The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


12. Chapter Twelve

Madalyn opens her dark gray eyes. She got up shakily. “Not the best nap.” something metal clanks at every move her legs made. She looks at her paws, they were chained to a platform that she apparently stood on.

“Daddy!” the ice sculpture pup cries.

Only silence responds.


Madalyn then realizes something else as air brushes against her powder blue fur. She wasn’t wearing any clothes. It didn’t matter to her that much since she’s a child.

Her ears perk up as she heard a door open, according to the sound it opens behind her. Madalyn’s wings flap furiously, wanting to escape.

She pauses as a sharp object pokes at her electric navy appendages. The kid could tell it’s moving but nothing happens except for a light sensation. She looks at the ground, frowning as she watches feathers float to the ground.

Whose feathers are those?

As she looks on more, she realizes they were hers.

“Uh, excuse me, mister. Why are you cutting off my feathers?”

No reply.

Madalyn tries to pull her wing away but a pink flipper held it in place. Tears stung her eyes. She didn’t want to know what appendages without feathers look like. Her breathing fastens and her head swam. The pup’s heart pounds mercilessly against her ribcage. Madalyn breathes heavily feeling panicky.

~ ~ ~

“Will you two be able to follow the scent? I can’t really leave my kids, and it’s too dangerous to take them with.”

Aaliyah smiles softly at Andre. “Don’t worry, we’re going to get her back.”

“I still think we should notify the police.” Ace mutters.

“Shush Ace.” the girl nudges him. The other grumbles but lowers his nose again and starts sniffing out the smell.

Andre watches them both then closes his eyes. He hesitates on his thought of action but decides he got nothing to lose. “Mystic quaeso, filiae meae, et protegam eam revertar in pace. Thank you, Mystic.”

~ ~ ~

Madalyn gasps as her body got drenched with water. She must have passed out, the pup shakily stood up. Madalyn was too terrified to look at her wings. Then she starts feeling sharp pinching at them. The ice sculpture mage whimpers in pain. She fearfully gazes over. She now lands between a line of scared and confused.

The angel half-mage sewed different colored feathers onto her appendages.

~ ~ ~

Ace folds back his ears. They had followed the scent, it led them to a patch of brown dirt. “Maybe we should go tell the police now,” he suggests.

Aaliyah rolls her purple orbs. “Honestly Ace. Where is your adventure spirit?”

“At home, safe and sound.” the ground mage drones. “Plus we got led nowhere.”

“Well, there must be an answer somewhere.” Aaliyah paces around. She trips onto her front as her paws hit something.

“Did you just trip on dirt?” Ace questions raising a brown eyebrow.

“No. On something in the dirt.” she jumps on her paws and began digging into the ground. The other shrugs and helps her. To his shock, underneath reveals a metal hatch.

With both of their magic, they lift it open. “A, wait!” he shouts as Aaliyah jumps down. He sighs but went after her.

“Wow.” Aaliyah gapes. Machinery sat everywhere.

“Who the Mystic is this kidnapper? A scientist?”

Aaliyah gazes at an open book on an iron table. She made a face. “Or, possibly a...whatever you call an insane creature.”

Ace walks over to see what his girlfriend found disgusting. He nearly leaps back. “The...Mystic?”

The picture depicts a child with different color mage feathers on its wings. And had a crown on its head.

“I feel sick.” the she-moon mage groans, turning away.

“Hopefully this is not why they kidnapped Andre’s daughter.” they both walk through the hall blinking with machines. Until they came to a gray solid object.

“An elevator?” Aaliyah asks, gazing at it confusedly.

Ace presses the open button. “Let’s see if this will get us anywhere.” the metal doors heave open and the two quickly ran in. The entrances close as the boy looks over the buttons.

As much as he tries to look away, he kept looking at the button that labeled, ‘God Transformation Room’. A voice commands in his mind that he should press that button. He exhales heavily and pushes his brown paw against the button.

~   ~   ~

Madalyn’s legs ache from standing up. Tears ran down her face. The half-mage pauses as he heard the elevator opening, the doors push open. And reveals two mages. Aaliyah gasps upon seeing Madalyn’s wings, then a rage blazes in her periwinkle eyes.

“!” she launches herself toward the pink penguin. He didn’t have time to defend himself, he suddenly slams onto the floor, hitting his head hard on the ground. It forces him to pass out.

Ace ran over to the captive kid and uses a single black claw to pick the locks.

