The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


3. Chapter 3


Crashes are inevitable and horribale. When i've down the vodka and acid, I felt the world flying bringing me to a whole new universe. Who knew so many colors, sounds, and details could exist in my room. But the low always comes- I fell boring dirty carpet, stuped wall, creaky fan and horrible headaches, freezing like I don't know what and trying to get bugs off that I can not see.  But then when i looked in my drawer i was out. So now I'm cleaning the house out for a third time hoping these cleaning supplies could do anything for me. But nope, and when I called Brandy he was out till the 5th. That is two days away i've only been without a hit of anything at the most of 12 hours. wondering if I can make it that long is a no brainer I will die. Dad is also out of vodka great. So I guess I will have to wait 2 whole mother fucking days in hell. Thank you Satan.               - Caleb

Good new my Amber Alert is dud. I won't be reconized, the picture was of me when I was three. I guess i've should've know it was all about the 'look' But at least I got a job at Hot Topic. 9am- 5pm and Golden Corral 6pm- 11am. Who knew what running away does im free. Plus my neighbor plays as a second mom. Which never bothers unless I need something. Wow I guess i'm free.- Elizabeth.

I fucked up ( no pun inteaded) I- We should've of never done that. Sure it felt good, but the way she grabbed the railing with her knees buckeling. She could barely walk when we sent her to the track. Even worse dad was smiling like a idiot saying how I'm a 'real man' whatever that is. I don't know anymore. Then when walked to the couch tripping over a pizza box with a bottle of rum in one -------------------------------------[ "mom! mom! Please don't go! My younger self cried. " Get off her you worthless runt. Don't touch that nasty fag I don't want my son one." he said holding me in a choke hold. " I'll come back for you my Ricardo I will!" Mom yelled. "Please don't leave me mom!" " Take care of dad and yourself." "okay I promise."]  6 years ago I promised her that. I kept my promise, she never kept her. But she didn't really did she. Shit i'm crying, gotta hide.  - Rickydaman

No life, sad eyes, big fears. Do you hear? "Not real." Painful cries,black eyes. What is life? Foster child, no love.Therapy don't work, lost in a world that's only a belt. Lost in lies. Miss. Cast dies, My new social worker is my foster dads brother. Now i'm in trouble hte pains about to double.---Allsion

Taking Maddie, Lexi, and Taylor to school. I always tell them don't talk about home; don't show don't draw, pretend nothing is ever wrong that our home is a fear free home. Taylor the youngest child that's in school  still doesnt understand, but she doesn't understand a lot of things. Alcohol does that to a lot of people she is disabled. Maddie and Lexi understand to a point their both in third grade, they understand he yells and will hurt them, they know to take Taylor, Christy, and Bayel to our room and to never open the door. Unless I give them the signal and dear journal for safty if dad find this I can not tell you the signal. Dropping them off to school I tell them I love them.  Walking back home because  I dropped out, for Chirsty and Bayel are to young for school therfor not safe. They are at home with dad and man who's never a dad but a monster that preys children, the weak, innocent, and any type of female. Which unfortunate for me my intire family are children, weak, innocent, and female. So before I walk in this door remember--------[ "Faster I'm flying daddy I'm flying." I yell to dadmom is sitting on the bench at the park. "Honey if I do you'll fall." Dad says laughing. "No I won't. No I won't. Faster Higher!"  I scream happily. " Okay..." He pushes thing swing faster. Then Two boys run in front of the swing. " ow ow owie. I fell. dad and mom runs up to me. "Are you okay?" Dad and mom ask. "yeah I fine. Again again." Then dad says "Thats good never let someone keep you down always continue to fly. I'll be right here to pick you up."-----------------] What happened dad? You said you will always pick me up. But now you are keeping me down, what happened? I think it'll get better  Asia but at least they will be safe. It will always be for them. Come on lets go. I walk in the house.   ----Asia

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