❝w-wait, you can see me?❞

❝yeah i can see you, but now i'm wishing i hadn't❞

a mystery/thriller story for your own pleasure.


[Updating Schedule] 1-2 Chapters a Week


2. one

you're insane

funny you would say that because to me, insane has a new meaning



jimin pov


this kid is nuts!

"uh huh. let me think" lifting one of my hand up to my face. i made sure to put my thumb under my chin and my index finger on my lips, faking to be in a deep thought. after few minutes of thinking up nothing —not like i was trying to in the first place— i look up at the kid and blankly said, "how about... no!".


i turned my back towards the paled looking kid and continued on with my walk. if this is some kind of awkward reality show were people pretends to be dead and they have to find idiots who would be willing to help them find their killer so they would be able to move on to the next world. cut me out of the shots because that is just bull. the kid is not dead for fuck sicks!


i was too deep in my thoughts about reality shows and pranks that i didn't realize i had passed my house by few inches until i heard a similar voice calling my name. "jimin pabo" the voice yells. okay maybe not my full name because no one wants to be called an idiot. 


"what are you doing on my door steps, jungkook?" i cleared my head and made my way into the distance of my house. smiling smugly, he replied, "i just came from visiting tae and since you don't live far from him. i decided to come see you". "what were you doing at taehyung's house?" i raced a brow. 


"hyung, hyung, HYUNG. you don't, so DON'T want to know" he said in a dramatic tone. his mouth going watery and eyes darkenning from its usual color. then and there i face pounded myself in the head when my mind flashed to something it shouldn't have. "i see". 

he laughs awkwardly, patting my back for few seconds.


having effort of his pats, i stepped out of his reach and proceeded onto opening my front door. when the door was open, i step in the doorway and asked. "do you want to come in, jungkook?" his eyes when wild with excitement. "yes!". as soon as he made the attempt to lift up his foot to step inside, i slammed the door in his face. "that's for calling me pabo and GO HOME jungkook, it's late". "but hyung" he whined. "no buts jungkook because your butt is what i will be kicking if you don't go home". "so mean" said jungkook from outside my door as his foot steps faded in the distances... i think.


"that's cold man" a voice said from behind me. being cut of guard from the voice, i screamed. "WHAT THE- YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" it was the same kid from earlier. how did he manage to get into my house before me? how did he even know it was my house? wait, is he my stalker now? questions starts to flow my head, but sadly i couldn't think up the answer to any of them.


"i am here for your help" he said with a smile. what is wrong with this kid?! he's going to drive me crazy before i reach the age of 25. "what don't you get kid. i told you no before and the definition to no is NO!". "but i need you to help find my killer" he pouts and starts to fake a tear. "are you for real? YOU. ARE. NOT. DEAD. I. CAN. SEE. YOU!" i said every word with a rest in between, hoping he would get the massage. "i'm going to take that as a 'yes you will help' then" he smiled again. 


"you're insane" i growled. all traces of how he got into my house without my knowledge vanishes from my head. "funny you would say that because to me, insane has a new meaning" he said in a 'fyl' tone. sighing with annoyance i took my bag from my shoulder and laid it on the couch as i made my way to the kitchen to grab a can of beer. taking a sip i sighed out, "this is going to be a long night". 


"you can say that again" my unwelcome guest said from the living room causing me to release a low growl from in between my lips. 


this kid is nuts!

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