Madalyn’s paws couldn’t stand remaining upright so she jumps on Aaliyah’s back wrapping her paws around the girl’s neck. The she-moon mage got startled by the action. “Well! We better get out of here.” they start to go back to the elevator.

Aaliyah yelps as a pink flipper grabs one of her hind legs. With a growl, she kicks back as hard as she could. The half-mage cries out and covers his face.

They ran inside the elevator. Ace presses a button and the doors slam shut. The half-breed hisses and crawls towards a black panel of buttons, he presses the big red one then faints.

~   ~   ~

Aaliyah nearly fell off her paws as the ground starts to shake. “Ace?”

“Not me.”

Both stare in shock as the floor in front of them fell and now there’s a big gap. “Ace, can you teleport over?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Madalyn you might want to hold on tightly.” Aaliyah backs up then took a running start to fly across the gap. When she lands, Ace had already teleported onto the other side.

Aaliyah flew up the hatch while Ace climbs out.

“Please Mystic don’t send me on more adventures.” the boy begs looking to the skies.

“Are we going back to Daddy now?” Madalyn asks.

“Yep.” Aaliyah beams.

~ ~ ~

Andre rubs his cheek against Madalyn’s. “Oh my Mystic, I’m so sorry Madalyn.”

“It’s okay Daddy, Miss Aaliyah and her friend saved me.”

Ace coughs. “Well, actually-”

“Thank you, you two.” Andre smiles happily.

“Oh it’s no problem Andre.” Aaliyah beams brightly.

“Maybe next time call the police-ow!” his head got a smack by one of Aaliyah’s wings. “Always happy to help.”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah never experienced this feeling before. She isn’t sure if she likes it since it might hurt him. She couldn’t bear to upset him. She sighs looking up towards the ceiling. The she-mage couldn’t even talk to Ace about it, that would be awkward. Not Andre, even more oafish.

Aaliyah exhales softly. She would try to ask her parents at breakfast.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah ate a single cranberry before clearing her throat. “So, hypothetically speaking, if I start liking this other guy that’s not my boyfriend; what would be the right thing to do?”

Her parents stare at her oddly.

“That’s an...odd question.” the steel mage utters, munching his food.

“A bit too specific to be considered a hypothetical question.” Aaliyah’s mother said raising an eyebrow.

“Okay, fine. It’s happening to me.” the moon mage sighs. “I don’t know what to do. All my feelings are jumbled up.”

“I honestly don’t know what to tell you sweetheart.” her father shrugs.

“So you’re telling me I have to decide myself.” Aaliyah pops another berry in her mouth. She sighs, finishing the rest of her breakfast.

It’s Saturday so there would be no school today.

Aaliyah decides to go on a walk. Maybe that’ll clear my mind.

~   ~ ~

She shook her head, “I don’t think it’s helping.” the she-mage sighs. Aaliyah frowns hearing a snarl from her right. Her gaze switches over to see a blur of purple blindly jumping at her. Aaliyah yelps as something sharp tries to take aim at her eye lids. She shut her eyes tightly and tries to knock off who’s attacking her.

“Help!” she screeches. And come it did.

Someone grabs the attacker and flung them aside.

“You’re going to get arrested someday mother. Kidnapping, slave labor and now assault.”

Aaliyah opens her purple eyes to see Cloe limping away, only looking back to snarl. “Perfect timing Andre.” she exhales, looking at her savior.

The other just grins. “What are you doing near the lonely Dark Forest?”

“I was taking a walk.”

“And not hanging out with your boyfriend?”

Aaliyah laughs. “Ace would never get up early, emphasis on never.”

“So were you clearing your mind?”

She raises one of her eyebrows. “Yeah…how’d you guess?”

Andre smiles. “I’d always do it too. But I find tea is a better option.” with that, the male starts back to his house. Aaliyah had a feeling she should follow him, so she did.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah analyzes the wooden Japan style like table, as she waits for the tea to finish cooking. The seats were less like chairs and more like couch cushions. About twenty-five seconds later, a steaming cup of moon tea set in front of her. It seems like the liquid glows, but not really.

“Thank you.” she murmurs before taking a sip. The more she drank, the more relaxed she became.

As months flew by for Aaliyah, she found her mysterious feelings growing stronger.

