Ray of Light

Messiah? Savior? Chosen one? When the concept of universe it self, the physics, matters, and everything that had once existed was erased. The enemy that we were facing wasn't like facing an last boss from RPG, who anyone can beat with enough preparation. What we were facing was a universal being with an ability to erase our very existence with a single gesture, destroy the law of physics, and shift the world as it wishes to. The most difficult battle begins.


1. The Last Ray - Prologue

The laws of physics, the concept of matter, and everything else that had once existed were now gone. Everything had been taken off as if it was a color from a black canvas, and now that canvas is cleanly white. The concept of dark and light didn't exist, and so was the colors, causing the world to seem colorless. The laws of physics no longer existed, the neither general relativity or quantum physics didn't apply in this world. And most of all, in this distant world, only two living beings were alive. The first one being me and the second being the one who had created such disasters.

"[Welcome, Exception]" 

The being that had done this had an outside shell of a human. Its body was as cold and lifeless as that of any ordinary corpse and its clothes had the exact emptiness as the empty world. Its body structure resembled the ancient Greek statures, steady yet intimidating. As it introduced itself, the being gave emotionless smile.

"[I am the will of all desires in this world]"

"[Humans' desires for miracles]"

"[That is what grew me to this extent.]"

To briefly explain this statement, first, we must understand the fundamentals of supernatural phenomenon. Any supernatural occasions, sometimes referred to as magic or miracles, were derived from the wishes or desires of the humans. What triggers such phenomenon are the wishes of the humans desiring certain outcomes. The reality will shift itself to the will of the person who desires to trigger such actions. When a single person can make such changes in the world, then how much difference would be made if the majority of this world desires the exactly same wish? 

The countless of desires condensed into a humanoid form with individual mind of its own is what the creature standing in front of me was. 

What am I?



Chosen one?

Such concept doesn't exist in this world.

Reality can be cruel sometimes.

However, I decided to face whatever the reality gave me.

That's what made the most difference.


[One who lives in reality]

["It seems that you are finally settled"]

I couldn't understand why I smiled that time, but a mysterious warmth guided my way.

"What else can you do? Will?" 

The fight begun. 




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