Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


3. Class D

The three of them stood in front of the school. A lot of students looked out the windows of the giant building:
"They already staring at us. Ay?" Salio asked with a grin:
"Yeah. We have been the focus of the spotlight." Sophia said. Tinker would look at the school:
"Shall we?" Natacha asked. The four of them walked through the school halls. The school has nice white floor and yellow walls. The students on the school walked around in a black jacket with white shirts and black jeans with black shoes. They had the school emblem on their chest and a red tie on. The girls had black skirts instead. The four of them walked down into the corner of the school and Natacha unlocked the door to a dusty old room. There were nearly broken seats. Natacha eyes widen at the sight:
"This can't be," Natacha said turning around and storming away from the class room. The three of them stood at the door and just walked inside:
"Seems like she was promised something better," Sophia said:
"This is not good," Tinker said as he brushed the dust off the desk:
"Nope. She was maybe tricked." Salio said as he looked at the chairs. They were broken. There were a lot of woods pills in the background:
"Seems like they thought we should build it," Sophia said brushing a hand over the wood:
"This is bad and Natacha looked really mad," Tinker said:
"Oh damn it!" A voice rung out in the room. The three kids turned to the entrance way and a man stood there. A man with black messy hair in a black homburg hat stood at the entrance. He had dark background eyes with blue iris. He walked around in a black suit with a purple shirt under and black jeans and black patent leather shoes. The man walked into the class and looked around. He saw the three students:
"Oh...Seems like Natacha already bought the three first in here." The man said. His dark eyes scanning the kids. His blue iris began to glow:
"Hyperbrain...Bone control...undeadly transformation." The man said as his eyes stopped glowing and he rubbed them softly with his hand:
"Ay. He knows our powers." Salio said. The man would sigh and then walk around the classroom:
"This place really is a mess." The man said as he looked at the nearly broken things:
"Um. Excuse me. But who are you?" Tinker asked:
"Oh. Names Zack Torvild. Your teacher." The man said as he looked at them:
"Oh Zack you are here," Natacha said as she came into the room:
"Yeah seems like we got screwed," Zack said as he looked around:
"Yeah. I just talked to the headmaster and he said that if we wanted a place we need to make it yourself." Natacha said:
"Damn it. Damn humans." Zack said. Natacha would giggle:
"Easy now. We can still do this." Natacha said:
"Fine. The other students should be here soon." Zack said:
"What about your group?" Natacha asked:
"They already here. Here they come." Zack said pointing to three people. A red short ruffled haired boy walked in. He was a bit taller than the other three and had muscles. He walked around with a pouch in his belt. At his side were a girl with white hair and amber eyes. She was the same size as the red haired boy. Some of her hair was yellow and small lines of electricity passed through her hair. The last one stood to the left of the red haired boy. That boy had elf like sharp ears and he had sunglasses on and a cane in his hand. He had short purple spiky hair and was short with a few muscles like Salio:
"Oh, so you other class mates?" The red haired boy asked:
"Ay. I'm Salio Sham." Salio said:
"I'm Tavis Udyr." The red haired boy said. He would tighten his fist. The white haired girl with the yellow lines smiles:
"I'm Amber Sparks." The girl said with a smile:
"And I'm Haron Funz." The boy with the glasses said:
"Nice. We gonna be outside today. I prepared an exercise. So let's just make our way out there. Natacha bring all of the students out there when ready." Zack said:
"Sure." Natacha said. The six kids followed Zack and they ended up outside the school. The school had a forest and a large field. Time passed and then eighteen kids walked behind Natacha as they made their way towards the field:
"Let's make a fast introduction of both name and powers." Natacha said:
"Well, I can start. I'm Salio Sham my power bone control and regeneration!" Salio said as bones shot out of his arms:
"I'm Tinker Treno my power is Hyperbrain. I can think ten times as fast as a normal human and my senses is enhanced." Tinker said as he threw a rock and hit a can around thirty meters away:
"I'm Sophia Utuns and my power is undeadly transformation!" Sophia shouted and became an undead:
"I'm Tavis Udyr and I got adaptation! I can swallow any materials and make my body into it." Tavis said as he put his hand into the pouch and found a small piece of wood in a marble size. He swallowed it and his arm became wood:
"I'm Amber Sparks and my power is charger. I can swallow electricity and shot it of my body or through my palms but i need electricty to survive!" Amber said as she moved her hands forward and shot small amount of lightning from her fingers. Her hair became less yellow at that moment:
"I'm Haron Funz. I got echo location. I hear everything around me but it has turned me blind." Haron said swinging his cane around as he took off his glasses and showed his pure white eyes:
"I'm Armin Faul. My power is sand body. I can turn into sand but it dehydrates me quite quickly." Armin said as his arms turned into sand. He had light brown semi long hair with yellow eyes and a water bottle in his belt:
"My name is Justin Fuse and you better remember it. My power is ignition! I can light myself on fire!" Justin shouted and ignited his arm into flames. He had hair there lied on his head but when the flame hit it. It would rise like a flame. He had red eyes and a scary burning smile:
"My name is Seth Hino. My power is Dragonoid transformation." Seth said as he turned his arm green and scaly. His right eye became yellow and dragon like:
"And I'm Draco. The dragon inside of him." A deep growly voice said from Seth's mouth. Seth was a small boy with black hair glasses and green eyes:
"I'm Tarens Hardysh and my power is Limb growth!" Tarens said as an arm grew out of his neck and a leg grew out of his back. Tarens were a bit bigger than the others with a few more kilos. He had brown hair in a ponytail and brown eyes:
