The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


8. Chapter 7

 The story I'm am writing may be made up. But what I want to get cross, This is real. The issues here are real the characters past's though are made up are real and could be happening somewhere right  now. Some people may not know this other might. 1 in 3 female age 5-15+ have been sexually and physically abused. 1 in 6 males are sexually and physically abused. When I here this what I do is I count out 12... 3 12... 3 or 12345....6 12345...6

it puts things in perpestive for me. This issue needs to be taken seriously It's not a joke. but let's start the story.

I never thought I would like this journal honestly, but it's became my best friend. I am locked up In the down stairs cupboard. I am write this from light off a key chain flashlight. But this will be taken as soon as it it found. They have me go to school, because they know I would never tell. It's not like I could leave this quick. So I wait. I prepare myself mentally because once he comes. He'll do what ever he wants. He refuses to get me birthcontrol says it is to suspicous. I tell him lot's of girls my age has birthcontrol and what will be suspicous is when my stomach gets bigger with HIS child. So I have gotten the shot. Since then he's been so much rougher do what ever. I scream he bangs my head. Breaks my arm, or gets his knife and cuts me. But that ones my favorite I cry he smiles thinking it's hurting me. but honestly I am crying tears of joy. To feel the knife puncture my skin and see the blood dropping thinking maybe I will die today. I know that sounds crazy. But talking Michael makes me feel better he is like my best friend " He may not come" he says. " Oh but he will." Then we will go back and forth till he says, If this is the worst then it will get better." I wish he understood but what I was told at New Angels he is a form of dissociation he's supposed to be a part of me that protects me. He talks to me protects me from my bad thought or other forms of hallucinations. Though he is one too. ( He doesn't know that.) Oh i don't know if you have heard of New Angels it is a place for people who are crazy like me, they fight, hurt themselves like me, someone i knew was there for stealing a car, they can be there for drugs and a whole bunch of other reasons. Then there was the hiararchy. Fighters or certain self- harmers if they are chill are cool or if staff like them they are the kings and queens. The druggies, other self -harmer are next. they do the higher ups bidding. then there is the lowers who because their mentel issues are stronger because of unknown reasons they are shunned the people who are jumped or can't fight but try to are shunned.Then there is the form of communication when you try to meet someone new. It will be like "Hi i'm soinso you are?" "I'm soso." "is this you're first time in placement." "Yea/ No" is yes. "where? " If no " I've been here and here"  " oh. okay." "why are you here, i am here for drugs/selfharm/other" " I am here for drugs/selfharm/other." "Do you live with your parents or are you in dss?" " DSS" "oh sorry/ that is cool me too." " You want to play cards?" "sure thing." Then this might go one for different people but if they like each other then they'll hang out. Normally they choose that from clothes, additudes, or if they are high on the hiarachy, or there for same reasons. Some staff are nice others are obviously there for the money (even though they say they don't get paid enough they all have other jobs this is just for quick change.) 

Sometimes i miss the place it would be safer in there then here. Goodnight  ----------------THE NEXT DAY----------------

Today Mrs. Jasimine took me out and made me clean the entire house while shouting out insaults. Then dad used me for a punching bag. Then my birthday was today I was surprised to see they got me and mp3 not like the ipods or touchscreen one just a little square one that you don't have to [ay to download anything they gave a hour and thirty minutes one the computer to download they said since I have behaved this might happen more. But right now I am listening to better off dead by Sleeping with's one of my favorites. today was a better day.

--------------THAT NIGHT---------------------------------------

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! you piece of shit."  I sat up. Then he grabbed me by the arm. " Lets go to my room ever heard of birthday sex this will be fun." Then he throws me on the bed and strips me I don't do anything but prepare for this He is always rough. Mrs. Jasimine is at work. Just me and him forcing everything into not giving me a chance to get used to him he is rougher tonight I am bleeding. Then he slaps my face and grabs his pocket knife and carves the word slut. After that his grabs my arm agian and drags me into the cupboard and locks me in bleeding afraid and naked.-Allison

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