Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


5. The exercise second round.

"My eyes hurt," Ophelia said as she took off her goggles and rubbed her eyes:
"So your feedback is that your eyes hurt?" Tinker asked:
"Yes, and I can only get nightmares. I can't dream. So I don't get so much sleep." Ophelia said:
"You said something about sun empowering your shadows?" Sophia asked:
"Yes, the more light there is the more my shadow grows. My feedback is my shadow can't come in contact with other objects shadows. That is why it's twisted around me when I don't use it. So it won't be touched by other shadows. It's such a bad feedback for such a powerful ability." Rouge said as his shadow would tighten around him:
"So that is why you have those red lines in your eyes. You try to resist blinking sometimes?" Salio asked:
"Yeah. Sometimes I just teleport." Steph said:
"Get back here!" Justin shouted as he chased Harin:
"You never learn do you?" Harin said as Justin leg would go numb and he would fall forward:
"Why did I have to be on a team with anger management and arrogant," Hina said:
"They are at least fun aren't they?" Gasoline said:
"Not fun. More stupid." Hina said:
"Cheer up. You couldn't do much to that strong power of nightmare stare." Vanessa said as she moved one of her spikes away from her face:
"Yeah. You just gonna try harder next time!" Helios said:
"I think the next match is about to start," Tinker said:
"Who do you think will win?" Salio asked:
"Don't ask me that. My brain just gonna overload before it's our turn." Tinker said:
"True. I think it's gonna be team four. Amber Tavis and Haron really have amazing powers." Salio said:
"Really now? I think it would be Team three. They have such advanced powers." Hina said:
"Really now? Let's see what is gonna happen." Helios said. The students looked on to the field. The one holding the ball for team three was Viola. The one holding it for team four was Haron:
"Plus seems like team four is giving the ball to the blind guy," Hina said:
"Don't let that fool you. I think we just about to see how dangerous Echo location is." Tinker said:
"Really now? I don't think it's anything special." Harin said as he came walking. Justin was pulling himself over the ground trying to reach Harin:
"Trust me. I calculated it already. I think Salio is right. Team four is gonna win." Tinker said as he let a small amount of blood leak out of his mouth:
"Time up! 3...2...1...Go!" Zack shouted.
"I'm going!" Viola shouted and unleashed a powerful blast under her feet clouding the field and shooting her twenty meters up into the air. Amy arms open and the guns pointed at team four:
"Behind me!" Tavis shouted. The two other hide behind him. Tavis swallowed a marble size orb and his body became steel. Amy's arms unleashed a massive amount of bullets of blood. Tavis would block them with his body of steel:
"Hows it going back there?" Tavis asked:
"Need more time!" Amber shouted as she kept taking more and more batteries out of her pocket and drained them. Her white hair nearly all yellow now. Her hair let out small amounts of lightning which hit the ground around her. Haron would just stand still. Viola would look down at them and giggle:
"See if you can catch me up here!" Viola shouted:
"Go!" Amy said as she lowers her arms tired. Alexandra moved forward her arms got edges and shined in the sun. Tavis dashed forward too and the two would engage in combat. Alexandra sword arms with Tavis metal arms. The two of them would swing their arms forward. Alexandra tried to get past Tavis. But Tavis kept her at bay. Amy would sit down on the ground and breathe in and out quickly:
"I see. Amy can't use her power too much. She loses a large amount of blood using that power." Tinker thought:
"What you thinking about?" Salio asked:
"She shot so much blood in a second. I think it would only take her a minute or two to lose enough blood to black out or even worse die. She holds the fire for around fifteen seconds and looks at her. She is nearly down for the count. It must be a powerful ability but the feedback is one of the worst I seen-" Tinker said before coughing blood up:
"Easy now. We don't want you to black out from blood loss before we in there." Salio said:
"Sorry. I can't turn it off." Tinker said as he rubbed his head. Viola would keep making small explosions to keep herself up there:
"Ten seconds!" Amber shouted:
"Okay!" Tavis shouted back:
