Class D for Demon.

What if I told you that humanity was invaded by demons but the demon was the one getting abused. What if I told you that the demons feared the humans and the demons only wanted to be accepted. What if I told you the demons were humans once and was forced into the outcast. What if I told you I was one. Come hear out the story if you want to. I'm Tinker and I'm a demon.


2. A car ride of understanding.

"You got everything?" Tinker dad asked:
"Everything? Let me think...I got everything and it seems like I don't need more cloth for the time around there. If I wash my cloth around one time a week and I didn't need more than cloth and items I want to keep. So it seems like I have everything." Tinker said and then coughed blood he smiled:
"Yes...That answer is yes." Tinker said after. Tinker dad let out a laugh:
"Truly you amazing son." Tinker dad said ruffling the kid's hair:
"They here in an hour. Wanna talk?" Tinker dad asked:
"Sure.." Tinker said sitting down at the table. Tinker took a second to look around the apartment. It was a small apartment with a kitchen and a living room with one other room. Alexander room and his dad slept in the living room. There wasn't much space and his dad had taken care of him for a few years now. His dad left their mother since she was an addict to drugs. His dad has been there for him since. He never let go and always tried his best for Tinker sake:
"You gonna be okay alone, dad?" Tinker asked:
"Sure. I'm just proud that you already feel mature enough to move out. I'm so proud of you son. My little Hyperbrain." Tinker dad said ruffling his hair. Tinker would laugh:
"Thanks, dad. I will come visit when I can and maybe bring some of my friends." Tinker said:
"Sure do!" Tinker dad said. They ate breakfast together. Tinker would sometimes have a Hyperbrain shock and keep talking but his dad just laughed it off. The two of them were close. They have been together for so long and now was the time for Tinker to leave. The time came and the car held ready outside. Natacha walked out and another boy. The boy looked at Tinker. Their eyes meet. The other boy had white hair with black at the end of the spikes. It was spiky. The boy walked around in bare feet and had dark gray eye color. You could see scars on his arms and his neck:
"Oh, he's gonna kill me. He's gonna eat me. He looks so scary. I'm scared. I should have declined. I should have-" Tinker thought and then coughed up blood:
"Oh, you okay up there!" The boy shouted and rushed up to clap Tinker on the back. Natacha smiled. Tinker would gasp for air and look at the boy. The boy would smile:
"Hey. I'm Salio. Salio Sham." The boy said holding out his hand:
"I'm Tinker Treno," Tinker said holding out his hand and shook the boy's hand. The two smiled:
"What about a small introduction of powers?" Natacha asked. The two boys stood on the street and looked at each other:
"Well. Mine is Hyperbrain. I can think really quickly and can have empowered senses." Tinker said. Salio smiled and softly moved his arm forward:
"Mine is bone control and regeneration. I can make my bones move out my body and make them into other shapes. Like this." Salio said as what looked like rib cages came out of his arm. They were sharp as knives:
"Wow, that is amazing!" Tinker said:
"Yeah but if I use it too much my regeneration loose its power and makes only weak bones so my body is just weaker," Salio said with a smile:
"My feedback is I think too much I cough up blood and get a bad headache," Tinker said:
"Oh, so that was your display," Salio said. Tinker smiled:
"This person is quite nice. He looks scary because of his scar but it's just his power there making them." Tinker thought:
"We have one more to get around to before we leave. So get into the car." Natacha said:
"I need my bags." Tinker said:
"Oi let me help ya, buddy." Salio said. They walked into Tinker room. There were four bags:
"I can take em." Salio said:
"Really? All four?" Tinker asked. Salio nodded and moved his arms out. A long thin ripe shot out of his wrist and he hung the bags on them carrying them out. They got into the car and Tinker said goodbye to his dad:
"See you, dad. Hope you can survive. You can text me anytime." Tinker said:
"That my line dumass." Tinker dad said bonking him on the head. Tinker rubbed his head:
"Yeah sorry." Tinker said:
"Get going kiddo. Get going and never look back. This is a start for your story!" Tinker dad said. Tinker nodded and slowly enter the car. The car drove off. Salio would sit in the backseat with Tinker. The two would talk:
"Oh, so you quite new with the power. I had mine for two weeks now." Salio said. Tinker would smile:
"Yeah, I think it been two days now." Tinker said:
"Well. Natacha. Do you know the next person powers?" Salio asked:
"I know but you must wait." Natacha said:
"Awh no fun." Salio said leaning back. They drove out of town and ended on a small farm outside the town:
