Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


8. We Need To Bring Back The Spaghetchuan Sauce

Papyrus shuffles into the house sadly as he sat Flowey on the coffee table they never had. He tears open a Lunchable and began eating it in sadness. Sans stops watching Metatton's latest movie to look at his bro.

"o hai papyrus." Sans then noticed Flowey. "what is this weed doing in our house?"

Papyrus then quickly stands up, spreading nacho chip fragments all around him. "That's not a weed, SNAS! That's our dearest friend Flowey!" 

Sans got up and left, confusing Paps and his stupid flower friend. So instead, they watched Metatton frolic on a green screen while sharing Nacho Lunchable meals.

 "This is some impressive action!" Papyrus compliments wholeheartedly.

 "Not really." But Paps couldn't hear whatever Flowey kept saying since he had to lean down to snag a few chips to eat, which was physically demanding. Metatton began singing his 53rd song in the five hour long movie when

Sans comes in with weed killer.

 "no weeds on my fuckin lawn." Papyri gasped when Sans sprayed Flowey with the spray, which made him convulse and writhe.

 "HIIIIIISSSSSSS." Papyrus casually punches Sans away.

 "SWIPER NO SWIPING!" He yells, as Sans wondered how the hell that made sense in context.

 "fine fuk u." Snes left to do do Ness stuff as Papyrus approaches Flowey.

 "You alright, Flower?" Flowey wheezed and coughed tons.

 "Bruh." Flowey only said before disappearing just then.

Papyrus shouted. "NOOOOOOO!" 

He then mourned the lost of his flatly characterized friend as WatchMojo decided to add Flowey's death to their latest Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths list. Then Papyrus forgot everything and went to play PL until 5 Am.

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