The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


15. Final Chapter

Anika leans against the doorway to Aaliyah’s room. “Hey, Aaliyah.”

“Hi.” the other sister replies, looking herself over in the mirror. She had an orange ball gown on with a purple flower pinned on her right ear.

“What are you wearing?” the spider she-mage asks.

“My Mystic Day ball outfit.” Aaliyah answers.

Anika gasps. “W-what? You can’t wear that!”

The younger turns to face the older sister. “Why not?”

“It’s not appropriate to the theme! I’ll be right back!” Anika ran off leaving behind a confused sibling.

Within thirty minutes Aaliyah’s sister came back; carrying a bag.

“This outfit should be better!” the older beams.

Aaliyah sighs but took the bag. Anika smiles then exits the room, shutting the door behind her.

~ ~ ~

The outfit her sister bought looks good honestly. It includes: a red cloth that ties around her chest and upper back, red longish dress with white straps over the shoulders; a light red rose pinned on the chest area of the clothing, it also came with purple silky stockings, and a silver necklace with a lavender waxing crescent stone shape attaching to it.

“I’ll say Anika, you picked good this time.”

The other sibling pushes open the door. “This time?”

“Every time you got me outfits in the past, every color was pink or something I disagreed with.”

“You sure it’s not because you have bad taste?”

Aaliyah rolls her eyes with a grin. “I’m sure.”

~ ~ ~

“Why are we going to Andre’s house?” Aaliyah asks, she had changed back in her usual orange T-shirt and shorts.

“To ask him something.” Anika grins.

Her sister gave her a look.

“It’s bad I already know what your intentions are. He’s not even a student, how would he go to the ball?”

“There’s no rule that says you have to be a student.”

“Plus, he has kids to take care of!”

“I can babysit! I take care of a lizard; how hard could kids be?” Anika beams while her younger sister sighs.

Andre got the surprise of his life when he opens his door.

“Hey Andre! I have a favor to ask of you!” Aaliyah’s sister smiles brightly.

“Uh, what is it?”

“Well, there’s a school Mystic Day ball tonight and I need you to go with my dear sister.” Aaliyah smacks her paw against her face, this had to be the most embarrassing moment of her life. Andre went to speak but Anika stops him. “Don’t worry, I’ll babysit with Rhett!”

A small weight clung to Andre’s right front paw. “Do it daddy!” Madalyn encourages.

“You too Madalyn?”

His daughter pouts. “Ally might be sad if you don’t go!”

“Uh, well, I don’t even have-“

Anika threw a bag at him. “I already bought a suit.”

Aaliyah gapes at her. “Did you plan this Anika?”

The female spider mage just grins.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah paces at the buffet multiple times as she waits, she took care not to trip on her dress. The moon mage girl would pause to fiddle with her necklace.

“Sorry I’m…late Aaliyah.”

The girl spun around to see Andre’s amazed look.

Aaliyah smiles. “Hi h…Andre.” A, you really need to watch your mouth!

“You look, pretty.” The male utters then his face washes into a surprised expression.

“You too, I mean, you look pretty cool.” Aaliyah laughs off her mistake.

Forget what they said about butterflies, it’s like a meteor crash-landed into her stomach.

“So how’s the night been so far?” Andre asks with a smile.

“Pretty goo…Ah!” Aaliyah yelps as the tablecloth pulls off by an unknown source, causing the punch to knock over. It almost ruins her dress but Andre pulls her out of the way.

“Well! That was surprising!” the she-mage pants.

Andre stares at a white mage standing on the other side of the food table. She seems to be glaring daggers into Aaliyah. “And rude.”

“Yeah, that too.” Aaliyah agrees.

Most of the night that white mage from earlier seems determined to ruin their date.

A spoon full of mashed potatoes flung toward Aaliyah’s dress, but Andre caught it with magic. The psychic mage cries out in rage as the spoon got thrown back. It smacks her square in the forehead causing other students to laugh. Her cheeks flush red and she stomps away, frowning at Andre.

“Maylee?” Aaliyah spoke surprised as she watches the female.

Andre raises an eyebrow.

“She was…uh, Ram’s…buddy.” the moon mage girl said, wrinkling her nose.

“Why does she keep trying to ruin your night?”

“Well, I heard she hates me, thinking it’s my fault Ram died.” the other scoffs.

“She’s crazy.”

“No,” Aaliyah shook her head, “she’s an inappropriate idiot.”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah internally groans as she heard someone snarl at her.

