt his head to the side giving him a little space opening to push his head through it. as two of the nurses tried desperately to get the person who was laying on the bed heart rate to start. all the boy wanted was to get close enough to see the person's face on the bed that he failed to notice his body passing through one of the doctors'. 


when he finally had the chance to get a better view of  the person, his face went paler then what it was. he tried to speak, but words couldn't come out. in fact, the words seemed as though it was stuck down his throat. 


"i can't feel his pulse, doctor park" one of the nurse said with panic rising in her voice. "try harder. put him under a oxygen tank, we can't lose this kid" said one of the doctor. 


"t-that's me!" the boy finally formed the words he had been trying to say for the last thirty minutes. "how can that be me when i'm standing right h-" he stopped and look at his surroundings. he realized then that about ten people was in the same room as him, but none of them seems to notice his presence. 


"i- i'm dead?!".

when the surrealist hit him, it hit him hard. the world around him seem to have faded away. with tears rolling down his cheeks, he passes through the door of the hospital room and into the hallway. the boy was so saddened about just having to see himself laying on the bed, lifeless, that he didn't heard the doctors and nurses cheering behind him.


"we have a pulse".


"this is great. this is a really good news, but now he's in a coma and we have yet to celebrate more for when he awakes". doctor park said with happiness in his voice.


as the boy existed through the last door of the hospital, he didn't care where he was going. he just started walking. all he wanted to do was get the images of his dead form on the bed. "i'm too young to have just died like that. who killed me? someone might have done it because i was bleeding a lot in that hospital. WHO KILLED ME!" he screamed out his last part, trying to recall the tragedy that had happened to him.


"would you shut up! it's late, the night is cold and i'm trying to get home in peace. your whining is driving me insane that i want to shoot myself, brat" a blonde color hair guy growled out with annoyance in the direction of yoongi.


confusions fill yoongi features and he asked, "w-wait, you can see me?".  "yeah i can see you, but now i am wishing i hadn't" the guy whispered, more irritated then he was five minutes ago. jimin, the blonde man, started walking faster when he notice that the boy was following him. 


"can't you stop following me!" jimin yelled not turning across to see if yoongi stopped following him or not. 


"... sorry, but i'm afraid that i can't do that" said yoongi, saddest evidence in his voice. sighing with both confusion and irritation, jimin turned around and asked, "why not?". "i- i have a job for you" jimin stared hard at yoongi with an unbelievable look. "what is the job exactly?" jimin asked. if this is some kind of sick joke someone is trying to play on me. i guess i can play along, he thought.


i want you to find my killer.




hello everyone. this is my first time writing a mystery/thriller story so please bear with me. i can assure you that this story is going to get good as the storyline goes on. 


not only that, but the chapters are going to be about 5-6 pages for suspense sacks and also because i am a lazy writer. lmao, love you all too.




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