The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Cloe grimaces. “You know there is a reason magic shields aren’t fluffy.” she scowls, twirling the gun in her magic

Aaliyah looks at the side of her chest, she spots a bloody hole on her orange shirt. Tears brim in her eyes as she trembles from the pain and the foreign object. Andre tackles Cloe before his mother could fire another shot. The moon mage snarls as the back of her neck was caught in a grip and she’s forcibly flung into some of the other mages. Andre hurries over to Aaliyah.

“Quick, on my back.”

She looks at him lazily but weakly got on his back. The male mage’s eyes flash, and the scene changes from the moon to outside the Mystic Hospital. Andre carefully opens the door and slowly went over to the desk.

A female sand half-mage at the table gasps, “W-what happened?!”

“She got shot by a gun,” Andre answers, flinching as he acknowledges blood dripping onto his dark purple fur.

The female cries out for some nurses. “Someone got shot!”

Seconds later a ground and silent mage came out wheeling a stretcher. The three of them help Aaliyah onto it. Andre strolls over to one of the hospital phones.

“Hello? Yeah, I saved Aaliyah. At least I hope. She got shot and is here at the hospital.” he calls Aaliyah’s parents, then after a brief goodbye, he left the building.

He needs to wash this blood off.

~   ~   ~

He wishes he could wait with everyone else, but he had twenty kids to watch over.

“Is Ally going to be okay?” Madalyn asks her voice full of hope.

“I think so.”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah opens her eyes; she looks at her chest; there’s a bandage on it. A doctor then walks in the room.

“Ah, you’re awake.” the toxic mage utters.

The she-mage looks at him. “Where’s Andre?”

The male gives a look of surprise. “Andre?”

“Uh, yes. Is he okay? He kinda looks like me, except that he’s a guy and he wears white clothes.”

“Oh, he dropped you off then went home.” the purple mage said bluntly.

“So, he’s okay?” Aaliyah presses.

“Yes.” the male sighs. “Anyway, your boyfriend and family are coming in to see you.”

He left and Ace, with both of her parents rush in.

“Are you okay A?” the psychic mage cries out.

Aaliyah nods.

“How on Mystic did you get shot A?” Ace asks, worry in his green eyes.

“I guess I couldn’t move fast enough.” the she-moon mage didn’t want to admit she shielded Andre. “When can I leave?”

“Um, sweetie are you well enough to leave?” her father inquires, raising an eyebrow.

Aaliyah leaps onto the floor. “Yes.”

Her parents share a look but agree to check her out. The she-mage’s first course of action was to get to Andre’s house as fast as possible.


The door practically leaps open. “Aaliyah?”

Madalyn squeezes out the gaping entry. “Ally! You’re okay!” she jumps, almost knocking the older over.

“Madalyn!” Andre pries his daughter off. “I’m so sorry-“

“It’s okay.” Aaliyah giggles.

“It amazes me how you stay so cheerful.”

“Negativity won’t help anyone.” the girl shrugs with a smile.

After talking a bit more with Andre, the she-moon mage went home.

~ ~ ~

“You’ve been really different lately.” Ace comments as he watches Aaliyah look out the window.

“How so.”

“You’ve been looking out the window a lot, you won’t talk about the bullet, and you’ve been adventurous lately.”

“Sorry.” Aaliyah smiles shyly. “And the bullet…is kinda a secret.”

“A! Come on! It’s unlike you to do something so bold and risky!”

Aaliyah frowns. “I was protecting Andre, there.”

Ace went quiet for a few seconds. “Someone was going to shoot him.”


“And you shielded him.”


“You must really care about him to take a bullet.”

The girl spun her head toward her boyfriend. He wore a half-grin on his lips.

She found it strange.

~ ~ ~

A female spider mage stood in her flower shop, arranging flowers as always when she got interrupted by the bell on the front door ringing. She beams, it usually meant customers. She turns with a grin, they were a male moon mage, who was either surprised by her eyes or her unnatural cheerfulness.

“May I help you sir?”

“Uh, oh, yes, I need assistance arranging these flowers.” the male brought out lilies.

The she-mage smiles and began the process. She took the stems with magic, and curiously sniffs the flowers. Her eyelids flutter. “This is a strange plant.” she murmurs, swaying a bit. Then face plants, the plants drop to the ground without a sound.

