Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


4. She Wants The Spaghetti

Papyrus kept on walking towards the location of Asgore, but then his nonexistent stomach growled. Good thing he happened to be in Hotland!

"I could really use some spaghetti." Papyrus thought to himself loudly. "I know! I'll just order it at the burger emporium!"

He cooly walks into the completely empty restaurant as Burgerpants stood there staring off into the distance while trying not to commit suicide with a cash register or whatever else happened to be on hand. Metatton had him working for 34 hours straight without any breaks and was also playing the most annoying music known to man over the sound speakers just to torture him even more. 

"If I hear Hit or Miss one more time I'm going to-" then he notices Papyrus standing there. "WhAt do you want from me!?!"

"I just wanted some spaghetti." Papyrus says blankly.

"We DON'T serve SPAGHETTI! We serve BURGERS!" Burgerpants hit his head on the counter and inserted two smokes in his mouth. 

Papyrus looked up at the menu. "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- I'll take a glamburger with fries then." Paps says, a bit scared.

"That'll be 17.34." BP says in a raspy voice due to work stress. 

"Gee, food prices sure went up." Papyrus says casually as he gets out the G, but then realized. "17.34?"

"......" Burger only says. Papyrus hands him the G even though the Underground's money didn't work like American and World Dollars.

BP heads the back where an unseen coworker's voice could be heard.

"BP, you okay, bruh?"

"SHUT UP!" A crash of metal could be heard and after a few minutes, Burgerd00d came out with a bag in hand. "Here's ur shit now get out of my face."

Papyrus shrugs and sits at a nearby table, eating his goods and saw a poster for the upcoming addition of kids meals complete with Metatton toys and got really excited. 

"I gotta tell Snes about this!" Papyrus happily says. 

For once the annoying music stopped and BP immediately got happier as the cigarettes disappeared on their own. Metatton comes in at that moment.

"How's your extended shift going, darling?" Mets asks.

Burgerpants looked elated. "Everything is going a-ok, sir!" 

"O ok." He goes back to the manager room. 

Papyrus was done with his food and dumped it in the garbage near his table. "That was a pretty mediocre meal."

"I'm glaaad you enjoyed it, sir!" BP replied in pure bliss. Just then, Sweatshirt played over the intercom at Earrape levels of loud and causes Burgerpants to scream and knock himself out with a broom nearby. Papyrus left in confusion.

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