The Story you dont know

Five teenagers growing up in abusive home. Struggling to make ends meet. Allison, Caleb, Elizabeth, Asia, and Ricardo own stories through their journals, letters, and minds. As their lives around them fall apart. Where they end up meeting each other in New Angels PRTF Treatment Facility. Then ultimintaly finding their own strength through each other.


1. Chapter 1

All charcter, places, and events are fictional. Any reference to people, place, or events are completely  coincidental.

Enjoy. This story has been an idea for a while i hope you enjoy. It can be a little confusing and sad. If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to tell me. Stay Strong - maria12399



Today Miss. Cast got me this Journal. Why? Maybe she expects me to be all open with this thing. To write down my feelings. I won't do that. My life is what you should know. Then when i'm gone you'll know why. They say it's safe to write. But what if it gets in the wrong hands, you'll never know. My thoughts and words will never be safe. I got moved once I won't let it happen again.

                                                                                                                                                - Allison


Mom & Dad

                I'm sorry. I know I always say that. But I never wanted to be the let down of a daughter that I am. That you never wanted. I know i'm a pain. That you're better off without me. So i'm running. Don't Bother looking. I know you probably don't care either way. It will be less mouths to feed. I heard you were putting me in foster care. I won't-- No I refuse, so now don't worry about it. I'll find my way.

                                                               Sorry for being a pain


It happened again dad is drunk and he forced me. But I will always do it as long as he leaves them alone. The bruises I can hide I hope. Although school is noticing it won't matter since i'm dropping out. My grades are failing anyway. Kinda like my hope. Dad touched me more and more rougher and rougher. I think he fractured my arm too. But I'll deal with it as long as he never touches my sister. I'll deal with it for them.

                                                                                                      - Asia

A wimp! How could he a wimp! If I shove this knife up his face  I'll show him. Day and night  I work my butt off to feed him, us. While he and his buddies play Five Card Draw. I steal, I lie and I work my butt off everyday. Does he not know how hard it is to make eight women do what they're supposed to do. Then he takes my money to pay off his debts. But because I refuse to fuck up the hoe because she should take time for herself. I'm the wimp. Does he not understand he's the wimp for fucking some slut. Just because he's to small another stole his wife from him. Wimp i'll show him.




Dad is drunk. Horray! Note sarcassim. But at least he's to drunk to notice his vodka is down one. by one I mean I mean five. By five I mean eight. Shit I should be watch Donnie oh well.

                                                                                 - Caleb 


Please vote and follow. I hoped you like this I will be able to update a lot since i'm on summer break. What did you do this summer. Stay strong. maria12399


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