Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


7. When She Loved Spaghetti

"raggle fraggle." Papyrus ranted in similar phrases as he started making his way downtown to Snowdin. "Now I'm gonna starve to death!"

Flowey sighs. "Just go to the store and buy some food, you lazy shit."

"We don't have grocery stores in The Underground!" Papyrus tells him, Soulja Boy.

"Then what the hell is that?" Flowey gestures over to a 7-11 that was in the middle of freaking nowhere. Papyrus got an idea.

 "Maybe they have spaghets here! Good thinking, Flower!" He makes a Sanic run into the store and scours the entire store but any product that had pasta on the shelves were gone, including Kid's Cuisine.


Papyrus skyward screams as an annoyed employee came over. "Dude, are you gonna, like, buy anything?" 

Papyrus was about to scream again, when he then recognized who the hell this fucker really was.

 "Burgerpants? You work here too?" Papyrus asked the real question.

 "Maybe." BP snaps. "Now can you move so I can finish mopping the damn floor?"

 "Ok." Papyrus leaves after buying some Lunchables.


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