Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


1. Tinker Treno

What if I told you that demons invaded the world? What if I told you the demons were scared of the humans and only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you that the demons were once humans and was forced into the outcast. What I told you I am one of them. This story starts just a few days before I became a demon. How my life used to be and how my life becomes. How my friends turned away and how my new friends accepted me. How do you see you're a demon? Well, there a few traits. One of them is you get awesome power. There also this aura around us. Like we're not human. You just know it like you know an animal, not a human. We don't choose to become demons. We forced by an unknown force. A force there implant a power into our body and we can't remove it. It's psychical and medically impossible. No one knows how we get it. No one knows how it happens. It just did. In the year of 1987, the first wave of demons was made. The reason they called demons is that the first person getting power was a person who grew demon red wings. It happens for a whole year. Powers erupted from everyone. Only kids between the age of thirteen to eighteen. Then one year later the exact new years of 1988. It stopped. No more demons were created and no one accepted them. The demons grew up to help society with their powers but still was shunned and spit upon. Now it's the year of 2017 and it began again. A person suddenly grew demon red wings and it started happening. Well. I could keep talking about it or you could see what happened to me. Oh yeah by the way my name is Tinker Treno and my power is Hyperbrain. 


"Tinker you coming?" A classmate of Tinker shouted. Tinker was sitting in class and was packing his books down into his bag. Tinker smiled at his best friend in his class and nodded:
"Yeah, I'm coming. JUst wait!" Tinker shouted. He rushed after his friend. They were going to walk around and buy some new stuff today. His friend usually bought manga or games but Tinker was a bit different. He bought metal piece and gadgets. Tinker was a bit of an inverter but he never got any good ideas:
"So you gonna buy some games today?" Tinker best friend asked:
"Yeah...No. I'm after that new metal they got in the shop." Tinker said:
"Have you heard about the outbreak again. More demons are being born now." His friend said:
"Wow really? Demons. You mean those humans with powers?" Tinker asked:
"No, they are demons. That their race and they are always looked down on. Freaks am I right?" His friend:
"Oh. Really? People hate them. I find them interesting. What do you think caused this power?" Tinker asked:
"I don't really care. I just hope I don't get infected." The boy said:
"Wait infected. It's not a sickness." Tinker said:
"No, it's more like a plague." His friend:
"That is a bit too harsh don't you think," Tinker said. A wall suddenly appeared in front of the boys. A man walked up to them. His hand made of clay and was now the wall:
"You kids better take another route. This is spared because of construction work." The adult said:
"Pf fine." Tinker friend said turning around. The wall vanished and the two kids were just a second from stepping down into a hole:
"Oh...Thank you, sir." Tinker said:
"No problem. Just doing my work." The man said leaving. Tinker caught up to his friend:
"He just saved us. We were about to fall into a hole." Tinker said:
"I don't care. That freak better not try to use his creepy power on me again." His friend said. They spent the rest of the day not talking about the demons. Tinker was home late at night:
"Where is my boy!" Tinker father shouted and picked up Tinker:
"Dad!" Tinker shouted:
"Yeah sorry. Hows school?" Tinker father asked:
"It's fine," Tinker said. Tinker was a bout one hundred and seventy-eight centimeters tall. He had scruffy brown hair with a pair of goggles in them. Forest green eyes and walked around in his school uniform. He had a tool belt on with tools in them. His dad was tall and had black hair. He walked around in a white sweater and black jeans when home and a full body blue suit when working. His dad was a mechanic:
"So how are you son. Feeling okay?" He asked:
"My father has always been curious about me. Since mom left us so many years ago he has been trying to fill the role as both." Tinker thought:
"I have been alright." Tinker said:
"I see. Son...I want a chat with you." Tinker dad said sitting down:
"What is it?" Tinker asked:
"You heard about the powers coming?" Tinker dad asked:
"Yeah, just today." Tinker said:
"Listen to me. You in the age where you could get it. If you ever got it. I just want you to know. I will be here for you." Tinker dad said:
"Thanks, Dad." Tinker said. The evening would pass and Tinker would lie in bed. He would look at the ceiling and then it happened. He saw a blue light. A small blue light in front of him:
"What is that?" Tinker asked. The light slowly became brighter and brighter and then he fell asleep.

