Amy`s Story

Amy is a 16-year-old girl who lives a terrible life. Secluded from the others, pursued by the government because she is a living experiment, no family. But thanks to her best friend, David, she takes it all away, but sometimes she doubts. She wants to give up everything and risk her life.


2. The strange bar (1)

Amy: (Moves forwards) F*ck... Where am I?... (Sees a bar, the windows are tinted) Maybe they know the


        (Goes inside and looks around, sees only one costumer and a barkeeper) Uhm... Execuse me, I want to  ask the way to the Rising-Street.

Bartender: (Nods and goes away)

Guest: (Stands up and goes after the bartender)

Amy: "Huh... Weird... This place is also weird. The whole room is dirty and all, but the... 8 mirrors are

           perfectly fine. Maybe he loves the- ... What was that?" (Goes near to a mirror) "What the hell... Is

           this...? A... person...?" (Screams)

A little kid comes out of the mirror and attacks Amy. She (Amy) runs out of the bar and forgots her bag.

Amy: "Okay Amy, calm down. Don't be a chicken. That shit wasn't real... Wait, oh crap! I fergot my bag


          I should get it back... Only one minute...I'm running in, get my bag, run out and I'll never return.


Amy goes back und looks around but she couldn't find her bag.

Amy: "Well, shit." Uhm... Execuse me, mr. Bartender. I fergot my bag here, could you hand it to me,


Bartender: (Nods and shows her to follow, goes in the same direction like before)

Amy: "What the hell is wrong with me" (Follows him)

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