Migjty morphine: the untold rangers


1. rosemary O'Conner

Rosemary “rose” O'Connor

Gender: female

Color: sliver

Zord: Dinofelis

Age: 17-18


Alexander O'Connor (father)

Sarah O'Connor (mother)

Declan O'Connor (twin brother)


Rose is 5’5 ft tall, pale skin tone, long blonde hair with dark brown eyes. Tends to wear grey tank top, jeans with holes, white jacket, grey ankle boots or converse, tends to wear choker necklace.


Rose is adventurous, bitchy at times, blunt, caring, challenging, compassionate, confident, considerate, curious, dedication, fearless, friendly, free spirited, focused, imaginative, independent, intelligent, loyal to a fault, open minded, passionate, patient at times, polite at times, protective, rebellious, hot tempered, resourceful, responsible at times, respectful at times, sassy, sarcastic, series at times, stubborn, speaks her mind,trust issues, witty.


Rosemary is 30 minutes older than Declan. Rose was abused by her mother, Sarah until she was 6 years old when Sarah left, Rose protected Declan from the abuse while their father, Alexander was working as a police officer. Rose went to therapy for 5 years. Rose and Declan want to never see Sarah again, they have a restraining Order against her. Rose cares for Declan and her father, Rose met Jason Scott during pre kindergarten. She loves to sing and play piano and guitar, Rose started learned how to the play piano when she was 4 year old, she started to learn the guitar when she was 10 year old.

Live interest:’Jason Scott

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