"Ten seconds for what?" Salio asked:
"I think I know. Look at Amber. Her hair is nearly all yellow now. I think she is gonna unleashed a form of lightning at Viola to get her down from there. The next question is how they recover the ball." Harin said:
"Ouch!" Harin shouted after. Justin at bite into Harin leg:
"Goh yau (Got you)" Justin said as he has bitten into Harin leg:
"Damn it, Justin, just stop it!" Harin shouted:
"Wouldn't it be dangerous to shot so much electricity!?" Helena asked scared:
"We must just wait and see. I think Zack can stop it. If it comes to it." Gasoline said:
"Now!" Amber shouted. Tavis quickly dashed back and swallowed something on the way. He hugged Haron. His body was made of rubber suddenly. Amber stood up as her hair shot into all the direction and she unleashed a powerful nova of electricity. You could hear an explosion the moment the electricity came out. Amy and Alexandra were paralyzed with the shock. The fell to the ground. Tavis would let go of Haron. Haron would smile:
"Thanks," Haron said. Haron ears twitched:
"She is not done yet!" Haron shouted and looked up into the sky. Viola would still hover. She was further away now. She had dodged the attack by using distance. Amber would lie on the ground. She only had a few yellow lines in her hair now:
"Try again! I'm not that stupid." Viola said:
"Damn it!" Tavis said:
"Tavis..." Haron said.
"Yeah?" Tavis asked:
"Toss me," Haron said:
"Sure!" Tavis said as he swallowed an iron orb and became iron:
"This is my last orb for now. So it better work!" Tavis said as he picked up Haron and tossed him towards Viola. Viola's eyes widen as she saw the blind man come flying:
"What is this?" Harin asked:
"It's the echo location in action," Tinker said. Haron closed his eyes and grabbed his cane. Viola would shot towards Haron:
"You should not fight in my element. I got you now!" Viola shouted as she reached out for the ball in his other arm. Haron smiled and threw the ball into the air as he moved his hand forward.Viola looked confused and reached for the ball. Haron moved his cane forward and pushed Viola arm away. She lost balance and got confused for a moment. Haron grabbed the ball from her in that moment and let go of his cane. He took his own ball again and the two of them fell slowly:
"He got it!" Harin shouted:
"Yeah. Watch closely now." Gasoline said. Viola would unleash explosion from her feet and try to get the balls from him again. Haron would place his feet up against her shoulder and push her away. She tried to shot at him again but he just spun around and dodge it. She could not find any blind spots. The other students watched in admiration:
"Viola can't find any blind spots-" Salio said:
"Because Haron has no blind spots," Vanessa said:
"Time!" Zack said as he charged forward. His eyes glowed up as he then launched fire out of his feet and caught the two students landing on the ground safely with them:
"Winner is team four!" Zack said as he placed the kids on the ground:
"That was amazing!" Salio shouted:
"That echo location is scary," Tinker said:
"I take back my words," Harin said:
"Damn it!" Viola shouted a bit annoyed and stomped the ground. Her right foot unleashed an explosion of the action and she was sent flying and hit into Salio:
"Oh hello, again Bone man!" Viola said:
"Hello..." Salio said as he pushed Viola off him and softly stood up:
"Excuse me," Zack said as his eyes glowed up and he took Amber ability. He drained the paralyzing shocks from Alexandra and Amy. The two girls stood up:
"You did well," Tavis said:
"Thanks. You had such a good plan. Our plan was to bombard you until we could get through." Alexandra said:
"I see. Quite a simple plan." Rough said:
"Yeah, but it was all we had. We haven't seen the strength of the enemy. So we had to gamble." Amy said:
"Next match is Team five and Team six. Seth, Tarens, and Helena against Tinker, Salio, and Sophia!" Zack shouted. Tinker's eyes widened:
"Let's go!" Salio said as he picked Tinker by the collar and pulled him along. Sophia jumped into the air happily:
"Okay, let's do this!" Seth said as he got a tail and claws. Tarens roll his shoulder as he smiled. Helena softly shivered as she stood together:
"Let's do this. Tinker!" Salio said as bones shot out of his arms:
"Let's start planning!" Sophia said:
"The five minutes begin now!" Zack shouted.

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