Well my story is about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic she's trying him see sence to cut down he can be abusive towards her sometimes but they still love each other even though their twists and turns . Just to let you know my story has got sexual contents in it. Thanks for understanding. I rate this book for 18 and older


3. TArgument's

Cass heard the front door shutting she knew that it was Cole he came into the bedroom hey babe why are you still up how  come your not asleep Cole asked her. Where were you I was worried sick about you. I told you not to wait up for me didn't I Cass. What look at the title first Cole. Will you stop shouting at me he undressed if you was at a night club wanna know anything else he said to her. They are sleeping in the other room so why can't you take it easy Cole it looks like your drunk anyway how much women did you flirt with there she asked him .What after thirteen years of marriage your accusing me of having an affair please say something Cass . she just went and sat down on the bed and didn't say anything to him . Cole went and sat down next to her I'm sorry babe for coming back really late but I would never cheat on you I love you nobody else and then he hugged her tight. Cass started sobbing she put her face on Cole's pants. Looks like my baby wants sex right now. Um  maybe tonight Cole we've both got work in a couple of hours she said to him I'm really sorry for what I said to you can you please forgive me for saying that Cole. Anything for you baby you don't need to ask he told her well let's go to sleep now Cass.

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