Running Scared - Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X)

Park Ji-Hye lost her parents and her boyfriend broke up with her. What will she do when she accidentally buys a plane ticket from America to Korea and has to live with the uncle she hates? What happens when she starts working at Starship Entertainment and runs into the newly popular k-pop group Monsta X? Will she run away or open up to the one person that might actually love her for who she is?


2. Chapter 2

I jolted awake after what felt like a year feeling sore in my body. It felt as if I had run a marathon. Trying to stand up, I looked around confused to see where I was. I was still in the living room, it was just the same as I had left it when I fell asleep.

The big antique clock by the window was ticking by slowly like a heart that was not beating enough.

As I looked up at the clock, I realized it was 4 in the morning; I guess I had been very tired yesterday since I fell asleep in the late afternoon.

Since there was nothing else to do and seeing that I could not sleep any longer, I decided to start packing down the most important things to remember. The door to dads home office was half ajar, the way he had left it the day he died. I pushed it open and walked into the office. The smell of stingy cologne and tobacco still hung heavily in the air.

A small tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of all the good times I spent in here. When I was little, I would often stand in the small crack of the door peeking at what daddy was doing until he became so annoyed that he threw a fit of laughter and let me enter the room and sit beside him while playing with my dolls.

I felt weird looking around the empty room where so many happy memories happened. It was still a strange feeling knowing that my parents were not going to show up any minute and pester me about my life and what not. The saying, it's first when you lose something you realize what you are missing, was so true right now.

A few papers were lying around on the dark brown oak desk beside dads computer. They looked to be printed out email conversations between dad and someone. I took a closer look and realized the name was the same as my uncle's.

My eyes widened as I read further down the correspondence between them. 'Please take care of my Ji-Hye if anything ever happens to us. Even if it's after she comes of age, you are to be her guardian and make sure she gets her life on track and don't dwell too much in the past. Make sure she's safe, I'm begging you brother.' It said in one of the paragraphs.

That must be the reason uncle agreed to have me stay with him. I read the response from uncle and saw something interesting. 'Since you are my brother it is a promise I will make to keep. Let me know if you need more money. We are still very much family.'

Maybe he was not so bad after all? But why did dad borrow money from him? I needed to investigate further into the situation in front of me. I read a few more emails and found out that we actually weren't able to pay the mortgage on the house and uncle was nice enough to lend money to dad so we were able to survive. I'm sure mom did not know about as this was the first I heard of it. We were really in so much debt? No wonder dad stopped buying stuff for me.

When I was young he used to buy something for me, either a nice little bag or a pair of shoes he knew I wanted. The last couple of years he did not do it but I never found it that strange since I thought he just forgot. Now I knew the reason why he had been so stressed and often forgetful.

I walked back out of the office and closed the door tightly behind me.

It took me less than half a day to pack the things I needed. I could not care less about everything else and as soon as I was done I called dads work friend and got it all sorted out with him.

He had helped me a little since their death and I was grateful to him that he did not abandon me like certain other people.

When I had talked to dads work friend there was nothing left for me to do. Now all I could do was spend the last days saying goodbye to the place I grew up in and make it a chapter from the past.

I decided to do one last round of visiting the city center to make sure I had scoped out all the good places and there were none left.

After grabbing my keys, wallet and phone, I threw on my favorite jacket, given to me for my 21st birthday last year by my parents. It was a long marine colored trench coat that fit me perfectly in every way. This year I could look forward to a birthday without my parents and with an uncle that probably hated me for not being completely Korean.

Even though he never like the fact I was half and half that didn't mean I couldn't commit to the Korean language and the culture.

Somehow I actually did it, thinking he might approve someday. I had spent so many days and nights learning the Korean language fluently, in speaking and in writing. The had not acknowledged it however and I wondered when he would or if he ever would.

Outside the weather was nice and sunny. A small chilly breeze blew past my face, rolling slowly along like a song with no end. The bus stop was right around the corner and it only took me a few minutes to get there. Waiting for the bus to arrive I plugged in my earphones and started a k drama soundtrack playlist on Spotify.

I even watched Korean dramas on a daily basis. I found them better and more interesting than regular American ones. There was just something in the way they were made that had me all over it fan girling like a maniac.

The bus arrived and took me into the center where I used to spend a lot of time before, during and after school. It made me feel nostalgic just thinking about the memories I had there. But I felt it was time to move on, save the memories from here and make new even better ones in Korea.

The city was especially loud and noisy today for some reason. Maybe it knew I was going away soon and decided to celebrate it. Stupid city.

My final goodbye to the city I spent so much time getting lost. I wrote the final chapter in my head and closed the book.

Hi guys hope liked this chapter xx thank you for reading x

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