Tinker woke up next morning:
"What should I have breakfast. Food. What kinda food. I don't know. Maybe cereal. But cereal takes around twenty-two-second point five milliseconds. To make. IT would be easier to catch something on the way there. But we should think about having a queue at the shop. Do we have money? I don't know if we have money. I know dad hides money in the small vase in the kitchen. I could always..." Tinker stopped thinking for a second:
"What was that," Tinker said:
"What could it be? What is happening? Why is my brain working so fast? It hurts. Headache...Headache...HEADACHE!" Tinker thought this and then he coughs up blood. Tinker looked at the blood and shivered:
"Son!" Tinker dad shouted as he saw him:
"I'm...I'm fine...Dad...Did something happen last night?" Tinker asked:
"What do you-" Tinker dad were about to ask something but stopped:
"Your...not human." Tinker dad said:
"What...No, I'm human." TInker said:
"No...The demon aura is leaking of you. You got a power son." His dad said:
"I...see...Dad, I saw a blue light last night...Then I fell asleep. I thought it was a dream but brain is working like a machine on steroids." Tinker said:
"I see. Let's take you to the doctor." Tinker dad said

"Well, it seems he has got a massive amount brain energy. His brain is working like ten men. He can think ten times as fast as a human being and his sense has become empowered. Boy, can I test something?" The doctor said:
"Sure," Tinker said:
"Okay. Look out the window." The doctor said:
"Yes?" TInker said as he did:
"What do the words say on the billboard on the other side of town." The doctor asked. Tinker's eyes began to pump:
"Welcome to town," Tinker said:
"That is correct. You can empower your sense. By command and even think in a powerful way. I don't think we can turn it off. So it's something you have to live with." The doctor said.

"Wanna go school?" Tinker dad asked as they drove home:
"Do I wanna go school. There are 9.23 kilometers there and we had so many lessons today. So many things I could skip and information I wouldn't get...Stop!" Tinker shouted at himself:
"That is truly a power. You are overthinking everything." His dad said:
"Shut up...Just drive me to school," Tinker said. 

He arrived in front of the school and slowly walked in. Everyone's eyes were on him. He walked into class and all looked at him:
"Tinker.." His best friend said:
"What is it?" Tinker asked:
"Demon." His best friend said:
"What?" Tinker asked:
"Demon." The class said:
"No. It's me guys." Tinker said:
"What you doing here outcast." His best friend said. Tinker's heart beat faster:
"'s me...Your best friend." Tinker said. His heart beat even faster:
"Just go home already. You're not welcome." His friend said turning his back on Tinker:
"Hey stop!" Tinker said grabbing him by the shoulder. His friend turned around and was about to hit Tinker. Tinker's brain clicked there all his sense empower he grabbed his friend by the elbow spun around and swung him into the ground:
"His weight was around two times bigger than mine. Get a target off balance and use that to empower a toss. A perfect counter." Tinker thought. Tinker brain suddenly hurt and he coughed up blood:
"What the...How did I do that." Tinker said to himself as his brain slowed down. Tinker softly walked backward and then left class. He walked around town for a few hours and then returned home late at night. His dad was sitting with two agents in a suit:
"Son...Come here." His dad said:
"Oh im so going to jail.....Or not jail. They can't jail me. Im gonna get scolded and expelled what then. New school. New friends. No, I can't get friends. Outcast. Outcast. I'm an outcast now. Must flee. Maybe country. I don't know. What happening...Stop!"  Tinker thought as he stopped himself. I sat down at the table. This hold thought process took me five steps to think:
"These men offer you a new school." Tinker dad said:
"Hello, my name is agent Natacha." She said:
"Hello. I'm Tinker. I have power." Tinker said:
"I know son. I have too. I have X-ray vision. What does your power do?" She asked:
"What my power does. Well, I can think really fast and quickly and powerfully and my sense is empowered." Tinker explained:
"I see. What about we call that Hyperbrain." Natacha said:
"Hyperbrain." Tinker repeated:
"Well. We want to start a class in another town where we make a class out of demons or power humans as we call us. Then the class doesn't feel like an outcast and we can be together. The teachers are me and a friend of mine named Zack." Natacha said:
"I see. But we have no money to move." Tinker said:
"No no no no. There a dormitory for our students. Means you move away from home." Natacha said:
"I see." Tinker said:
"Well. You can think about it." Tinker dad said:
"I could go there and meet new friends with new powers. Maybe get an understanding of other powers and how the function. Then im no outcast and I can be with my friends. It could be awesome to use my powers with theirs for something and it could be nice to lighten the load on my dad but I maybe would miss him a bit too much. It could be awesome still. What to do. What to do!" Tinker thought and then coughed up blood:
"Oh yeah...I have a feedback." Tinker said as wiped his mouth:
"We all have. Powers come with a feedback. Mine is I go blind if I use my X-ray vision too much." Natacha said:
"Blind...Forever?!" Tinker asked:
"No not forever. It comes back after I sleep." She said:
"I see." Tinker said:
"So you up for it?" She asked:
"Give my son some time to think." TInker dad said:
"Sir. Please understand. He really decided. He got a brain with the power of ten." Natacha said and held out her hand:
"Sure...Im gonna do it." Tinker said:
"Fine. We will pick you up and you meet two of the other student tomorrow. We all drive you there and show you. Just pack a lot of cloth and that all. We have all the other things secure." Natacha said:
"Sure thing!" Tinker said

So this is how my life became what is it and how I became a part of the legendary class D for demon.

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