People of Mordorian - Darkness of light

In the beginning of the creation of the world, the empire known as the "five species" each contributed with the blood of there most important creations, it was the end of the great war between the five species,
by the powers of light and darkness and the blood of there creations they successfully modeled LIFE into what's was to be called humans.


1. A short story

  People of mordorian - the Darkness of light


In the beginning of the creation of the world, the empire known as the "five species" each contributed with the blood of there most important creations, it was the end of the great war between the five species, 
by the powers of light and darkness and the blood of there creations they successfully modeled LIFE into what's was to be called humans. 
Soon they forgot about there new species and the planet Mordorian, the races grew and survived for thousands of years. The humans destiny was untold by the absence of there ancestors going to fight yet another war in a far away universe, also war ended the peacefully years of Mordorian. 


   Reanimated dead

The mordorian population suffered a terrible biological war, a zombie apostasy, the virus spred to the hole planet within a few years, the colony of mordorian, faced almost extinction. Maybe a few thousands inhabitants was left alive amongst the living dead, a small group of people was surviving in a military complex of the planetary defense council headquarters. 
"I wont sell it to you, this is my only teddy bear, my father gave it to me, if you don't stop, I will tell my mother." 
"stop it you two!" 
"MOM tell him to leave me alone." the two children was usually getting along, but at the moment they hated each other, Cynthia took her daughter Salma and left the cafeteria, "My teddy bear, mom I want my teddy bear." she turn around and picked up the toy. 
Simon was the farther of Salma, he was standing in the entrance smiling at her. "papa" he took the child from Cynthia who had sweaty palms and cloths, for a long time the ventilation of the complex had been broken, and the dessert heat made the survivors suffer heat strokes and dehydration, during this summer temperatures got as high as fifty degrees Celsius, only a few hours without water would certainly mean a suffering death, if lost in the deep dessert of Mordorian. 
Water supplies was low and the leader of the survivors had made plans to go get more supplies at the nearby warehouse. 

    God of darkness

A spacecraft called liquid darkness the god of mordorian, a titan machine creating a habitable environment by converting the darkness in the nearby nebular to a chemical and by spraying the stratosphere inducing at weather state at the planet suffice such as wind rain and soiling the planets ecosystem. 


A simple lifeform the gravity of a neutron, a single continuousness within every atom of the universe, the lifeform is concentrated at the center of the universe as an ultra star called the creator, bringing darkness and gravity to the omniverse, creating everything being known by the "five species". With the knowledge and use of the substance LIFE the "five species" modeled there creations into men and women of the humans, a perfected creation to be used for the experiment of Mordorian. The experiment was to make a host that could sustain the cataclysm of the omniverse by hosting the essence of LIFE and retaining it from the overwhelming force of darkness caused by the collapse of the creator 


Life's existen`s must be understood by the humans, in the first stages in the omniverses collapse, life must consist in its essence when the omnivers collapses. The creations of mordorian have to be superbeings to resist the darkness and successfully host the essence. when they turn into darkness they can't understand LIFE and have no reason to exist and in time all lifeforms in the universe is lost. 


The first generation and the current was injected with the substance which contained the essence of LIFE, they were told by the ancestors to survive for one generation as there children could have inherited the mutated superhuman genes from the radiation of the light of LIFE. 
Those who have the supergenetics can sustain the darkness terrible dissolving force, only a few will be alive when the collapse is total. The hope is that life can prevail on the face of planet mordorian, until the ultra star The creator has once again restored its life giving illumination of the ominverse. these predictions has a time spand of 10 million years, the superhumans is thought to be immortals, but it has only been tested in theory. the five species was annihilated by the insect empire of Domonate a galaxy located on the other side of the The creator, reached only trough worm holes, each hole requires wast amounts of gravity to produce a fold big enough the transport the great battleships of Domonate and since the collapse, the insects of domonate seems to be unable to travel as far as mordorian, it is one less threat to worry about. 


