The Return

Coven falls was just like any other ordinary town, except it was hiding a secret, a big secret from its towns people. And no one was safe, not even Emma Thomas, or was she ?

*^ this book is based off of the vampire diaries, all the characters that show up in it that are NOT mine, except the ones I add*^


3. Chapter 3

Emma's POV

As I walked into my forth period class I went over to my usual desk beside Leah, my best friend and waited for class to start.

Eventually everyone was starting to pile in and Mr. Morris started history class. About halfway through the class the door open but I didn't care too pay Enough attention who was.

"Is this seat taken"? A voice said from the far right side did me. A guy. A very hot guy in fact. Wait. Stop it Emma , no guys, no relationships, nothing.

I almost forgot he had asked me a question because I was so lost in thought but I managed to nod a no in response, and he took a seat beside me.

I put my arm on the desk to kind of hide my face and let my hair go on both sides me to help hide my face, but not hide it enough so that I could see who this mystery guy was. He had dark Brown chestnut hair, that was styled up, and his eyes are so mesmerizing and dark. His jawline was sharp and I could tell he was pretty built.

I guess I was staring because I had caught his attention when he looked my way and noticed my eyes on him. My eyes widened and I turn my head to the other side facing Leah, embarrassed that I have been staring and had gotten caught. Shit. Now I look like a stalker.

But when I peaked my eyes through my hair when I turn my head he was staring at me this time. His eyes staring into mine, his jaw locked and his body stiffened. Perhaps I had something on my face and he was staring? Embarrassed again I just turn my face to the front of the class and didn't look over for the rest of the time I was in class.

The class seem to drag by and It did not help that Mr. Morris was just going on and on about some war back in 1890. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, the bell rang and we were dismissed for lunch.

I grab my books off my desk and walked out the door with Leah. We had just made it out the door when she turned to me with a big grin on her face.

"What"? I questioned, even though I probably know why she was smirking.

"Don't you want me I saw the way you were looking at that guy, you were totally checking him out"! "I was not"!! But even I knew I was and there's no way I was hiding it from Leah out of all people. "Okay... maybe I was but it is not a big deal he probably already has a girlfriend and I can't be thinking about relationships right now".

Leah went to speak but then shut her mouth is her eyes followed from behind and said "See you at lunch Okay"?! And then she ran off. I turned around to go to my locker but I had ran into something well actually rather into someone. My books went flying and so did I, and as I expected to hit the floor, it never came. I felt strong arms holding me up.

"Whoa! Are you all right? I am so sorry!" It was the boy from history class, he had me in one arm and my books in the other. Well I was right, he was very built if he had enough strength to hold me and my books up.

I got out of his arms and He handed my books to me.

"Yeah I'm fine thank you, that could've been a lot worse" I said not taking my eyes off of him. His eyes were so mesmerizing.

"I'm sorry let me introduce myself, my name is Stefan Salvatore" he spoke his voice was so soft yet it was deep and let me tell you it was very attractive.

"Oh yeah, I'm Emma Thomas, Nice to meet you Stefan" I said and eventually had to pull my eyes away from his before I look like a creep, so I just turn my head to look at the posters on the wall.

"Pleasure to meet you Emma, i'll see you around, okay"?

"Yeah, sure, bye Stefan" I said and he turned around and walked the other way, as I did, towards the cafeteria.

I gotta go find Leah.

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