Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


3. Spaghetti Lives Matter

Papyrus was putting on his extremely serious battle gear which consisted of his Professor Layton cosplay he wore in the last modern epic he was in ( Undertab ) and even put on war face paint to show how serious he was in this entire spaghetti ordeal. Under his over shirt, his orange shirt had the words Free The Spaghetti on it in black washable Crayola marker.

Sans looked over in his full body cast on the couch and harshly judged him as Paps walked down the stairs. "lame."

Papyrus huffed. "As if YOU have better taste in fashion, Snoos!" 

Frisk happened to be sitting besides Sans and asked, "Where the hell are you going?"

Papyrus then got an idea. "HUMAN! You should come with me to save spaghetti! I'm going to complain to Asgore about this travesty!"

Frisk sighs. "You can literally make it homemade without going to the store."

"Well that wouldn't be as fun!" Papyrus then forcibly grabs Frisk, pretending they agreed to this quest. 

"Let go of me, you prick!" Frisk get thrown on the ground harshly, possibly cracking a few bones in the progress.

"Was I dragging you too hard?" Papyrus questions.

"Dude, you're standing on my neck." Frisk referenced as Daria approves of it from ten light years away. "I didn't ask to be on your ridiculous quest."

Papyrus only gets more furious. "I AM PAPYRUS! IM GOING TO SAVE ALL THE SPAGHETTI!"

Frisk sighs and turns to head back to the Skeleton Base. "Good luck with whatever you're trying to accomplish."

Papyrus scoffs as he continues walking fast in an overly dramatic manner. "Foolish human. Do they not know how treasured the pasta is? Clearly not, otherwise me and many others wouldn't rally for a cause as important as this! I, and the millions of fanghetti will work to bring back the food of the gods!"

A canned audience cheered played in the background, and Papyrus assumed it was a real audience and got happeh.

"You see that, Frisk? People do care about this dilemma!" It then cuts to Frisk holding an ICarly remote and was only using it for sarcastic reasons. This outcome only made Frisk even more annoyed and they walked away even faster now.

Papyrus went on to try pursuing his dream.

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