The biological war rages the planet in form of "Pure darkness" a LIFE dissolving liquid virus, turning the living into undead monsters and finally into total darkness. "The terrible force" of the darkness dissolves the living flesh tearing the body apart and turns the light of LIFE into phantasmal illusionary images, of the faces of those which has already been consumed by the darkness, transformed and merely illusions they are imprisoned in the 5`the dimension of total darkness. 
The darkness is concentrated close to the planet in the nearby nebular and is use by the God of darkness, due to the war the inhabitants has lost the control the titan flying machine and the Darkness is being induced to generate huge climate changes and beneficial conditions for the virus Pure darkness. Getting close to the God of darkness is impossible without being torn apart by the force of darkness, it has been exposed to far to much darkness from the Transportation of the chemicals, produced by the same darkness that are threatening the population of mordorian. 

    Water depot

The leader of the group is a middle age man strong and trained by elite forces in the National guard, a small group of five people is thought to be enough to fight there way to The water depot, the rest of the group persist of two women and two men of the survivor colony's Civilian security team. Armed with automated laser rifles, plasmid body armor. 
There chances of success was calculated by there mathematic intelligence system to be around 52.2 percent, the undead presence is great, mostly caused by the years of human activity. The plan to get running water in the main complex is crucial, if the mission fails, the colony has To move to a less secure location in the city shopping mall. 
Cynthia: "repair of the water recycling system was the least of the the job description, staying alive Is the main objective peeps!" the words echoed as they where running through the entrance To the main complex, heading towards the depot, a few undead where quickly spotting the group, around fitheen of there fellow creatures also turn up around the corner of the depot. They where running very fast, growled and snorted. The leader where raising his hand giving sign of green light for Firing at the undead horde. Splattered carcasses was laying around the entrance to the depot, burned by the laser fire, Still smoking And reeking of rotten flesh, the stomach turned on john. The first objective had cost them no casualties, as they entered the water depot`s backdoor. 

    Essence of Life

the essence of life is a glowing light that genreates a life genrating cellular mythosis, its supposed to make life possible after total darkness has occured, in all the universes and dimensions. only a few samples should be enough, to revive those who can reproduce humans, as some of the only living organism to survive the cataclysm. those thought to run the procedure of reviving that part of the population, is the superbeings. 
Salma is belived to be one of those who have the super genetics, she has special powers, her cells generates a houndred times faster then normal. Salma is the hope for the survival of the colony amongst a few other children. There has been spoken of a number of colony`s on mordorian, but no one knows how many. 

    The rescue of the collony

the water depot was a small complex and was easy secured. there was a dead body in the water circulation system, wich has stopped the water from flowing into the pipes that lead to the main complex. 
john`s radio scratch and the leader said " all outside know..", John waved his hand at the others and walk out the water depots backdoor. 
in the distance at the end of the dirt road leading to the main complex a caravan left a dirt cloud behind five huge amored trucks. they ran slowly trough the fence gate an stopped in front of the main complex. 
the group ran to the caravan and Cynthia waved her hand at the driver shouting pointing the rifle at the driver "who are you, what are you doing here?". the driver of the first truck turn off the engine and open the door and stepped out with his hand above his head. "please dont shoot, we come in peace" cynthia lowered her rifle and said "why are you here, do you need somthing?", the driver took his hands down and walk infront of Cynthia " we drove from the city we heard you destress call on the radio, the city has fallen it swarms with the undead hord. please let us either stay here or you can come with us and we hit the road, to find the nuclear bunkers in the mountains southeast of here. "we have to discuss this with the reast of the collony" said Cythia. the discission was that the colonny would leave the facility to find the more secure loaction in the mountains, they left at dawn.

"The Universe is light" Selma was talking in her sleep, Cynthia woke up. A dream, no? She looked at her daughter laying next to her, she was sleeping. everything was normal, no zombie apostasy was threatening them. only the alarm clock was upon them soon.

