A Butterfly's hard life( A HP fanfic)

Solcetice Butterfly, a girl who doesn't know what to choose: the love of her life that is never gonna be, Harry Potter, or her mistirious parents? Albus Dumbledore makes her desicion easier, by showing her who they are, what they did and what mistakes they made...


1. The Butterfly Dynasty

The Butterfly family was the most respected and powerful pure-blood family in the world. The magic flowed richly in every female Butterfly and each was unique and powerful in their own way.

But there was something more special about this bloodline. They inherited the ancient magic book of spells along with their most treasured heirloom, the magic wand. The girls received the family wand at the age of 14. This wand was no ordinary wand, it changed its appearance to suit the personality of the handler, and as each owner of the wand creates a spell, they write it down in the book. The book, like any other information book had a glossary, but personified.

Glossaryk was a blue, tiny, magical identity. He wore a magenta gem on his forehead wherever he went. On top of that, he was mentor of whoever owned the almighty book. Glossaryk was very wise and always gave advise when in need. He shaped the training of the owner by how they were suited to be taught the best. He may seem small, but he was respected as the most powerful magic identity in the universe.

Everybody said that the Butterfly wand was indestructable, but the family knew better. The first spell to be given to a Butterfly is a spell to be used only in times of need... A spell to kill the soul...

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