The Marriage Law


The war is over. Everyone expects that they'll be able to continue with their lives. Live normal lives. However, that proves, of course, to not be the case.

The Wizarding Population has been greatly diminished. So greatly, in fact, that an ancient law that nobody knew still existed has gone into effect. The Marriage Law. By binding magical contract, if the Wizarding population falls under a certain amount, every witch or wizard over the age of seventeen must marry within a month, and have a child within a year.

And they don't get to choose their spouse.

*Set during the trio's eight year*


3. Chapter Three

The day of October 23 came quicker than expected. 

"Oh my gosh, Hermione, I can't do this." Ginny said. 

She was beautifully dressed, with a full white gown with a sash around the middle. 

"Shh, Ginny, you'll be fine." Hermione soothed, rubbing her back. "You and Harry have this all planned out. Everything will go great, and in a few hours time, you'll be on your honeymoon in Paris!" 

Ginny shook her head violently. 

"Hermione, I'm only seventeen! This is insane! Why on earth is Kingsley making us do this?" 

"Gin!" Hermione said sharply. "You know he has no choice. He's doing his best to remove it, but until then, it's a binding magical contract. But right now, it's your day. Harry is out there waiting for you, probably just as panicked as you are, but you love each other! You got paired with your true love, Ginny! Calm down and enjoy it!" 

Ginny took a few deep, calming breaths. "You're right. I can do this." 

Music swelled, and the doors opened. Hermione smiled encouragingly at her, before sweeping down the aisle as Maid of Honor. 


Halloween arrived suddenly. 

"Ginny, I can't do this." Hermione said. "I can't. I'm too young. This is insane. I can't do it." 

Ginny sighed as she helped Hermione get into her dress. 

"Hermione, do you remember what you said to me, and Parvati, before our weddings?" Ginny said. "You told us to calm down, take a breath, and enjoy our special day. That's what we're telling you now." 

"I'm too young, Ginny!" Hermione squeaked. "I'm not ready!" 

"And I'm two years younger than you, and already married." Ginny said. "Even though you may not see it, everyone else can tell that Draco has fallen in love with you this past month. And I think you've fallen in love with him. Everything will be fine." 

Hermione sighed. "Ginny, you realize we both have to get pregnant within two months if we're going to make the deadline? Don't you think we're being forced to move a bit fast? Aren't you... scared?" 

Ginny laughed. "Hermione, I'm scared to death. But we'll make it work. We make everything work. We'll be fine." 

The music swelled, just as it had at Ginny's wedding. Ginny smiled encouragingly, and swept her way down the aisle as Maid of Honor. 

Hermione waited, counting in her head, before making her own way down the aisle, her arm linked with her father's. 

Draco was waiting down by the officiator. He looked a bit faint. 

Once Hermione reached Draco, they both smiled at each other, before turning to face the officiator. 

"Do you, Draco Lucius, take Hermione Jean..." 

Hermione lost herself in Draco's eyes. He smiled at each other. 

"I do." 

"Do you, Hermione Jean, take Draco Lucius..." 

"I do." 

"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." 

Draco smiled at her, before swooping her down into a passionate kiss. 

The two of them broke apart, and then walked back down the aisle together, getting ready to leave on a honeymoon in America. 

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