The she-mage winces as she made her way along to the mansion where Andre lives with his twenty kids. The P.E. teacher had given her a lot of training exercises for daydreaming in class. Anyway, Andre’s taking his kids Trick or Treating, except for Madalyn. She’s terrified at the thought of going outside. He asked the moon mage to watch his daughter if she wasn’t busy. Ace was studying for a test, so no, she wasn’t unavailable.

A few minutes later she found herself on the living room couch, watching the girl play with an ice ball. Aaliyah stretches her paws, yawning as her heavy eyelids shut.

Madalyn’s ears pick up as she heard a sound.

“Stealing my house, what kind of bitch are you?”

Her body flinches at the b-word. The ice sculpture pup looks at a male maize mage, with a single bright yellow spot on each ear, forehead, right cheek and chin. There’s even one on his bushy tail. He wore a yellow shirt and orange pants. Cloe stood next to him.

“Andre can be so foolish.”

“Don’t talk about my daddy like that!” Madalyn cries, tears shining in her eyes.

“Quiet! You shouldn’t even exist!”

The two of them were sure she would try to run away.

“Momm-I mean Ally wake up!”

“Maddie, my name isn’t-“ Aaliyah suddenly shot up from her sleepy state surprised. “Who-“ she pauses as she looks at the light mage. “Well, I know Cloe, but who are you?”

“That is none of your concern. All you need to know is that you’re coming with us. Both of you.”

“Uh, no thanks.” Madalyn utters nervously just as Aaliyah opens her mouth.

The light mage lungs forward but backs up a bit as the she-moon mage snaps her jaws at him.

“Time to run!” she shouts, turning on her paws.

Madalyn already started to run. Aaliyah trails right behind her. She almost got to a flight of stairs, but a mighty force pins her down. It was the light mage. All she could only watch Cloe climb up the steps.

It’s okay, she’s blind. the moon mage told herself.

~   ~   ~

Cloe bit her lip in frustration. One second she heard the running patter of small paws, then the next moment it’s dead quiet. The moon mage strained to hear when she got to the top. Madalyn stood on a desk, staring at Cloe.

Well, that’s what were her blank, light blue flooded eyes were doing. Madalyn herself felt like she’s in an ice land. So cold, yet refreshing. Like being bathed in cool fresh water. She was in statue form; she looks physically in shock. But, she wasn’t, just stuck in her own mind. If Cloe still had her sight, Madalyn’s mode change would’ve been for nothing. She made no sound in this form. She was safe.

~ ~ ~

He threw Aaliyah into a wall corner. She jumps to her paws to face him, but a bright, yellow light pierces her pupils. A scream rips out of her as she covers her eyes. The she-mage laid there feeling blind.

~ ~ ~

The light mage had temporally blinded the girl then races upstairs. He spots Madalyn in her statue form. “There she is!”

The ice sculpture pup gasps snapping back to reality, regaining feeling in her body and dodges as the male jumps at her. She’s a pup so she slips on her paws and ends up tripping onto the small balcony. The she-pup almost slips off the edge but she manages to hold on. The light mage tries to grab her, but she avoids his mouth and flung herself under him and ran out from underneath the male. The girl tries to dive for the stairs, but a medium sized paw pushes on her left wing. Madalyn face plants, the action causes her wing to start straining. Another appendage lands on her other wing. She cries out in pain as claws dug in.

No one expects Aaliyah to come running up the stairs and ram hard into Cloe. She staggers back and hit her head on the iron floor. Next, the male light mage got thrown into a wall, by Aaliyah’s magic, getting a direct hit to his shoulder blade. An agony scream follows. Aaliyah allows herself to relax.

“Are you okay Madalyn?”

“U-uh huh.” the girl whimpers.

“Well, I think we should report this.”

The she-moon mage pads downstairs with the pup following. White aura threw the front door open. A blast of wind knocks them backward. Aaliyah looks towards the entrance once she could get up. Some moon mages stood by someone. They wore a police chief outfit. Her mouth gapes.


The sky mage didn’t even have a hint of pity nor guilt. “I just want these weirdos gone. If bringing them to you does that, I’ll take any chance.”

I can’t even trust the police! Aaliyah groans internally. She looks around wildly until she spots a window.

~ ~ ~

A moon hatchling squeaks and jumps aside in a hurry as Aaliyah leaps out the window holding Madalyn by the scruff of her neck. She had to jump over mages and maneuver through the crowds.


The only noise to be heard belongs to trick or treaters.


No reply from the mage they were seeking.

