Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


1. Mom's Spaghetti

Papyrus was being Papyrus, which involved being the biggest ham ever and devouring the hell out of spaghetti. Sans was sitting nearby on the couch with his new XBox console Frisk bought him for Christmas, playing Call Of Duty, a state of the art shooter.

Papyrus then ate the entire spaghetti, including the can. He stares at his empty bowl and equally empty 10 cans of Chef Boyardee on the kitchen table.

"SANS! I want more spaghetti!" Papyrus commanded.

Sans didn't give a shit. "go fuk and get it urself, kiddo. im too busy gamin'." 

Papyrus raged and unplugged the tv. "SANS! You haven't moved off the couch all day, you lazy bones! Now go and get me more spagtini!"

Sans shed a tear. "meh 360 trick shot..." He mourned over the lost of his vidya doodle. Papyrus only got even more impatient.

"I want some sketti now, Sans!" 

"why don't you just play progression flayton or whatever the hell its called?" Sans questions getting irritated.

Papyrus gasterblasted his ass out of the window. "nO."

He then left to Grillby's for some true answers.

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