Three choices of Life..

I am going to tell you what are the choices that life gives you when you are facing a situation.


2. What Do You Choose?

    Okay, now you all are seeking what are that three choices you will come across while facing problems or have already come across without your knowledge right? Here it is then..

Facing the consequence

Yeah, this is what usually what others tell you when they come to know that you are facing some issue. Don’t run, face your problems and take what it gives you “. You would have heard it said by someone or the other. When others know about your problem you start troubling yourself as well as your people around you..

But many of us don’t want to face the consequences, you look for shortcuts to overcome from it. That doesn’t mean that you are coward, you are just addicted to being in the comfort zone. Because if you come out of your comfort zone you will suffer but you will learn something which will make you wise..

The other two choices are where you apply what you have already learnt.

Harm your environment

Yeah, you read that right!! Harm your environment or simply people around you. And don’t alter your actions, you be in your comfort zone and just pretend that you don’t have any problem. You may think how is that possible? I’ll just give you an example to prove my point. My example is just a single word ‘Politicians’. Not only politicians, even YOU would have used this choice in your life somewhere at some point of time..

Harm Yourself

The last choice is this, Harm Yourself. This literally means harming yourself. That is you don’t tell anyone about the issue. What if you don’t tell to anyone? You don’t get any help. But you can pretend that you are okay and continue with your routine when others are watching. Here you don’t disturb your surrounding/environment. Many of us use this choice when we feel we will disturb our loved ones but don’t want to. I am damn sure everyone would have used this choice in their life. Another advantage of choosing this option is that, no one will come to advice you. Aah!! that’s one heck.. Who enjoys listening to advice??

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