The Leaky Cauldron 2

After Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermoine, attempt to stop Draco Malfoy at The Leaky Cauldron, they face even more challenges at Hogwarts.

The sequel to The Leaky Cauldron.


7. Knockturn Alley



The dark wizards walked down  the black, grimy, streets of Knockturn Alley. It was to the far left off Diagon Alley in London. Lucius walked towards Borgin and Burkes. A grey hand closed towards him. "GET OFF ME!", he yelled. The hand opened, letting Lucius to enter the sinister shop. He saw a dim light illuminate the place where evil thrived; he saw a group of dwarves and orcs sitting at their black tables working on staffs for dark wizard students at Slytherin. "I've got news for Lord Voldemort", he told them. One of the dwarves stopped working. "He is too busy at this time", Caractacus Burke said. He gazed at the dark wizard.

"I am here because of Harry Potter is still alive". The owner of the shop stared at him 

"Harry Potter is the son of wizards. When Lord Voldemort touched his fiorehead, he gave him that scar. For some reason, Voldemort failed. I'm sure it was because of his parents' love that caused him to fail, as I've told a lot of people. Lord Voldemort doesn't know anything about love. He cares about dark magic...and power. Death is death, Lucius. Besides, in our place of work, dark wizards have come here for their wands, robes, and other items here. Besides, what do you want?", he asked him.

"I want a horcrux". He started to smirk; he glanced at him.

"I can't give you that. Lord Voldemort already stole seven of them to achieve immortality. Not all dark wizards have the power to use it for their own personal uses", Caractus Burke stated, Lucius Malfoy shook his head. He saw several black coloured books on dusty shelves to his left; to his right was a dozen evil objects: a black hand; three black robes; four books for students of Hogwarts; and four gold coins in a glass package. "I want a black robe please", he asked him.

"£​300 gold coins".

Lucius Malfoy shrugged. He grabbed a silver coloured bag. "Here's £​500 gold coins. Keep the change". As he took the magnificent looking robe, other dark wizards arrived at the shop. He turned around. Suddenly he saw dark candles that were selling for £​50. Lucius grinned when he saw a Vanishing Cabinet. He rubbed his eyes, as he saw the huge price, £​5,000. "Can I buy that?", he asked.

"That item is rare", Caractus Burke answered. He waited,.

"I'll buy it", Lucius Malfoy said. And he took out £​10,000 in gold coins. Once he paid him, the owner of Borgin and Burkes, he saw several black wizards grinning at him. He backed away as one of them smirked at him.

"Greetings Lucius. How are you doing?", Shelton Knuckles asked. He blinked his eyes. Then he shivered.

"I am fine, Shelton; I am sure that you don't need Lord Voldemort's help against Harry Potter". Lucius shook his head.

"Harry Potter will die like his parents", he said. Shelton Knuckles glided towards him.

"He is a powerful wizard. He visited Knockturn Alley.. We saw him. It is because Harry Potter can speak parceltongue. He can speak to snakes. All of the Gryffindor students can't do that". Lucius nodded. He wasn't going to be involved with wizards who had shifting allegiances; he was going to deal with wizards who worked at Hogwarts as teachers, "We'll see if he does survive. Good day!", he said. And he clapped his hands, and left Borgin and Burkes in the Vanishing Cabinet in his new black robes.

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