The Day I Died

Margo Sunshine wanted to die. She felt no reason to continue with living as she had no one to care for or care about her. Her view stays the same until she meets Sarah Luna. A sarcastic comment spitfire of radiant sun. The girl who saved her the day she planned to die.


1. Margo

Margo’s (P.O.V.) 1 month. That’s how much longer I had left on this earth before I decided to end things. I had no one to care about me. No family, no friends, nothing. I was just one simple orphan who had never been adopted and never spared a glance from my peers. The day I want to end things is the day I was born; May 1st. No one took the time to get to know the shy quiet girl named Margo. Not only that I am gay. Not gay as in happy but gay as in I dig chicks. My life is dull very dull, I had thought no one could ever bring light into it. My view stayed the same until I met Sarah. And so, here begins the story of the day I died. My day starts off at the orphanage I live in. I greet the other parentless children while eating some slimy porridge and then head out the door to school. My locker is covered in homophobic slurs and the inside holds endless notes of words filled with hate. I ignore both things not really caring as their words would soon help me cross over to the other side. My first class of the day is English. I sit by the window in the back of the classroom and ignore the teacher’s dull tone trill on and on. Until I hear him pause in his lecture when a knock is heard on the door. The teacher walks over to the door and lets in the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her hair was long, a shiny silver color. Her eyes also silver-gray. She stands at the height of six inches and two feet. She was simply radiant. Her eyes connect with mine and she smiles at me which causes me to blush. She moves over to my area and sits next to me setting her books down on her desk. “Class this is Sarah Luna. She is a transfer from Los Angeles please welcome her as you would a friend.” The teacher explains and on that note goes back to teaching his class. I tune him out and focus my attention on Sarah, who had started taking notes as soon as the teacher continued on with his lecture. I noticed she was a lefty which peaked my interest even further. Almost as if she sensed me staring at her she looks up at me with a smirk. I feel my cheeks heat up again then quickly I turn my eyes to looking outside the window. My eyes focus on the large maplewood tree standing in the middle of the school garden. Surrounding it is a multitude of flowers, flowers of every color and shape. My eyes then land on a blue bird flying and landing on a branch connected to the maplewood tree. I wish I could fly like a bird it would be such a thrilling experience. My attention is brought back into the classroom when I hear the bell ring signalling that it is time for the next class.
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