The Leaky Cauldron 2

After Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermoine, attempt to stop Draco Malfoy at The Leaky Cauldron, they face even more challenges at Hogwarts.

The sequel to The Leaky Cauldron.


12. Sinister plot


"Knockturn Alley is dangerous, Harry. Mother said that it's evil", Ron said. Hermoine shook her head. She shivered from the freezing cold; she said: "​Warm up the room!​". Seconds later, the bright hall in the Gryffindor chamber was hot. Ron uttered: "Knockturn Alley!​". And, seconds later, Harry yelled the same thing. Hermoine did the same. And, after a black plume of smoke caused them to cough, the three wizards had disappeared. When they arrived at Knockturn Alley, all of them gasped in shock as the temperature dropped.


Hermoine read a book called: "Knockturn Alley" by Caractactus Burke. "The place is full of the Dark Arts. Apparently Mister Borgin, a fellow wizard, worked there during World War II in London. When they opened their store in 1946, a lot of wizards who went to Hogwarts, went there knowing they were going to be the most powerful wizards in their time. The rumour was that Tom Marvolo Riddle were friends with them. But Riddle wanted more power than they had. Burke and Borgin agreed to show Riddle the shop. He lied to Professor Albus Dumbledore when he was out late and not in his Slytherin chambers. Riddle's father was Tom Riddle Senior. His wife, Merope Gaunt, was a witch. She took on the name of Riddle when she married a muggle. Tom Riddle was a powerful wizard in his time. After leaving Hogwarts in 1954, he worked at Borgin and Burkes. After he was left, he changed his name to Lord Voldemort, and disappeared into the ether. Some dark wizards received the infamous 'dark mark' to honour him; some wizards vowed never to say his name out loud. I have some spare Floo Powder we can use". Harry Potter nodded, while Ron shivered at the story.


Suddenly they reached another store. In the gloom the three wizards gasped when they saw several items of dark magic: Black Capes-Ten Galleons; Silver Beetles-Three Galleons; Flesh-eating slugs-Fifteen Galleons...and other items. "I don't like this place", Ron said. Suddenly they saw Lucius Malfoy. He grinned at them. "Harry Potter! Hermoine Granger! Ronald Weasley! I do think that there's a price to pay for coming here". Harry Potter gazed at him. "We're here because Draco Malfoy has been visiting Knockturn Alley, and he's up to no good". Lucius Malfoy laughed. "My son is Slytherin, boy! He will be a great wizard like I am...and Lord Voldemort". He stared at them, then glided towards Borgin and Burkes.

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