The Day I Died

Margo Sunshine wanted to die. She felt no reason to continue with living as she had no one to care for or care about her. Her view stays the same until she meets Sarah Luna. A sarcastic comment spitfire of radiant sun. The girl who saved her the day she planned to die.


2. Sarah

Sarah’s (P.O.V.) The girl was..interesting to put it simply. Her stare was quite intense with her violet eyes. It was almost as if she was reading into my soul. I was curious to learn more about her and why she found me most appeasing to look at. She also had a thing for nature as she paid close attention to what was outside the window rather than focusing on the teacher’s lecture. I feel a smirk spread across my face as I watch the girl stand in line for her lunch then make her way out of the cafeteria into the school garden. Not wanting to lose sight of her I follow her outside. I find her sitting underneath the large maplewood tree and then silently sit next to her. She looks up from her book and then blushes at the sight of me. I simply smile at her then pull my packed lunch from my bag and begin to dig in. After a few moments of tenseful silence she looks up again then bookmarks the page she is on in her book and closes it. “Why did you follow me out here?” She asks with a cautious tone. “Because I want to learn more about you and to do that I decided to sit with you underneath this beautiful tree.” I reply in a final tone. She blushes. “What is your name?” I ask her, she hesitates then says “Margo.” I smile Margo what a beautiful name I think to myself then quickly respond. “Nice to meet you Margo I am Sarah.” Margo smiles at me then shakes the hand I had extended to her. After that we finish our lunches in a peaceful silence until the bell rings for fifth period. I pack up my bowls from home then gather my bag up. Margo puts away her book and grabs her lunch tray dumping it in the nearest trash can and we both head our separate after a hasty “goodbye.” A smirk spills onto my face again thinking about the near future.
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