Three choices of Life..

I am going to tell you what are the choices that life gives you when you are facing a situation.


1. Intro

In this story, I’m going to discuss about the choices that Life gives us at various situations..

           Life presents you a situation for the deeds you did in your past. Knowingly or unknowingly, that doesn’t matter. That’s Karma….

I classify Karma into two types :

Instant Karma

   Instant Karma is like Newton’s third law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, it reverts you back instantly, which will make you feel embarrassed.

Oh!! Embarrassment.. How will you take Embarrassments in your school, college or workplace or even at your home?

You get Embarrassed and put your head down and walk away or use abusive words while others are laughing at you?

Instead if you teach yourself to accept the truth and cover up the embarrassment , it will show your positive attitude and your enemies will learn that your temper can’t be dented easily.

Delayed Karma

   From the previous section of Instant karma, you may think that Embarrassment is the most difficult thing to overcome but what does delayed karma do?

The reaction for your action comes at unexpected time. If this happens at your happy time, it will disturb your reason to be happy. If this happens at your bad time, it will make your condition worse.

During delayed karma is when you ask yourself “Oh god!! why this happens to me?” But if you are wise enough you will know that this is happening for something you have done earlier and happening for a reason.

The only thing you can do to overcome this situation is by being Patient.

Instant Karma vs Delayed Karma :

During Instant Karma you can know what’s going to hit you and when will it do so..

But during delayed karma you don’t know what is going to hit you or why did it happen and you don’t even know when will it happen..

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