Running Scared - Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X)

Park Ji-Hye lost her parents and her boyfriend broke up with her. What will she do when she accidentally buys a plane ticket from America to Korea and has to live with the uncle she hates? What happens when she starts working at Starship Entertainment and runs into the newly popular k-pop group Monsta X? Will she run away or open up to the one person that might actually love her for who she is?


1. Chapter 1

Here's the first chapter! Enjoy! x

With a tearstained face and a broken heart, I made a decision that I never in my life thought I would make. The screen in front of me showed a confirmation message with a paid amount for a one-way flight ticket to Korea. No one needed me here anyways.

My parents only died last month in a car crash and on top of that, my former boyfriend decided to cheat on me and then break up with me because he believed the other girl was better than me.

When your life was nothing but miserable wouldn't you run away too?

Now I had to do the one thing I hated the most, which was to call my uncle in Korea and ask for help. I hated him because he never visited us and he looked down on my mom for not being Korean, which only made me half Korean.

My dad had always been burdened with the fact that his brother never approved of his life choice until the very day he died.

My uncle did not even bother to show up for the funeral or send a card or anything. He was a cold person and now I had to talk to him and beg for help.

I had to be out of my mind, right? The number was in the phone book my dad left behind in his home office.

I gathered all the nerve I had in me and dialed the number on my phone.

There were three rings before someone picked up,

"Annyeong?" The voice was deep and sounded faintly familiar, this had to be uncle Kyun.

"Annyeong, uncle Kyun?" I said hesitantly as I held my breath.

"J-Ji-Hye?" he stuttered not really believing he was hearing my voice right now.

"Yes, it's me. I need to ask you for a favor."

I could hear his breath became shaky, waiting for what I might say next. "What it is?"

"Well... I accidentally bought a one-way ticket to Korea. And I need a place to stay when I get there. Could I maybe stay with you? Only until I find something for myself. It shouldn't take long, as soon as I find a job." I spoke nervously not really wanting to hear his reply, because it would obviously not be a good one.

"How do you even do that by accident? Whatever...Sure. You can stay. I will help you find a job and when you have enough money I will help you find your own place to live. When will you arrive?"

Stunned by his reply I nearly choked on my own saliva, "Jinjja? Wow, uhm thank you. I will arrive at Seoul Airport next week Monday morning."

Why was he suddenly being so helpful towards me? I thought he hated me since I was only half Korean. Maybe there was a hidden agenda?

"Okay, I will pick you up then. I'll hang up now, Annyeong." He strictly ended the call leaving me speechless and agitated.

Anyways, at least I had somewhere to stay now and help to find a job. Good thing I was fluent in Korean otherwise that would not have done me any good.

I had to pack the most necessary things and call my dad business partner to take care of the house and sell it or whatever he wanted.

The most important things I needed was moms locket, dads watch and the picture of us hanging above the fireplace.

The picture was hanging effortlessly over the fireplace, it had been hanging there for the past 10 years and it still looked new.

Although I was not 12 anymore I felt just like I did back then, just looking at the picture. We were happy, now they were dead and I was miserable.

How I wish to go back to that time where i was 12 years old without a care in the world and only had to worry whether or not I would be able to go to be with a full stomach.

I could just run around getting lost in my own world and occasionally scrape my knees which dad would patch up in an instant with a band aid and a kiss.

Why was this happening to me? I still needed my parents, for many reasons. Who was supposed to walk me down the aisle when I got married? Who was supposed to take care of their grandchildren when they would visit? I needed someone to give me advise on life and relationships, who was supposed to do that now?

A warm soft tear that I was not aware of fell down lightly on my cheek and I slowly wiped it off with the sleeve of my cardigan.

My shaky breath became shallow as I began rapidly breathing faster going into a mode of panic. I fell down on my knees burying my head in my hands as I rocked back and forth on the spot.

I had frequently been having these panic attacks since my parents died and it seemed to only get worse whenever I thought about them. I tried to steady my breath and soon went into a black out.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter, I will try and post as much as I can and do my best to make a good story for you xx

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