Cloe enters the store, she made a face as her ears pick up on soft snoring. “That quick?”

“Apparently she’s easily convinced.”

“Sucks for her then.”

~ ~ ~

White orbs open and scan the dark room. She could make out a figure standing by a door, but they weren’t facing her. She got up on her four paws, making a clanging sound. The she-mage’s ears shot up sharply and looks towards the sound. There were metal objects, chains, around her legs.


The mage quickly turns at the sound of her voice. They look like a male moon mage.

Is he the same one from the shop? “Uh, hello, can someone get these things off me?”

The male turns away.

Well, how rude of him.

~ ~ ~

“Aaliyah?” her mother asks, holding her pearl colored phone.

“What?” the moon mage replies, putting down her hairbrush.

“Have you heard from Anika?”

Aaliyah made a face. “No, why?”

“I haven’t heard from her.” the psychic mage bit her bottom lip.

“She probably forgot her phone or busy with flowers.” the she-mage scoffs.

Her mother frowns, turning on her paws to leave. A few minutes later, Aaliyah’s phone rang.

Without looking at the caller, she answers. “Hello?”

“I have your sister.”

“Cloe? What makes you assume I have one?” Aaliyah utters with a roll of her purple eyes. “And even if I do, you don’t even know what she looks like.”

“Three irises in each eye.” she could hear a cocky smile in Cloe’s voice.

“That’s it? You could’ve captured any spider mage.”

“She’s probably the most naïve fool on the planet.”

Aaliyah glares at her phone. “Alright you jerk; no one insults my sister like that except for me. If you hurt a single hair on her, I’ll fight you myself!” she angrily hung up. By hung up, she slams her phone onto the floor. The girl growls speeding out of the house. The first stop she made was to Ace’s house. “Ace!” she snaps, kicking the door open.

The said mage nearly fell off the couch. “W-what?”

“We need to do stuff! Like get Andre’s kids a babysitter so I can get him to come with me to save my stupid sister!”

“And why is she in trouble?”

“I’ll explain later!”

Aaliyah enlists Ace’s mother help, giving Ace a message that she’s bloody serious. They lead the water mage to the big mansion.


The big doors slam open, “Whoa, what’s wrong?”

“Well, your mom is apparently keeping my sister captive.”

Andre stares blankly. “You have a sister?”

“Yes. …I don’t like talking about her.”


“Don’t worry about your kids, I got a sitter.”

Andre looks at Ace. “…She’s really serious about this, isn’t she?”

“Yep.” Ace utters, shaking his head.

~ ~ ~

Anika sighs, resting her chin on the floor. She’s never had a problem like this before.

“Don’t you guys have any water or something?”

“It’s an abandoned factory, what do you expect?” the male moon mage drones, who’s guarding the room.

“Not to be boring that’s for sure.” the she-spider mage grumps.

“How old are you?” the other scoffs.

“Twenty-five.” Anika replies.

“…You’re a bit too childish.”

The female shrugs. For some reason beyond her, the guy left. The male pads off toward the direction of a nearby store.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah taps her paw against the floor in an impatient manner.

“How long have we been here?” she grumbles.

“About two minutes.” Ace responds, working on the computer, he had Aaliyah’s phone connected to it.

The screen flashes a picture of a toy factory building.

“The call came from here. A factory from the looks of it.”

“Alright! Let’s go!” Aaliyah shouts, running out of the computer lab.

“You go after her; I’m going to download a map onto her phone.” Ace said, continuing to tap his brown paw digits across the keyboard.

Andre nods then chases down the she-mage.

~ ~ ~

Anika lifts her head as she heard the male come back. He carries sacks of food in his white magic. He took another bag out of the sack, it’s full of English muffins. The spider mage almost gasps. He took one out and held it out toward her. He’s giving her food? She snatches it with her mouth and practically wolfs it down. The male moon mage looks at her oddly then put the bags on a table that had been brought in. Cloe pads in and sniffs the air, her gaze skeptical.

“Why did you buy food? We don’t need it.”

“The female was nagging about food.”

“Of course, that’s why you bought five bags of food.” the moon mage female scoffs, glaring at the male.

“It was just in case.” he grumps.

“Hey, yeah, when can I leave?” Anika asks, propping up her face.

Cloe scowls. She ignores the mage and abruptly left the room. The spider mage sighs.

