The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


2. Chapter 2


A Amber Alert! Really what the fuck. why do they even care that much. I know they son't even care but why? But either way I am fine. I got a job thank you fake ID's and Social Security. Then now I have my own apartment plus food. Do they really care. They don't i know it. Neighbors! rigththey only did it because the neighbors would of. All about the look right?



School, therapy, home, stupid get whatever I want and know it teens called me a 'freak'. Laughed at. No friends, boring weekend, bloody knife. Dead eyes, loud cries, big fist, bruised face. Duct tape. No clothes. screams. plan 2. No hope. Fat lie            Bloody knife.


I passed out after dinner. I can't belive I only ate three bites! I don't think I'm that fat even though I'm always told so. If your told the same thing by different people would you belive it? Would you not? It has to be true. So I have to do this. It hurts to much when your father tells you that. What is family do you know. Is it the people you live with, or the people who care about you, can it include friends, or is it just a metaphor? I don't know. But right now the only 'family' I have just went all the way in a chance to invade my body while his friends laugh and i'm crying. But today I will go all the way 'FAT' will always be cut on my thigh. Thank you dad.  - Asia

Dad made me punch his friends for trash talking me, although I did that on my own. Then I took a couple of swings at him. It feel so fucking good when I saw his eyes roll to the back of his balding head. Honestly he thinks he a man, but I can make his hoe scream my name more times in one night- wait no, one hour than he can in one month. Hmph when he came two he bang my head on our concrete wall so hard; I bet you could've heard that crack coming from my skull 3 yards aways! Never screamed once Ha! He shared a bottle of whiskey with me for that and we tried out who could make her scream harder.       - Rickyfuckharder


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