Well my story is about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic she's trying him see sence to cut down he can be abusive towards her sometimes but they still love each other even though their twists and turns . Just to let you know my story has got sexual contents in it. Thanks for understanding. I rate this book for 18 and older


2. Too hard to handle

Why do I let him get to me he can be abusive towards me but I love him so much Cass was thinking to herself. Maybe I should tell his brother about his drinking problem so he can have a chat with him but he's not dumb or something he will know that it was me who told him to do it. No I'll have to do it myself you can't get other people to do solve your marriage problems so I better see what I can do an about it get him to see a doctor. While she was thinking Callie and kissed came back home. So where did you two go to Cass asked them we went to Matt's house Callie told her. Where's Cole Dexter asked Cass he said that he was going to the gym but I don't know where he is now she told him. Cass were both going to bed now okay Callie said to her. It was there in the morning Cass couldn't sleep I wonder what's taking him so long to come home.

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