The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


7. Chapter 6

"Enjoy. I hope you like this. I couldn't believe my story was on the popular realism section!!!!!



Everyone has that moment when you start to worry that you're being followed or waiched. That someone somehows knows that you are about to buy drugs. Of course it's just me being paranoid, I shouldn't probably freak myself out that bad, because when I trip later I don't want to feel like something is behind me. So I'm just gonna turn the AC on and try to chill the fuck out. I'm looking at my mirror to make sure no one is behind me and I glance at moms wedding ring and alln these feelings and memories come flying back. Everything has been fucked up since mom has diedI remember when dad tried to pawn the ring off for his drugs. So i took it last minutes and put it on mom's old gold chain she gave me the day before everything happened. He tries to act like that didn't mean shit to him but he is wrong. I don't want to think about this on the way to brandy's to get my shrooms. I don't know why but I"ve been having headaches, I can not eat but that never happens. I wonder what would happen if I start a crash? Oh but I am here When I get to the apartment we catch up by talking and smoking a few cigarettes then she gives me my two grams. tells me " ?The product is really good." so that makes me really happy so I drive a little faster than usual. I go to my room. " Here's to a night of happiness. I don't know how long it has been but I am staring at the walls watching the pretty colors fall off. But now there's like a fire in my head now spiders are climbing off the wall, crawling towards me, on me, eating me! I am screaming like crazy I hitting my head I can not get them off. " GET THYEM OFF I SCREAM! GET THEM OFF!!!!" I hit my head harder. Then Black. And I'm Falling..... Falling.... Falling... Into darkness. Then I see light. It's coming for me. It's.......Mom?! What is going on where Am i? 

She here Talking to me. 

" you almost died." Her voice echoes. Almost died. She speaks louder.

"you almost died Caleb." Now I am coughing. " What are you doing here mom? I ask I am crying coughing bleeding.

" the question is what are you doing here?

" I don't know?" More coughing more blood.

" you are lucky you will survive." She smiles at me.

"mom I am so sorry it's my fault you are dead if I didn't... If you never went into..,."  I am a baby bawling my eyes out

" Oh darling, It wasn't your fault. The cab driver was drunk and mad And i am glad to die in the crash because the stuffhe was about to.... never mind that. Just never do uber."

"Mom I lovr you so much I never wanted this."

" I know you didn't. But promise me you will get better ot try to for me. You have to go."

" Mom! Pleasem, wait mom!" She's Gone

There is now just a blanket of darkness . Which is consuming me with confusin. Then this annoying feeling of something poking. Now this isn't right. I here voices.

" He is extremely lucky for all of the pschodelics in his system. It proves he has been doing this for a while. He will consious in a couple of hours. We also believe he is able to here us right now. If the treatment is procedeing how it is supposed to."

What treatment I am hell a confused. I keep listening.

" This is all my fault! I should've been there for him. But i was to caught up in my own grieving .... I never thought how he was that he would do this." Oh god dad. Dad is here. Goodbye weed, vodka,acid, coke,good bye speed. goodbyr life as i like it. Hello Jail and misery.

" Mr. Crane your son will be fine his psycriatric meltdown only messed up a small part of his cognitive ability. He could have so much worse."

" I know I am just a bad dad."

" Sir no body is to blame. But he needs treatment A rehab would be nice but the closet one is extrememly expensive. Then a hospital is is to far you said you wanted him close is that correct." 

"Yes sir."  Shit this is now going bad

" Well we have a place That will take him it is called New Angels PRTF. It is about a hour away. It will help him learn to deal with his problems, there will be other kid there some with the same issues others will be different. But there will be chances for him to have appropriate relationships. -----

I will wake up Caleb Wake Up. I moved Move Wake up Then this fog was gone i open my eyes. 

" Dad! What is going on I don't want to go. what I..."

"Son , You are going You need the help."  he is about to cry he turns around and walks out

---------------------------------------2 weeks later.-------------------------------------------------


  So I am here at New Devils PRTF ( hahahah get it new devils not new angels.....) Ms. Melissa is giving me a sweat shirt ,sweat pants socks and underwear. She tells me I will meet the docter in 3 days. And I will be in a place called pod 2 Coed unit. Ther is 10 other people. I changed. She says if I stay with the right people I will be fine I asked where can I go to smoke. She looks at me and smiles. You can not smoke her at all. Now the weight hits I will not make it here I need A fucking cigerette. She say were are at pod two we walk in.

" You fucking bitch nect time you fucking stick your god damn face when I am in the shower 
I will kill you." 

She screaming at this boy oh god He is naked. I try to walk out. But Ms. Melissa stands in the way. Now everybody looking at me. 

"  Look fresh meat! I'll fuck him up he is so cute."

I do not belong here HELP ME.-----------Caleb



I hoped you liked this It has been interesting find the facts about this. If you didn't know this much of this stuff the character struggles with is real. As well as the reasons behind this A prtf Is a treatment facility for adolecents and children up to age 18 or 21 with psychiatric, behavioral, or interpersonal behavors. The behavior they have isn't made up. but are from stories I've seen and heard. My friend was in one. But a lot a sad and horribale things happen and you might never know. The staff that works in the facilties get spit on kicked, puched, some even lose their children because of induced miscarrages Iseen a worker lose their eye! I have friends who continue to work there though I do not. Staff are not the only ones mistreated. The clients also hurt each or I've seen Co workers verbally taunt them a staff dislocated a clients arm. There is plenty of blame to go around. But what I want to get cross, This is real the issues here are real the characters past's though are made up are real and could be happening somewhere right  now. Some people may not know this other might. 1 in 3 female age 5-15 have been sexually abused. 1 in six males are sexually abused. When I here this what I do is I count out 12... 3 12... 3 or 12345....6 12345...6

it puts things in perpestive for me


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