The Return

Coven falls was just like any other ordinary town, except it was hiding a secret, a big secret from its towns people. And no one was safe, not even Emma Thomas, or was she ?

*^ this book is based off of the vampire diaries, all the characters that show up in it that are NOT mine, except the ones I add*^


2. Chapter 2

Damon's POV

I'm laying in bed next to this redhead chick, I don't even know who she is but she made a good toy and a good blood bag. She rolled over to face me, and start playing with the hairs on my chest. Great now she's clingy.

"That was great maybe we should do this more often" she spoke, her voice still high pitched as it was yesterday after I picked her up and a big smile on her face. Oh So very annoying.

"Yeah, we could but instead I'm going to kill you" I said pushing her head back and diving my fangs into her neck. She screamed and tried jerking out of my grip, but I was way stronger than her, so I just snapped her neck and killed her.

After I finish I pushed off of her and with my vampire speed threw on some boxers and jeans and grabbed a glass to pour myself some whiskey.

"You should have a taste brother, I'm sure you miss the taste of human blood" Stefan walked over to me as he rolled his eyes.

Even though my back was turned to him I could still tell he rolled his eyes, I mean come on when you live with someone for 156 years you learn to read them like a book.

"I'm good" "fine more for me then" I said and finished off the remaining whiskey in my glass.

"What happened to laying low Damon? Or don't you know how to do that"? Stefan mocked me, sort of and I just shrugged.

"I'm a vampire stefan, well we both are and we're supposed to live off of human blood not on some special animal diet that you go on" I shot backing.

And he knew I was right.

"And by the way it doesn't hurt to have a little fun now does it"?

"I'm leaving goodbye Damon, and please clean up your mess" "oh I always do, and have fun at your little high school, and by the way why would even want to go to school? I mean you're 156 years old, don't you think you're a little old for school"? Smirking I turned around and waited for his answer, yet I can almost guess what he was going to say.

"I got to keep up with my image damon, I'm "17", I'm young and young kids needs to go to school, we don't want questions asked now do we"? Stefan said before he sped out the door.

Now what to do with the body...

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