"Oh, there we have her." Natacha said. A lone girl stood on the road to her farm with a few bags and two adults. The girl had brown hair and soft light blue eyes. She was short and slender build. The car stopped:
"Okay. Come boys." Natacha said. The two boys stood up and stood at the car with Natacha:
"Hello! I'm Sophia Utuns!" The girl shouted and waved her hands with a happy vibe:
"Oh, She is a nice person." Tinker said:
"I'm Salio Sham." Salio said:
"And im Tinker Treno." Tinker said after:
"She seems nice. I can't sense any power from her body right. The farm in the background is nice. She seems really nice and she is quite pretty. This seems like it will become a nice school year. Or will it. I only meet two out of all of them. This could in disaster and I could get bullied. It could end badly. Gonna end badly. Gonna-" Tinker thought and then coughed up blood:
"Oi! Not again man." Salio said. The girl giggled:
"So your power is to spit out blood how nice!" The girl said:
"What about a small display of powers?" Natacha asked:
"Sure!" The girl said:
"Well, I can start. I have Hyperbrain which means I can think ten times as fast as a normal human and my sense have become better but if I think too much I cough up blood and get a bad headache." Tinker said:
"I got bone control and regeneration. Which lets me move my bones as I want and change their shape and also make them sharp as knives and then regenerate them later. If I use it too much my bone will get weak since my regeneration can't stay strong forever." Salio said:
"Well. My power is this!" The girl said as she suddenly comes a swarm of bugs towards her. Her skin turned green and her hair turned rotten and green. Her nail grew into claws and her finger became bend in different directions. Her teeth became small fangs. The two boys eyes widen at the sight:
"I can turn undead!" Sophia shouted:
"Un-" Tinker said:
"Dead." Salio finished. The girl who was pretty before now was a zombie:
"If I stay in this form I can easily catch sickness and if I stay too long I go brainless killer machine of a zombie." She said as her skin turned back normal her hair became brown again her lifeless eyes turned back to soft and light blue her nails became normal and her teeth turned normal again:
"Wow. That is quite amazing." Tinker said:
"I know right. I'm so awesome~" She said with a giggle:
"You take care of yourself kiddo." The man said:
"Yeah, thanks, dad." The girl said:
"Shall we take your bags?" Salio asked:
"Yeah. Thanks for the help." Sophia said. The three of them loaded the bags into the car and then when into it. The three of them sat in the backseat as now the bags also cover the passenger seat. Salio sat to the right. Tinker to the left and Sophia in the middle:
"Oh, so you a new one. I had mine for two weeks now." Sophia said to Tinker:
"You really get used to it quickly huh?" Tinker asked:
"Yeah, it wasn't fun in the start. I had a hard time turning human again. I even turned zombie once. A man tranquilized me and then fixed me. I'm just happy he could fix me so I turned human again. So many shunned me but im so happy. That we are gonna be in a class full of power kids!" Sophia shouted:
"Yeah. It's awesome. We never gonna be outcast there." Salio said:
"Oh yeah. You gonna be twenty-four in all. Twelve boys and twelve girls." Natacha said:
"Oh really?" Tinker asked:
"Yeah. We wanted an equal number of boys and girls." Natacha said:
"I see." Salio said:
"We also want to tell you this. You gonna be going to a normal school with normal kids. But your class is the only one with power users." Natacha said:
"Oh?" Sophia let out a gasp:
"I know we should have told you but Zack and I are there for you." Natacha said:
"Sure." Salio said with a smile:
"You gonna be in rooms of two and two. So we have six girl rooms and six boys." Natacha said:
"Oh, I see." Tinker said:
"You three have a lot in common." Natacha said:
"What do you mean?" The three said at the same time:
"You all felt hopeless in the start and all three accidentally used violence against a classmate." Natacha said:
"Oh." The kids said a bit ashamed:
"I understand. I really do. You all used it when you didn't understand it. Tinker used his empowered senses to throw a classmate who tried to punch him. Salio accidentally stabbed a class hand with a bone as he scared as three of them ganged up on him. Sophia accidentally scared a girl to tears with her zombie form." Natacha said. The three of them looked at each other. A small smile crept up on their face and they laughed:
"You threw someone! That is something would like to see." Salio said and laughed:
"You scared someone to tears. You didn't look that scary to me." Tinker said and laughed:
"You stabbed someone with a bone. They could just not gang up on you!" Sophia said and laughed. The three kids laughed and Natacha smiled:
"They truly understand each other pains and try to be nice to make them feel better. I was right to make them drive together." Natacha thought as the car kept moving towards the town of Horiko and the school. 

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