The Marriage Law


The war is over. Everyone expects that they'll be able to continue with their lives. Live normal lives. However, that proves, of course, to not be the case.

The Wizarding Population has been greatly diminished. So greatly, in fact, that an ancient law that nobody knew still existed has gone into effect. The Marriage Law. By binding magical contract, if the Wizarding population falls under a certain amount, every witch or wizard over the age of seventeen must marry within a month, and have a child within a year.

And they don't get to choose their spouse.

*Set during the trio's eight year*


4. Chapter Four

Hermione lay on the bed in a hotel in New York City, reading a book. Draco was in the bathroom, showering before bed. It was nine o'clock. They returned to England the next day. 

The shower turned off. Draco came out in his pajamas, looking extremely awkward. 

"What's wrong, Draco?" Hermione asked, looking up from her book. 

"Well, I was just thinking, Mia, that if we are going to have to have a baby within a year..." he trailed off, looking more awkward. 

Hermione sighed. "Yes, I was thinking that. Can I get drunk first, though? Just because... I'm not ready to remember something like this." 

Draco laughed slightly. "Yeah, sure. Let's go." 

Hermione and Draco both changed out of their pajamas and headed down to a bar across the street, where Hermione got as drunk as she possibly could, before Draco helped her back up to their hotel room. 

"Where *hic* are we *hic* going?" Hermione giggled. 

Draco smiled at her. "We're going home." 

"I *hic* don't want to *hic* go home, though. *hic*." Hermione hiccoughed. 

Draco sighed as he let her into their room. He really hoped she wouldn't remember this, like she'd wanted. 


Hermione woke next morning in her bed, dressed in her pajama's, with a splitting headache. 

"Ah!" she hissed, getting out of the bed. She rummaged through her bag and found aspirin, which she gratefully downed some of, before heading off to take a shower. 

She couldn't remember much of the night before. She remembered going into the bar, and the first few drinks, but then her memory skipped to this morning. Of course, that was what she had wanted, but she decided she was not going to get that drunk ever again. 


Hermione and Draco arrived back in Britain a few hours later, heading back to Hogwarts, where dorms had been set up for the husbands and wives.  

"Hermione!" Ginny squealed, running out into the grounds and hugging her. 

"Ginny!" Hermione laughed, hugging her back. 

"Come inside, you two, come on!" Ginny grabbed Hermione's hand and dragged her inside. "Harry and I have something to tell you!" 

"We're coming, we're coming!" Hermione stumbled behind Ginny. "Ginny, all our bags are being left out in the grounds!" 

"Draco, can you get some of the bags?" Ginny called over her shoulder, trying to pull Hermione into the house. 

"Ginny, I can help him!" Hermione laughed, finally succeeding in pulling her hand out of Ginny's grip. 

Hermione turned to find Draco standing behind her with all the bags. She pulled her own out of his hands.

"I got it, Mia." Draco said, but Hermione insisted on carrying her own bags. 

"Hermione!" Harry came down the stairs and hugged her. "Hi, we missed you!" 

"Come sit down!" Ginny pulled Hermione into the sitting room of her and Harry's dorm. "Harry and I have some BIG news for you two! You're the first we've told, so make the reaction big!" 

"Okay, okay!" Hermione sat down, Draco sitting next to her, while Harry and Ginny took the love seat. "What's the news?" 

Ginny smiled at Harry, who shrugged. 

"I'm pregnant!" Ginny exclaimed, overly excited about it. 

"Really?" Hermione gasped. "Ginny... you still have almost two more years of school!" 

"Well, I was going to have to anyway, wasn't I?" Ginny looked a bit disappointed at the reaction she had recieved. "What's it matter if I don't wait until the last second?" 

Hermione shook her head. "You're right, sorry. How long?" 

"About two weeks!" Ginny exclaimed, excitement rekindling. "It's due for August!" 

"Congratulations, you two!" Draco said. "I wish you the best of luck!" 

Ginny and Hermione caught each other's eyes, and, for reasons unknown even to them, they burst into hysterical laughter. 

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