Migjty morphine: the untold rangers


2. Declan O'Conner

Declan O’Conner

Gender: make

Color: gold

Zord: Pteranodon

Age: 17-18


Alexander O’Conner (father)

Sarah O’Conner (mother)

Rosemary O’Conner (twin sister)


Declan is 5’8ft tall, pale skin tone, short blonde hair with brown eyes, tends to wear gold t-shirt, jeans,black leather jacket,converse.


Declan is adventurous, blunt, caring, compassionate, confident, curious, dedication, fearless, friendly, free spirited, focused, hot tempered at times, gentle, feels guilty, independent, intelligent, loyal, open minded, passionate, patient, polite at times, protective, rebellious at times, resourceful, responsible, respectful, sarcastic, series at times, stubborn, trust issues, athletic.


Seclan’s 30 minutes younger than Rosemary, Declan was protected by Rose from their their mother,Sarah when Declan and Rose were 6 years old she left. Declan feels though that Rose took all of Sarah’s beatings, Rose and him never want to see Sarah ever again, they have a restraining order against Sarah. Declan cares for Rose and their father, he befriend Jason Scott and Billy Cranston during pre kindergarten. Declan love scoccerò and skateboarding.

Love interest:

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