Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


6. The Exercise third round.

"Our students really are amazing," Natacha said:
"Truly. They all think fast and even some of them use their power fully." Zack said as he rolled his shoulder and rubbed his eyes with his hands.

"Who do you think is gonna win?" Helios asked:
"We don't have brain guy to tell us this time," Viola said as she hovers over the ground:
"The two teams are quite strong. But I think it's team five. They have some who can freeze solid." Hina said:
"Yeah. Look. Team six have only one good thing." Vanessa said:
"The bone thingy?" Rouge asked:
"Yes. I can't see why Hyperbrain or undeadly transformation can be useful." Vanessa said:
"I think team six could win. I have a good feeling about Tinker." Ophelia said:
"Really. You getting awfully close to him already." Viola said:
"What about you and that bone guy?" Ophelia asked:
"He's just my safety net. Nothing more?!" Viola said:
"Ladies. Don't worry. I'm here if you need anything." Hamilton said as he wrapped his arms around Opehlia and Viola:
"Nope!" Viola said pressing her feet against Hamilton's stomach and shot fire into his stomach as he was sent flying backward:
"I'm just unsure how they gonna do it," Tarin said as she softly levitates in the air removing all pressure from herself:
"They gonna do fine. I just have a feeling." Armin said:
"Finally..." Justin said as he stood up and didn't feel numb anymore.

