5 Seconds of Kids: A 5SOS Daddy Fanfic *On Hold*

You've seen the sexual Daddy 5SOS fics, now read the literal Daddy fics. In this edition, Luke Hemmings meets the beautiful Claire Mathes. A year after they started dating Claire gets pregnant with a Baby Hemmo. Enjoy the adorable baby Hemmings as he ages from infancy to toddlerhood. With interesting things on the side as 5 Seconds of Summer grows exponentially.

This story is on hold until I finish it all. Thank you, I'll be back.


1. Hemmings: Chapter One: When Claire Met Luke

It’s a nice October day, or nice enough for Arizona. Mostly sunny with a high of eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit and a low of fifty-eight. She lived in Glendale, a city in the southern bit of central Arizona, located about nine miles (twenty minutes with good traffic) away from Phoenix. It was Friday the thirteenth in the year 2017 and she had spent it in a way that whoever said it was an unlucky day would be proud.


Got up at four in the morning, got dressed just to take her freshman brother to his football practice–which was at the harrowing time of five a.m. She left the house at 4:50, she just had to take him to Fry’s–a good eight minutes in the opposite direction of their school–because he had to finish a project that was due that day. When she parked her zaffre blue 2009 Ford Focus in her designated parking spot and he ran off to his practice, she did her hair and makeup to hide the fact that she had only an hour and thirty-five minutes of sleep. Ate in her car, then walked to her favorite teacher’s class–even if she no longer had that teacher. Her teacher always got to the school early.


Claire Mathes worked hard at her school and life. So much so that her anxiety disorder runs like a theme park, giving her panic attacks daily. Her psychologist told her and her mother that she should take the last year of high school easy. That translated to Probability and Statistics, Psychology, Advanced Early Childhood Education, and English 101, then College Algebra and Economics to take the place of Prob. and Stats. and Psychology, Government online both semesters. Sounded easy enough in July, but time only showed negatively so far. She may only have four hours of school, but so far her best is three panic attacks a day. When she finally was sent free she drove to Tempe–only one panic attack then–to hang out with her favorite professor to get high and teach with him...the class is Philosophy. She tends to do the homework of the students as long as her own homework. Then she usually gets about thirty minutes of time to spend with her friends, but today she’s spending that free time laying in her bed crying.


Why Claire was crying is a long story, but might as well go into it.


She had this friend–like her other friends, that friend with much older than she, a whole six years older. She met that friend at a party in Los Angeles when she visited with her other friend. That friend isn’t spoken of in good company, because of what happened. Cut to late 2015, Claire was only fifteen years old. She’s mature for her age, as very few of her close friends are her actual age. That friend that was mentioned a little bit ago started dating this guy and straight up told her that she’s just using him for followers, then Claire found out that she had been cheating from only a week in the “relationship”. As much as Claire didn’t like that, she knew that it wasn’t her life and she had no say in what her friend did. Until she actually saw a concert of her boyfriend in late 2016, because Claire’s gay best friend is a huge fan of the band. That is when you could say that Claire saw the light. She confronted that bad friend, then a few more weeks later her and another person anonymously told an update account what had actually been going down.


Even though it had been the actions of that bad friend that had ended the relationship between her and her–now ex–boyfriend, she still blamed Claire and took it out of her life. She slept with Claire’s then boyfriend, James.


James was a good guy. When Claire was fourteen and he was seventeen, he and Claire were friends. Everyone knew they were going to date somehow, even they did. James said he loved her multiple times and told her that every girl he was with was only a substitute for her–she made the mistake of asking, that fault is on her. Claire knew though that he was at the very least her first love, even at fourteen. It took three years to actually have a relationship between the seventeen-year-old sweetheart Claire and the twenty-year-old Aussie James. Their relationship went only from a month after her birthday, May to only a couple months ago, August 23rd. When Claire walked in on her first love and her old friend having sex. She cried for a few days, then shoved her feelings down with drugs and sex and music. She broke it off with James and lived with her broken heart until now.


Claire has work today, but she will stay in bed and wallow in sadness for now thank you very much.


“Claire!” basically her brother, Chester Werenott–pronounced chest-er wear-not, he gets annoyed when people mispronounce his surname–called out to her from outside her locked door. She knew Chester’s voice, he’s been essentially her only friend since she was thirteen years old–Chester’s a year older than her. Claire just groaned into her pillow, ignoring the mumbles of a female person with Chester.


“Claire! Open your fucking door!” her sister in spirit, Amy Prescott yelled through the door. Claire called out in protest but was drowned out by hard pounding on her door.


“Oh my God, fine!” Claire irritatedly rasped and stumbled off her bed to unlock the door. All Claire saw was a flash of red before she was tackled back on her bed.


"You are working today, Claire," Amy said to her. Chester had moved over to the mirror in the corner of Claire's room to fix his auburn colored hair.


"I can't even think properly, leave me alone."


"Amy, please be nice to her," Chester sat on the queen size bed along with his two soul sisters. "She's been through enough."


"I don’t give a shit, Ches. I am not going to cover for her again," she replied, still on top of Claire.