Aaliyah didn’t even know where Andre could be. Her lavender eyes scan the decorated houses and a big household with a roof covered in fake blood. Normally, Aaliyah wouldn’t even think about entering a horror house, but she dives inside anyway. The front room could only be described as full of darkness and spooky. The she-mage sniffs the air and her nose scrunches up at the smell. It smells like death. Aaliyah slowly put Madalyn down. The girl looks around timidly. The older pushes her paws forward, making the wood creak. The ice sculpture pup follows, considering behind her often.

Aaliyah looks up as the ceiling moans. Then stops with a scream as a clown pops out of the shadows…made of plastic. She blushes. Madalyn folds back her ears as there’s more grumbling from above. The two jump forward as part of the rooftop caves in behind them. Aaliyah didn’t bother to look behind her, she grabs the girl pup and she shot off into a run. Her purple appendages brush against the black carpet as she speeds through the hall. Everything went by as a blur for Madalyn.

A sharp pain rang in Aaliyah’s left hind leg and her front went downward, she uses her paws to make sure she didn’t slam against the floor. The moon mage turns her head to see her attacker. It wasn’t easy to see, but someone was digging their claws into her leg. Aaliyah let go of Madalyn. The pup ran down the hallway. Aaliyah bit her lip as an irony smell flows through the air.

~ ~ ~

Madalyn scampers through all the halls until she reaches the exit. The pup shakily balances herself on her hind legs. Her paws fumbles with the door handle. The entry opens, only because someone from outside did it. Madalyn gasps seeing the chief and tries to run the other way. But, powder blue magic picks her up. Her cheeks puff up in frustration.

“You bullies! Leave us alone!”

A few minutes later, a moon mage pushes a limping Aaliyah toward the exit.

“Alright, fine. You caught us, now what?”

She didn’t get an answer. The other moon mage’s eyes glow white, and the girl’s surroundings change. The dark house morphs into a white room with iron bars for a door and window. Aaliyah frowns. Where the Mystic could she be?

~ ~ ~

Madalyn had been brought to Andre, who had been at a kid Halloween party.

“Madalyn? What happened to Aaliyah?”

“No one knows.” the chief shrugs, walking out the exit.

“A-Ally disappeared!”

“You mean she teleported?”

Andre’s daughter sighs. “No, daddy. I mean a mage like you flashed their eyes then Ally was gone.”

He looks at his small girl with a look of concern. “Someone teleported her.” he whistles sharply, “Kids! We got to go!”

A spider pup in a wizard outfit pouts. “But, daddy-”

“No buts, a friend of mine is in trouble and I need to get you kids a sitter.”

~ ~ ~

“So, you have to go save Aaliyah from the moon, and you want us to watch your kids.” Aaliyah’s father utters raising an eyebrow.


“Why does everyone love to kidnap our daughter?” Aaliyah’s mother sighs.

“I guess she’s that amazing.” Andre offers a small smile. Then he ran out the open door.

“So, who is she dating again?”

The psychic mage hit her husband on his shoulder.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah moves around, a healer had come in to patch her wound. She flew up to the window. The she-mage couldn’t tell where she was, at first. Where’s the moon- Aaliyah’s purple eyes widen as she saw something familiar. It seems big and looks kind of like earth. Mostly because it was.

~ ~ ~

Andre didn’t expect he’d come back here.

“Why Andre, why may you be here?” the mage who spoke to him used such a fake tone of curiosity.

“Don’t play dumb, Cloe.” Andre snarls. “I know Aaliyah is here.”

“Says who?”

“Don’t push it Cloe. I blinded you, I could make you deaf if you want.”

Cloe glares at him. “So what if she is here or not, you aren’t going to get out of here.”

Andre raises an eyebrow. Then his eyes flash white, and within seconds; he teleports.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah’s ears pick up as she heard running paws. She presses close to the bars, trying to see someone. The she-mage’s shoulders relax seeing Andre stop in front of her cell.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, though not sure why I’m in here.”

The male shrugs then slip one of his claws into the sliver lock and moves his nail around, starting the process of picking the padlock. There’s a clicking sound, and Andre pushes the door open.

“Well, let’s get out of here.”

They ran back where Andre came in.

“Won’t there be others out there?” Aaliyah asks.


They push the door open and a gunshot ran out. Andre flinches while waiting for the pain. It never happens. He blinks in confusion as he watches Aaliyah struggle to keep her balance. In front of him?

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