Migjty morphine: the untold rangers


3. Eva Wilde

Eva Wilde

Gender: female

Color: purple

Age: 18

Zord: spinosaurus


Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Unnamed brother

Unnamed sister


Eva is 6’1 ft tall, pale skin tone, short black hair with bottom layer teal and purple tips with purple eyes. Tends to wear purple tank tops or t-shirt, black jeans with holes with purple leggings underneath the jeans, black leather black, combat boots.


Eva is artistic, quiet, often off in her own world, stubborn, hot tempered.


Eva Wilde grew up in a broken home, her mother and father were friends that had too many beers one night stand and made a bad decision. Her father claimed that her mother cheated and that she wasn’t his. After a paternity test he accepted she was his but still rarely saw her. Eva dread seeing him, she always felt she was a disappointment to him and that her he hates her. Her step-make there and half sister didn't help matters. Her mother is wonderful person, though it was difficult to make ends meet. They moved to Angel Grove to hopefully start anew and escape the drama that Eva’s temper brought friends m her last school.

Love interest:

Trini Kwan

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