"I-I'm He-Helena Y-Ymir. My p-power is C-cold touch." Helena said as she took off her special made glove and touched the ground. The grass freezing solid in a second. She had icy blue hair and blue eyes. She was small and slender. She took on her gloves. The gloves were five centimeters thick and there were icy cold winds leaving them. Her hands were light blue and steamed with cold air:
"I'm Trols Hamling but call me Gasoline." Trols said. He had bandages around his mouth there blocked his mouth. He got black hair and soft light green eyes. Trols took the bandages down so you could see his mouth. His teeth had cracks in them and his tongue was on fire. He breathes in and then blew out. A small explosion of fire unleashed from his mouth:
"My power is Explosive shout." Trols said as he put on the bandages again:
"I'm Hamilton Jackson. Ladies." Hamilton said as he moved forward:
"My power is All wings!" Hamilton said as he grew wings of metal and thereafter wings of fire. Hamilton had green soft eyes and blond hair. He was slender build and beautiful looking:
"I'm next! I'm Helios Julia and my power is Projectial controls!" Helios said. Helios had orange hair twirled together into braids down her back. Her iris in the eyes were gray scopes. She picked up a rock and threw it forward. The scopes in her eyes turned red as the rock suddenly flew faster and even change direction mid air:
"I'm Alexandra Hato. My power is blade body." Alexandra said as her arm became sharp. She had a black ponytail and blue eyes. Her arms and legs were long and thin and became solid on the sides when she became sharp. She had a short sleeved jacket on so her arms were free:
"Wow...She looks scary." Tinker thought to himself as he saw the next girl. The girl walked forward:
"I'm Ophelia Deus and my power is nightmare stare." Ophelia said. She had goggles on but you could still see her eyes. She had purple messy hair and was build small and slender. Her eyes were red with purple iris and there were flames and faces inside her eyes. Figures and somehow you could imagine someone screaming from the other side:
"I can't really show my power to anyone. So I can explain. I create an illusion world which I control when I look at someone without my goggles." Ophelia said. The next boy stood forward:
"I'm Harin Cospar and you will all kneel for my power. I will the top student with the best power in this class." Harin said as he grinned. His tongue was pure silver and his hair was silver too. He had soft relaxed and confident brown eyes. His slender build and have even fewer muscles in his arm then Tinker:
"my power is Silver tongue. I can make people weaker from just listening to my voice too much." Harin said:
"Pretty boy got star fever already." Salio said. Tinker laughed:
"I'm Amy Hardish and my power is gatling arm!" Amy said. She had red long hair down to the start of her bag with a white hair line going from her forehead hair to the end of her back hair. She had orange eye color and had small lines on her arms. The lines open and small guns came up from her arm. She shot out small bullets of hardening blood:
"This is what my power does." She said before her arms closed again. The next girl walked forward she had long spikes for hair:
"I'm Vanessa Hio and my power is Tranquill hair. It lets me grow these spikes instead of hair and shot them forward. They also paralyze any enemy. But I don't get affected by the paralyze." Vanessa said. She had white spikes for hair which was so close together it looked like hair. Her eyes iris were black. The next girl stood forward. She smiled:
"Hey I'm Tarin Vazana and my power is pressure control." She said. She had pink hair and pink eyes. She had wrist bands on which was stuck to her arm:
"This is my power. Light weight times two!" She said and her wristband glowed up as she jumped and flew into the air light as a feather:
"I can control pressure around me and people around me in a field generated by my wristband." She said happily before landing. The next girl didn't walk forward but you suddenly heard an explosion and she was shot into the air. You could see holes in her feet with iron rings around them. She had dark blue hair and amber eyes. She had no shoes on and the rings under her feet were glowing red:
"I'm Viola Javian and my power is rocket feet!" She said as she kicked the air again and unleashed an explosion from her feet shooting her around the air. The next boy stood forward. He looked around at the people around them. He had fully black eyes and one purple pupil in the right eye his left eye was hidden by hair. This guys shadow didn't lie on the ground but was twisted around his body:
"My name is Rouge Daven and my power is shadow manipulation." Rouge said as his shadow let go of him and flew up into the air like a hand. The next girl stood forward. She had long hair to the start of her legs and it was untrimmed it was white as snow and looked to be really soft. A small amount of cold coming from it. Her eyes were white with white iris:
"I'm Hina Gulia and my power is Snow maiden. I can produce snow from my hair." She said as snow softly fell from her hair and created a bundle of snow just below it. The last student stood forward or didn't really stand she suddenly just were there:
"I'm Steph Gourin and my power is blink. I can teleport to where im looking by blinking and even bring one person with me!" Steph said. her left eye was blue her right eye was green and her hair was seaweed green. She had red lines in her eyes. All the students nodded and stood back so Natacha and Zack were in the middle:
"Well I'm Natacha Sprout and my ability is X-ray vision. I can see through walls but it cost me my vision for a day if I use it too much." Natacha said. Natacha had lime green hair set into a ponytail. She had brown eyes which turned green as she showcased her X-ray. She had a yellow shirt on with a black vest over. She had fingerless gloves and black jeans with brown shoes:
"I'm Zack Torvild and my power is Analytic breakdown. I can see all your ability and what they do and even copy them by command. Such as this." Zack said as bones came out of his arm:
"Welcome to Horiko and welcome to call D!" The two teacher said together as the twenty-four children cheered and even Viola shot into the air with her feet.

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