“Aaliyah! It’s all your fault Ram is gone!”

Andre tenses, but Aaliyah put a paw on his shoulder.

Just wait for it.

“If you just left your stupid feelings out of Ram’s life, he would still be alive!” Maylee almost snaps her jaws at Aaliyah but stops when something hard lands on one of her black wings. She made a face as she put her wing out, a bony flipper fell off her. The girl screams and Andre did too. A skeleton penguin came over to them.

“Sorry folks.” he reattaches his bone then he glares at Maylee. “Being a master mage’s daughter doesn’t mean you can harass the other students.”

The psychic mage glares at Aaliyah and Andre as she’s led out of the gym

“Well, at least she’s gone now.” the moon mage girl smiles.

“Okay everyone, we’re going to play the songs, grab your dance partner.” the P.A. speaker booms.

“But I can’t dance,” Andre comments as he’s pushed toward the dance floor.

The music starts softly.

“It’s okay.” Aaliyah smiles sweetly.

You’ve been through so much

“I suck at dancing too.”

They shakily lift onto their hind legs and grip each other’s paws.

Don’t give up yet

They almost fell over a few times, but they just laugh it off.

I swear I can help

Everyone looks at them weirdly, but to tell the truth.

I swear you can count on me

They couldn’t see anyone but themselves.

This world is a cruel place

Aaliyah came to a realization that made her smile brightly.

You can place all your troubles on me

She did love him.

It may seem all dark

The girl just wonders if he loves her back.

But there’s light

Singing voices suddenly bounces around the room. “I swear, I’ll beat anyone who hurts you,”

Aaliyah giggles. “I will protect you from the hate; for I’m the only one who understands you!” she almost broke off in a squeal at the last word, causing others to look at her oddly for a split second.

~ ~ ~

“Well, that was fun!” Aaliyah chimes.

Andre smiles at her. “Yeah.”

The two walk in peaceful silence as they approach the male’s house. Andre opens the door, Anika laid on the purple couch tiredly.

“I for one, never wish to babysit again.” she grumbles, holding her right paw up.

Rhett, who’s reading a book, raises an eyebrow at his girlfriend. The spider mage drags herself off the couch and out the door with Rhett following. “Next time you might want to hire a babysitting expert, dude.” he drones.

Andre rolls his eyes.

“Well, thank you for coming with me to the Mystic Day ball.” Aaliyah beams shyly rubbing the ground with her right paw.

“No problem.” the other smiles.

The she-mage looks right and left before leaning forward. Andre wasn’t sure what happens because she pulls away three seconds later. She tries to run away but trips.

“Are…you okay?” Andre asks, lifting the girl back up with his white magic.

“Yep.” Aaliyah said quickly before teleporting away.


It was too late, she was gone.

Nearby, Anika hung onto Rhett squealing in delight. “OH, my MYSTIC!”

“I thought you were sleepy.” her guy utters.

“Not anymore!”

~   ~   ~

Aaliyah finishes writing a note and put it in a small square, brown box; where a pencil also rests. She bit her bottom lip nervously. Aaliyah practically jumps as she heard rapid knocking on her door.

“A! A! A! It’s Mystic Day!” Anika screams outside her door.

“I know-“

“Then come out and celebrate with us!”

Aaliyah shook her fur but came out of her room.

Their mother got a collection of necklace jewelry, father got a pack of steel tea, which in Aaliyah’s viewpoint; smells horrible. Anika got lizard food like every year since she got her pet. Aaliyah didn’t know if she should laugh or sigh as she saw her present. She got flowers, again.

“Well, I got to go get my friends their gifts.” she ran upstairs to grab the brown box.

Her family downstairs smiles. They knew that Ace had got his present yesterday.

Anika giggles. “The wedding shall be so full of flowers.” she gushes.

“Your sister isn’t going to like that.” her mother chuckles.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah speeds as fast as an energy mage to Andre’s house. She hadn’t seen him since last night. The girl knocks on the door. “Open up Andre! In the name of love!”

A few minutes later the entrance swung open revealing a tired Andre in a white bathrobe. “What?”

Aaliyah held the box toward him. “No questions, just open it.”

Andre raises an eyebrow but did as she said. He gazes into the container blankly.

Aaliyah swore she could feel herself sweating nervously. The male uses his magic to pick up the pencil and made a checkmark in one of the boxes on the note. The girl greedily snatches the paper and her purple gaze went over the checked box. She made an ear shattering squeal and tackles Andre, rubbing her cheek against his once they land.

