Papyrus wants the spaghetti, but at what cost?


2. All Is Fair In Love And Spaghetti

Papyrus kicked down the door, attracting everyone's attention including Grillbz himself.

"Do any of you nice fuckers know where I can get spaghetti :D?" Papyrus asks loudly.

"Nope." The bar answers in unison before the unfitting saloon music continued. Grillby just blankly glanced at Papyrus before continuing to barkeep.

"GrillBY. I want some spaghetti." Papyrus emphasized.

"We don't serve spaghetti here, dumbass." Grillby tells him. "Besides, pasta is now outlawed in the underground."

"But WHy?" Papyrus shouted sadly and in frustration.

"Don't ask me, fam. I'm just a fire dude that runs a bar." Grillby then gives Papyrus a free drink on the house for his troubles. It was a groovy pineapple mango smoothie that was still cold.

Before Papyrus could question how Grillby could have made it, he had already exited the bar.
At least Papyrus had an idea how to drag out this story longer than two chapters.

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