"You know, if you two were naked this scene would be much more interesting," Chester thought aloud, getting a response immediately from the girls in the way of a niggle and Amy rolling off of Claire. Chester chuckled and pulled Claire to his lap. "Please come to work with us, Princess. Who knows, it might make you feel better."


"Okay, sure. I'll do it if only to shut the pair of you up." Claire smiled.


About a half hour later, the trio showed up at their work–a frozen yogurt self-serve place. About twenty minutes past that point another trio walked in.


"Your turn, Clairezzy-boo," Amy practically pushed Claire to them.


"Hello, welcome to Fro-Yo Tops. Can I get anyone a sample?" she said the usual line as she sized up the customers.


Two of them looked to be in a relationship, the brunettes of the three. The female is of obvious Asian descent, whether it's Chinese or Japanese–Claire always becomes confused between the two. The male is just a brunette. He's tan, hot, and simply male. Brown eyes that looked to Claire for a moment, round head that shook when he kindly said: "no thank you".


The second man brought recognition to Claire. Blonde hair much darker than her own blonde, broad shoulders, a happy yet tired face. When he looked to her, she saw pretty blue eyes. When she really looked at him, she felt something that appeared alike butterflies in her stomach.


Strange that he made her nervous. The last time she felt anything akin to this was with James, but that was nothing compared to this. It felt like being slammed with every emotion possible. He smiled more to himself in a way that made her wonder if he was experiencing the same thing as she.


She heard little laughs which could've easily have been his friends or her friends. Wondered if they were thinking the same thing she was: what the hell is going on?


He talked first.


"Do you have any suggestions?" he walked to her instead of the yogurt in the opposite direction. He had a faint Aussie accent.


What is with her and Australians? Good God...


"Well, I'm a little boring. I don't think you'd like my suggestions," Claire smiled facing the ground. She looked slowly back up to his sky blue irises. Blue like hers, but her eyes are much bluer. Think ball lightning.


"No, I want to know," the attractive human smiled, stepping closer to her. "Tell me."


Now that was definitely flirting. Claire was good at deducing those things and he was most definitely flirting with her.


Well, two can play at this game.


"Well, if you want to know, whats-your-name–" she started.


"Luke. Luke Hemmings," he cut her off, she smiled and took a step towards him. So that's why he was so familiar. He's in a band along with the brunette dude, 5 Seconds of Summer. Also, he was the boy that her ex-friend used and cheated on.


"I'm Claire. Claire Mathes," she copied. "Like I was saying if you want to know my favorite thing, it's simple. Vanilla fro-yo, cookie dough, gummy bears, and rainbow sprinkles. If you think that sounds gross, what I do is eat the toppings first. Then the ice cream after."


"Well, Claire, I'm going to try that out and tell you how it is," Luke smiled again, revealing a right dimple that Claire hadn't noticed before.


"You do that, Luke," Claire said, more to herself and she walked to the back with a big smile on her face.


"Nice, girl," Amy said almost automatically. "He's–"


"Fucking hot," Chester exaggerated.


"Woah, Ches, you're revealing your bisexual," Claire laughed. An inside joke between their group of friends. Chester is that type of person who says they're bisexual to make themselves appear simpler, yet more interesting. He actually doesn't care if someone has a penis or a vagina. He'll have sex with anyone as long as they don’t have STDs. Not like Amy's boyfriend, Arnold. He's bisexual as well, but a better than Chester. He actually has types, dark hair/light eyes on men and green eyes on girls–hence why he's dating the green-eyed Amy. Arnold and Amy have been dating actually since mid-2014 when she was around fourteen and he was fifteen. So, he hasn't really experienced man love.


"Claire, you're blushing," Amy jumped up and wrapped Claire in a bear hug. "You like Luke."


"I do not," she responded with laughter. "Oh my God. We're seventeen, Amy, not ten."


"Go back over there, Claire. He'll be done with the ice cream by now," Chester shoved her out of the door.


"Hello again," Luke smiled again. Claire felt her face heat up, so naturally, she looked away.


"I'm Calum and this is my girlfriend, Chloë," the brunette man said, also with a faint Australian accent. Claire smiled at the couple.


"Hi there, Calum and Chloë. I'm Claire," she said.


"Nice to meet you," Chloë spoke finally, she had a weird sounding accent. A mix between New Zealand, Australian, and Asian–yet again, there is Claire mixing up the Asian countries.


"Where are you from, Chloë?" she asked to quench her curiosity.


"Er, well I was born in Japan. I moved to New Zealand. Then it was Australia, but I was only fourteen at that time, so it doesn't count." So it's Japan, still right. "I was born in Nagasaki–in Japan–actually, but Tokyo is my home."


"Thanks for a backstory, Chlo," Calum said to her with a little laugh.


"Claire!" Luke all of the sudden exclaimed.


"Yes?" Claire looked at him through her eyelashes while ringing up their yogurts.


"How am I going to tell you how much I love your suggestion?" Luke questioned. The couple looked at each other with a "done" look on their faces.


Claire giggled regardless of them...and herself.


"You can call me." Claire started while writing her name and number on the receipt. She handed it to him with a smile–which he smiled quickly back. Their smiles only grew wider and faces only grew redder when their hands touched on the thin paper.

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