She laid her head on the pillow and closed her eyes again. She mumbled "The universe is light? its not a coincidence...".

The bunker was near, only a few kilo meters no problems so far.
Cynthia's eyes was hurting from the previous day laser fight, they parked the lorry in front of the bunkers main gate and walked to the steel doors, john open the door with a military id card.
"get in!" he shouted. Everybody ran on the mountain dirt road, trying not to look at the cadavers laying rotting on the side the road, which lead to the main gate.


The light came on, it is a huge building with rocky walls, tables with computers, nice beds with linen cloth sheets, clean and nice. The people around hundred civilians and thirty military people, was all able to sleep around the huge hall. At the end of the room was ten untouched & shining new hyper sleep terminals, so called "freezerino's", living organism's could survive to the end of the time in one of those, just what the colony needed to insure the survival of the super beings. Cynthia was shedding a tear of happiness "there is hope!".

"Ten million years passed by in an instant".

The smoke cleared the room. lights came on, the huge hall was lit by the neon lights hanging from the sealing.
The hyper sleep terminals was glowing in white light and smoke. Ten people all laying down open their eyes all at ones, a quick gasp of air and continues breathing, heart beats registered on the monitors, "all a live and well?", "the first words to be spoken, in ten million years of silence, sounds really GREAT!" Salma was laughing "I am still looking eighteen", "though your twenty five" said Damien.The ten young adult super humans, consists of five female and five male, all a live and well, after being frozen and in an artificial state of existence.
Alexandria said the process of reviving the people of Mordorian population is our mission. But as you all know no traces are left of any living organism. so first we will search for a way to enter the fifth dimension, to see if its possible to reanimate the people into living organism's, with essence of LIFE.
The sound of the alarm "Bip Bip Bip", Salma child voice was the reason i woke up.
"MOM wake up" Cynthia opened her eyes.
That dream again? Am i getting ill i wonder, I get it. but why did Salma say "the universe is light!".

The light above Salma was blinding Cynthia's eyes, Hi mom i am here to bring you back to Mordorian. "Take my hand" , the voice, hair and eyes, Cynthia had no doubt, it was her daughter. she took her hand, the feeling of life through her hand leading into her heart felt warm and good. She felt like flying in an infinite universe of darkness and the only thing keeping her company, was the warm light of her daughters love. the essence of life, was in a crystal located on the aluminum staff, on Salma's back.

Cynthia gasped a breath of air and sat up straight. She woke up once again, she was not in her bed, not being reanimated in the fifth dimension. A nurse put her hands on her shoulder. you awake you have been in a coma please take it easy."my daughter? Salma! is she alive?..", the nurse said "i don't know, but i promise you will find out soon as possible, i will call the doctor".

The darkness consumed Cynthia again.

A dream, what is real? the last words spoken, by the last woman of the Mordorian population, imprisoned in the fifth dimension.of total darkness, a phantasm illusion of Cynthia's was dreaming about the world.

now ten million years later, the chance of getting back to the world, makes the phantasm's wish and dream of a life again, they feel the presence of the light of life, they have dreams and feelings, about the super beings and the world. "the universe is light!" the sound of Salma voice echoed the hall, as they entered the portal, to the fifth dimension. A time warp and everything was black, no time, no sound, only an image if the mind. Salma lit her staff with the light of life. A spark flashed in the darkness so bright it blinded her mind. bright shining stars was millions of people's phantasm's. A huge star in the middle exploded with warm life illuminating light. could it be the ultra star the Creator, Salma believed she was seeing the end of the universe collapse. Wormholes sucked the stars, into the first dimension and the world of Mordorian. Another quick time warp and Cynthia felt the warm sunlight a ray of the light was shining on her bare feet.

she looked out the window, the world was real, it felt like she had never seen such beauty before. People every where crying tears of happiness, hugging each other, laughing and crying at the same time.

Salma was standing at the end of the bed, she smiled at her mother and said.

Mom! We are home...

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