“Looks like I’ll be late for the family gathering.”

“Family?” the male couldn’t help but inquire.

“Yeah, you know, the ones who love you. Mother and father, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.”

“Hmm, Cloe says those are meaningless.”

The she-mage made a face. “Even I think that’s dumb.”

“Dumb? Why?”

Anika exhales. “If you don’t have a family, what’s the point of waking up each day? Or living? Mystic wanted all of us to be happy here with our families.”

The male had been quiet the whole time as she went on.

~ ~ ~

“Are we there yet?” Aaliyah asks for the seventeenth time.

Ace looks up from the phone. “Yes.”

The moon she-mage glares ahead at the mage blocking the entry to the factory.

“Well, hello. Took you long enough.”

“Alright Cloe, where is my sister?”

“We’ll get to that.”

Ace raises an eyebrow. “Why did you even take her?”


Andre bares his teeth. “This again? My kids don’t even matter to you; why do you even care?”

Cloe scowls at her son. “Because they’re a disgrace!”

She then spun around and slams the door shut. A clicking sound went out. Aaliyah rams into the entrance, it didn’t budge.


~ ~ ~

Want the hard way? So be it.

Anika could feel her instincts screaming to avoid what would come. Cloe ran towards her, claws unleashing. The spider mage female closes her eyes. The dark yellow eyed mage suddenly stops in her tracks. She could feel teeth gripping the back of her neck then she went flying across the room and her head hit a solid wall.

“Who did that!” she snarls.

Her ears perceive the sound of someone picking a lock.

“Rhett!” she snaps.

Rhett shook his fur as he stares back at Cloe’s death glare. Anika lifts the bottom of her paw above the iron floor. Web string shot out and starting making a pattern. She continues the process until she designs a huge flower-shape spider web on the floor, daring Cloe to attack. Oh, try she did.

She yelps as something sticky clung to her paws. Cloe tries to fly off, but she couldn’t get anywhere. Then the door got blasted down by white beams of magic. Aaliyah blinks.

“Well, that sucks for her.” she comments watching the frustrated moon mage struggle.

“Thank you.” Anika beams at Rhett.

The male looks at her for a few seconds. “…You’re welcome.”

The she-spider mage turns to her bag, hanging on her side, and pulls out a red rose with magic.

She held it toward Rhett. “Here, have a flower for your troubles.”

Aaliyah moves faster than a cheetah and pushes her sister aside. She glares at the moon mage. “I’m watching you,” she whispers, fire blazing in her eyes. Soon brown magic drags her away. “Hey!”

“A! We’ve talked about this!”

Andre raises a brow. “You’re a bit protective Aaliyah.”

“Protective is not the word I would use.” Ace mutters.

Anika starts walking to the exit after giving Rhett his flower. “So, is it too late to get to the family gathering?”

“No.” Aaliyah replies, giving Rhett a nasty look.

“Okay, time to go home now A.” Ace tries to nudge his girlfriend out the door, but Andre had to help get her out.

~ ~ ~

“So, how’s your work been Anika?” their mother asks, twirling around a thanksgiving penguin leg with white magic.

“It’s been sweet. Even though I got taken to a factory and couldn’t leave.” the female chimes.

Their father chokes on his beans.

“Then I met this gentlemage. He was nice.”

Aaliyah quietly growls. “Why did you have to give him a flower?”

“As thanks.” the older sister beams.

“What kind of flower?” the psychic mage asks.

“A rose.” Anika answers simply.

The mother just smiles.

“He probably threw it away.” the moon she-mage grumps.

“You never like any of the boys I talk to.” the spider mage female utters with a grin.

“This is different! You gave him a symbol of love!”

“Come on A, it’s just a flower.”

You’re too precious for this island Anika.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah opens her eyes tiredly as her phone screams. Her white magic brought it to her ear. “Yes?”

“A! Guess what?” her sister’s voice squeals.

“It’s two in the morning.” Aaliyah yawns.

“Remember that gentlemage?”

“Did he die?”

“I can’t believe how we’re related. Anyway, hint one, it involves The Notebook.”

“Wait…you’re going on a date?” Aaliyah groans.


“Hopefully he dies from the horror that is The Notebook.”

The sound of Anika’s laughing sounds out. “You’re weird.”

Now beeping echoes, meaning she hung up. The moon mage faints.

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