The note flutters down onto the snow-covered ground. The top of the paper had a title, ‘do you love me?’ with two choices below; no and yes. The latter had a checkmark in it.

~ ~ ~

Madalyn laid on the floor, watching the clock.

“Maddie, the clock isn’t going to move if you keep watching it.” Aaliyah giggles, walking over while she held her wineglass full of sparkling cider in her white magic.

“But I’m bored.” the girl groans.

“Then go to sleep.” a voice yawns from the couch.

The girl moon mage squints towards the sound. Andre relaxes on the couch; his glass sat on the floor and he munches on the leftover cookies that the Mystic Day mage didn’t eat.

“Andre, those aren’t for you.” Aaliyah scolds.

“But, I’m hungry.” the male mumbles. “Plus, I’m the one that made them,” he adds.

Aaliyah rolls her eyes playfully.

Soon the clock struck twelve and by then; Madalyn blacked out like a light. The moon mage carries her by the scruff of her neck to her siblings’ room. Aaliyah carefully set the pup in bed and tenderly tucks the girl in with a sleepy smile. She came back out to the living room, Andre had passed out on the sofa. The she-mage pads over and kisses his forehead.

“See you tomorrow.” Aaliyah yawns then teleports out of the house.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah opens the white mailbox and pulls out a purple spider themed letter. She pads inside the house. “It’s from Anika.” the she-mage drones.

Her mother ran into the room and grabs the message. Then she tore into it and her mauve eyes scan over the letter. The female psychic mage suddenly laughs out delightedly.

“What?” her daughter asks.

“Anika and Rhett are getting married!” Aaliyah’s mother squeals.

The girl made a face. “Already?”

The other rolls her eyes, “Sweetie, they’ve been dating for a year.”

Aaliyah went quiet for a few seconds. “It felt shorter.”

~ ~ ~

On the special day, Aaliyah wasn’t surprised that the Mystic temple had been covered in flowers. She wanted to wear her orange dress, but her mother said that everyone would be wearing white. So, she got forced into a white flowing dress with a petunia pinned to her right ear.

“Someone could sneeze in here.” Aaliyah mutters to Andre.

Her boyfriend just smiles.

Soon everyone got settles in their chairs and the wedding commences. Aaliyah’s mind didn’t absorb the boring parts of the marriage.

“Do you Anika, Mystic, take Rhett Mystic as your loving husband?” the priest questions, looking at the female.

“YES!” the she-mage screeches causing everyone to wince. “I mean, I do.” she giggles.

“You may kiss the gr-“ before the illusion penguin could finish, Anika already kisses Rhett.

Aaliyah rolls her eyes.

“Jeez A, why are you against love?” Andre jokes.

“I’m not against love! I’m just disliking my sister’s love!” the other argues.

“Time for cake!” the spider female mage announces.

“It’s flower cake I bet.” Aaliyah mumbles.

“You’ll never guess…”

“Flower cake.” the girl repeats.

Anika took the lid of the plate that sat on a table. “Flower cake!”

“I knew it.” Aaliyah whispers.

After everyone ate some cake, Anika attempts to jump out of her seat but almost trips, she probably would have if Rhett didn’t grab her.

“Slow down Anika, you just ate cake.”

“Yeah, I know.” the she-mage laughs. “And now it’s time to dance!”

Aaliyah looks around the room and spots two speakers on the ceiling.

“Maybe she’s going to choose songs about flowers.” she comments.

Anika heard her and rolls her eyes. “A, I didn’t. I’m not selfish.”

When the music starts, Aaliyah pleasantly got taken by surprise.

I feel a thrill I’ve never dreamed of

Aaliyah sighs then held her paw out towards her guy. “Well, time to grace the floor with our horrible dancing.”

Andre laughs but grabs her paw and assumes the dancing position.

Every action you did, proved love

I still don’t like Rhett; I don’t know if I ever will. Aaliyah thought with a mental sigh.

You’ve given me a thrill like nothing else

But I’ll at least tolerate him.

My life is finally changing for the better

The only sounds she could hear was the lyrics and Andre’s heart and breathing.

I thought I knew what my life already was, but you proved me wrong

Aaliyah manages to tear her gaze away to look around. She smiles as she watches the happy couples dance, seemingly to be specifically looking at Rhett and Anika.

Love is hard to find, so I’ll tolerate him.

She stops twirling to hug her partner who responds by returning it.

It took me a while to find it myself. And I don’t plan on ever letting it go. the moon mage thought with a growing loving grin.

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