"So that is our plan," Tinker said as he let a small amount of blood leak from his mouth:
"That is quite a good plan," Salio said as he hit his fist against his palm:
"Fine then I take the ball," Sophia said picking it up. They looked over to the others and saw Tarens with the ball:
"They gonna use Tarens Limb growth ability. I don't know how we can counter that." Tinker said:
"All I need to do is hold Seth at bay right?" Salio said:
"Yes. Sophia all you have to do is wait until they get close then do it." Tinker said:
"Yes! And what about you?" Sophia asked:
"I will go for the ball. "Tinker said as he rolled his shoulder:
"You? Are you sure? Wouldn't it be better if I do it?" Salio asked:
"No. I can't do anything against Seth's claw. You the only one who can do anything." Tinker said:
"True. Then we will be counting on you!" Salio said:
"You can do it!" Sophia said. Tinker nodded:
"Times up...3...2...1...Go!" Zack shouted. Seth turned scaly and got wings claws and tail. Salio charged forward. He got long thin sharp ribs out of his arms and swung them forward. The bones held back the claws of Seth:
"Push weakling!" Draco shouted:
"I'm trying!" Seth shouted back at the deep voice:
"Now!" Helena shouted nervously. Seth smiled and launched into the air with his wings. He flew over and caught Tarens:
"Sorry...But you a bit heavy." Seth said as he pulled Tarens above the ground:
"That fine. I know." Tarens said. Salio eyes widen:
"Guys. Jump!" Salio shouted. Helena touched the ground and instantly made a giant layer of ice on the field. Salio shot bones out of his feet and got above ground. Tinker senses snapped as he jumped. Sophia jumped up. The ground had a nice and slippery layer of ice now. Salio would land on it and slide a bit:
"Damn. I can't stand like this!" Salio shouted annoyed:
"That is too bad!" Draco shouted as he landed on the ground. His claw feet would smash through the ice so he could stand:
"That a good idea!" Salio said as bones shot out of his elbows and into the ground to hold him still. Tinker would try to keep his balance:
"You okay Sophia?" Tinker asked:
"Yes," Sophia said. Helena would slide over the ground without a hint of struggle:
"Watch out Sop-Whoa!" Tinker shouted but tripped and fell to the ground:
"All I have to is get up. I need to go to their side!" Tinker said as he slid away from Sophia past Salio who was holding back Seth. He fell to the ground and stood up. Their side was not so frozen so there was still small areas of grass. Tinker stood up and looked towards Sophia. Helena was close to her now:
"I'm sorry!" Helena said as she moved her hand forward:
"Tinker!" Sophia shouted and tossed the ball forward:
"It's not allowed to give the ball to team mates." Zack said:
"Look again!" Tinker shouted and caught it:
"What?" Zack said. Tinker was holding a hand. Sophia was undead and disconnected her hand from her arm still holding the ball. Tinker was the one holding the hand:
"Sophia still have the ball." Tinker said. Zack smiled.
"I allow it," Zack said. Tinker would smile and look towards Tarens. Tarens stood on the grass too. The big guy rushed towards Tinker:
"It's now or never," Tinker said as he looked at him:
"His body weight. His speed. His size. His limbs." Tinker said as he mouth began to move without a sound leaving it. Tarens grew arms out of his shoulder so he had six arms now. Tinker would begin to leak blood from his mouth.
"What is he doing?" Ophelia said:
"He's using the Hyperbrain," Harin said. Tinker eyes would move quickly. For the real world were Tarens getting closer quickly but for Tinker, the world went in super slow motion. He was calculating any outcome of the next few seconds:
"Mass. Size. Speed. Weight. Mass. Size. Speed. Weight-" Tinker said and coughed up blood but he looked up:
"Mass. Size. Speed. Weight-" Tinker said after and then began to list many different numbers. Tarens looked confused as Tinker talk:
"I'm sorry but this is over now!" Tarens shouted and moved his hands forward. Tinker's eyes snapped open:
"If you add that number to the hold equation you get!-" Tinker said as he moved and placed his shoulder up against Tarens stomach:
"This!" Tinker shouted and lifted Tarens up using all muscles in his body and threw the boy down on the ground. Tarens crashed against the ground and his ball flew into the air. Tinker caught it:
"Now add this," Tinker said as he regains balance but he coughs out a lot of blood in the moment. Helena was rushing him from the side. She moved forward her hand trying to touch Tinker. Tinker's eyes snapped open as he coughed up blood. He threw the enemies ball into the air and grabbed her by the elbow:
"Sorry about this Helena!" Tinker said as he moved his feet forward and pressed it against her foot. He spun around placed his elbow on her stomach and lifted her up from the ground throwing her to the side. He caught the ball again and looked towards Seth. Salio still held him:
"That the spirit boy!" Salio shouted:
"Good job Tinker!" Sophia shouted. Tinker's brain kept going:
"Tarens still coming up. Helena too. It's now or never. I need to add the last thing to this battle and then land it off perfectly. I need to do it now. Salio. Sophia. All of them is watching me. Depending on me. I need to do this. Hyperbrain. Fully activated." Tinker said as he spits out a large amount of blood. Tarens moved in from his right side. Helena from the left:
"Game over!" Tarens shouted:
"No!" Tinker said as he tossed both balls into the air. Sophia's hand stuck to it. He jumped up and moved his legs out kicking both of them back. He used that momentum to launch further into the air and caught the ball and hand again. He landed on the ground and unleashed an amazing cough and a lot of blood the moment he heard the teacher say:
"Time! The winner is Team six!" Zack said. Tinker would let go of the balls and fell to his stomach breathing heavy:
"Tinker!" Salio shouted and rushed to his side:
"Damn...I did it." Tinker said. Some of the other students ran to his side:
"Man I think he lost more blood than I did," Amy said:
"You okay?" Armin said as he took his water bottle and offer it to Tinker:
"Yes just...Tired." Tinker said:
"You did amazingly well." Tarens said:
"Thanks." Tinker said sitting up:
"I told you. They would win." Opehila said:
"Woohoo! That was so cool!" Viola shouted and launched an explosion from her feet. Yet again she tackles Salio:
"Hey, rocket." Salio said:
"Hey Bone." VIola said:
"Is this really gonna be something there happen every day?" Salio asked:
"Yup." Viola said:
"Damn it." Salio said as he just lied down again as Viola got up:
"I was wrong. That brain is quite useful." Vanessa said:
"Can someone carry me to the side line. I think I lost all power in my legs." Tinker said:
"Sure thing buddy." Salio said carrying him on the back. Sophia rushed over to Tinker:
"You were amazing!" She said placing her hand back on her arm and turning human:
"Thanks, I tried." Tinker said:
"Here. Use this." Rouge said as his shadow got off his body and came up from the ground like a stool. Tinker sat down on it and looked at the field:
"Last round. Team seven and Team eight! Armin, Gasoline, and Hamilton against Helios, Vanessa, and Tarin." Zack said. The two last team stood forward and prepared for the fight:
"You lose more blood than a person who shoots blood." Amy said with a giggle:
"True." Tinker said laughing:
"You were amazing." Ophelia said:
"And reckless. You took the burden on yourself." Harin said:
"It was reckless. What if you lost?" Tavis asked:
"Then I lost. I just knew my team needed me." Tinker said:
"Hey, guys." Amber said as she came walking:
"Someone finally awake." Tavis said:
"Who won the last match?" Amber asked:
"Team Six. Tinker, Salio and Sophia." Haron said:
"Who were they up against." Amber asked:
"We were up against team five. Seth, Helena, and Tarens." Salio said:
"Yeah. That little Hyperbrain packs a good punch." Tarens said:
"No. It's not that I'm strong. It's more about scanning the other person and find the one single weak point." Tinker said:
"Silence. Next match is about to begin." Justin said. All turned to the field.

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