Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


4. The exercise first round.

"Okay, kids. Gather around. I only explain this once." Zack said as he held two balls in his hands:
"This exercise is a team based three against three round. Your team mates are who you arrived with." Zack said:
"Then we in team Treno!" Salio said wrapping his arm around Tinker's neck:
"And me too!" Sophia said leaping forward and wrapped her arms around the two boys heads:
"This is an easy game. You both get a ball and then have five minutes to talk. After that, the match begins. You will use your power and teamwork to get the other teams ball and hold on to it for ten seconds." Zack said:
"Oh, I see," Tinker said:
"So it's a match of strategy. Quite awesome." Gasoline said:
"We will be able to use our powers as much as we want?" Justin asked as his arm ignited:
"You are able to do combat but if you hurt each other too much I will step in," Zack said:
"Damn it," Justin said:
"Well. Let's just get going. You all will get a team number. So first is team one against two. Which is. Harin Hina and Justin against Ophelia Rouge and Steph." Zack said throwing the two balls. Justin caught one and Rouge shadow caught one.The six of them stood on the field. The human students looked at them as they prepared:
"Ay mate. Who do you think will win?" Salio asked Tinker:
"Let me see. It's Nightmare stare, Shadow manipulation and Blink up against ignition silver tongue and snow maiden. There many possibilities. We don't know the force of silver tongue or Nightmare stare. It's up to how they use it and how they handle the fight. I think after a small analyze that the winner would be team shadow manipulation. Team two that is. Since that they have good range and mobility. Look at the three other. Harin, Hina, and Justin don't look like people who can fight that easily. I think that the mobility of shadow manipulation and the power of nightmare stare is gonna be a good thing. If they don't have a limit and-" Tinker said and then coughed up blood and fell to his knees:
"Wow. Easy now there. You, not the one there can be become undead." Sophia said:
"I know. I know." Tinker said. The other students looked at Tinker. He slowly stood up and rolled his shoulder. The two teams were talking. The balls were in Rouge hands and in Harin hands:
"Seems like this match is about to begin," Tinker said as he rubbed his head:
"You can talk really fast," Armin said as he suddenly just took form in front of Tinker. The sand turned human. Behind Armin were Gasoline and Hamilton:
"You must be a team," Salio said:
"And you too. There the other teams." Armin said pointing around. Viola Amy and Alexandra stood together. Tavis Amber and Haron stood together. Seth Tarens and Helena stood together and Helios Vanessa and Tarin stood together:
"Well, Hyperbrain is good but I get such a headache." Tinker laugh of:
"Feedbacks are annoying. I get so dry by using my power." Armin said. They heard an explosion and Viola flew towards them. She hit Salio and both of them fell:
"Oh hey. Don't embrace me before you get my number." Viola said:
"Ay. You landed on me rocket girl." Salio said with a grunt:
"Viola!" Amy and Alexandra shouted:
"Gatling girl and blade girl. Am I right?" Salio asked:
"Correct," Alexandra said:
"Oh, my team mates here. Sorry!" Viola said pressing her feet against Salio and unleashed an explosion and shot herself to them. Amy and Alexandra caught her. Salio would softly sit up. A few bones had shot out of his chest and protect him from the blast:
"You shouldn't use your ability on people like that missy." Salio said as the bones out of his chest crumbled and turned to dust on the ground:
"Oh sorry!" Viola said winking before she shot into the air again:
"Time up. Let the rounds begin!" Zack shouted. The two teams looked at each other:
"3...2...1...Go!" Zack shouted. Hina was quick and swung her hair forward. She unleashed a blizzard of snow from her hair to make a blockade of snow. Ophelia took off her goggles and closed both her eyes a bit only so a tiny bit of her right eye was open. Rouge would stand still and hold the ball. Steph would keep focus:
"Now!" Steph shouted. Ophelia grabbed Steph and Steph blinked her eyes as they suddenly were above the snow blockade. Ophelia opens her eyes and got eye contact with Hina. Hina suddenly stood in a field of flowers. The flowers began to whistle and the sun turned red. The sky began to burn and hands started to shot up the ground. Hina slowly walked backward. Ophelia would keep her eyes on Hina as Hina would stand still her eyes all red as she was inside the nightmare:
