Migjty morphine: the untold rangers


4. Tyler King

Tyler “Ty” King

Gender: female

Color: teal


Age: 17


Judy King (mother)

Kevin King (father)

Mathias King (older brother)

Hunter King (older brother)

Elijah King (younger brother)


Tyler is 5’4ft tall, pale skin tone, brown hair that goes a little past her shoulder blades that she likes to dye different colors with green-hazel eyes. Tend to wear dark colors with splashes of blue, greens, and teals. Has a black. Studded bracelet that she wears all the time.


Ty is fun loving, a comic red, pop culture geek, curious, pretty good with cars, likes to skateboard, mouton climb, dose a little free running, likes photography, pretty good at biking, likes to defend those who can't protect themselves,hates bullies, tends to act before she thinks, likes to write short stories, klutzy.


Tyler’s mother left when she was 5 years old, she was raised by her hard working father and older brothers. Matt went to work soon as he was old enough to help out their dad, and Hunter watched Ty and Eli for the most part. The only thing that Tu wears a bracelet that reminder that losing someone can make or break a person.

Love interest:

Zack Taylor

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