"We got one!" Steph shouted:
"Good!" Rouge said:
"Wait where the other two!" Steph shouted. Justin dashed through the snow as he was fully on fire:
"Watch out Rouge!" Steph shouted:
"Hello, girl." Harin said:
"Oh hey." Steph said:
"You really have an amazing ability." Harin said:
"Yeah, I know. I like it too." Steph said:
"Steph don't talk to him!" Rouge shouted as dodge Justin assault:
"Why?" Steph asked:
"Because you just got into my trap." Harin said:
"Your trap?" Steph asked.
"Come help me Steph!" Rouge shouted. Steph was about to run but suddenly fell to the ground:
"My feet are numb," Steph said:
"Oh really need a hand?" Harin said holding out his hand. Steph eyes went wide:
"Silver tongue," Steph said low:
"Yes. You fell into my trap." Harin said as Steph went all numb and her arms fell to the ground:
"Damn it!" Rouge said as he dodges Justin fire boosted speed. Rouge shadow shot forward and pushed against the ground shooting Rouge into the air. Ophelia would hold Hina. Harin would hold Steph. Harin also held the ball. Rouge had the other ball and Justin would shot fire out of his back and shot into the air. Rouge would use his shadow to hold back Justin. The shadow became bigger the closer the fire came to Rouge:
"Fool!" Rouge said as he shot his shadow forward and caught Justin. Justin would struggle against the shadow hard grip:
"The more light there is the stronger my shadow is," Rouge said as he tightens the grip of Justin:
"Damn! Why does that make sense? Should you shadow not be stronger in the dark!" Justin shouted.
"No. My power only works with light. It can't move through other objects shadows. It needs to travel on a light surface and when you fire shined on me it produces more light for my shadow to grow." Rouge said:
"Whoops!" Harin said as he took the ball from Rouge arms:
"What the?" Rouge said. Harin would spin the ball around on his finger. Harin smiled and slowly backed off:
"No, you don't!" Rouge said as he tried moving his shadow:
"And you don't try anything," Justin said as he held a tight grip of the shadow:
"Ophelia, Steph!" Rouge shouted:
"Time!" Zack said. Harin would spin the ball around on his finger. Justin would be placed on the ground and Ophelia would get Hina out of the illusion. She put on her goggles:
"First round winners are team one. Justin, Hina and Harin." The other student applause:
"That was actually fun," Harin said as his silver tongue shined:
"Truly," Justin said:
"I felt like I didn't do a thing," Hina said:
"Nice try guys," Steph said as she stood up:
"You two did well. Just bad that the silver tongue got you." Rouge said as his shadow twisted around him:
"I should have let Hina go and tried capture Harin," Ophelia said as she rubbed her eyes and then place her goggles in front of her eyes:
"You nightmare stare is amazing," Tinker said:
"Oh really?" Ophelia asked:
"Yeah. You can hold a person in check for so long. You don't even need to blink." Tinker said:
"Oh, thanks, buddy," Ophelia said giving him a soft smack on the arm:
"I must say. Your shadow is amazing!" Tarens said:
"Really now?" Rouge asked:
"Yeah. I can grow limbs but it's nothing like your shadow. It can stretch and become bigger." Tarens said:
"Yeah only in sunlight," Rouge added:
"You teleport is quite useful. Could be awesome to be on a team with you." Viola said as fire left her feet and she would hover a bit:
"Really now. I'm always clumsy. sometimes my power activates without my command and I walk into things." Steph giggled:
"Your snow power is amazing H-Hina!" Helena said:
"Really. I thought that the ice touch of yours is better than mine. I can only make snow but you can freeze things." Hina answered:
"You did well," Harin said:
"Of course. It's me." Justin said:
"Oh really?" Harin asked as his tongue shined a bit:
"Yeah. I'm so amazing. My fire really helped clear through the wal-" Justin kept talking and then fell face first down on the ground:
"Got you," Harin said as his tongue stopped shining:
"Damn you and your silver tongue!" Justin shouted:
"Okay next up. Team three and Team four. Viola, Alexandra, and Amy against Tavis, Amber, and Haron. Viola smiled and shot into the field. Alexandra charged in and Amy right behind her. Tavis would roll his shoulder. Amber would grab a pair of batteries and begin to suck the electricity out of them. Her hair glowed more yellow. Haron would walk behind them with his cane. The six students would stand on the field and look:
"Five minutes begin now! begin planning!" Zack shouted:
"And have fun!" Natacha shouted after. 

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